List of terrorist incidents in november 2017 – wikipedia electricity meaning


In the district of Ercilla, in the region of La Araucanía two communication aerials were destroyed and pamphlets related to the mapuche cause were found at the site of the attack. Later in the same district a truck which transported members of Carabineros de Chile was ambushed [24] [25]

A TV building was attacked in downtown Kabul by three militants. An employee and a security guard were killed while at least 20 others were injured in the attack. At least one militant blew himself up while the others were killed during a gunfight with security forces. Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack. [26]

Two separate attacks were reported, in Negros Occidental an off-duty member of CAFGU was abducted and later killed by communist rebels, however in Surigao del Norte, two policemen were abducted by suspected members of the New People’s Army, the military said Tuesday. [47]

At least two members of the Assam Rifles were killed and other six were injured when an Improvised Explosive Device detonate in the vehicle in which they were traveling near the border with Myanmar in the state of Manipur, in northeastern India. [50]

An indeterminate group of hooded people entered with arms to a private property and burned five containers and the guard´s vehicle. In the site of the attack were found canvases allusive with the mapuche cause and the rejection of the Pope’s visit in January. [51] [52]

A group of Mpauche militants tried to detonate a bomb near an oil well, but was defused for the authorities. In other incident a group of militants burned an oil well of the company pluspetrol, in response of the arrest of they leader Facundo Jones Huala. [58] [59]

In the rural area of Angol two trucks and a retroexcavator were burned and pamphlets allusive with the arrest of other mapuches were found in the area. Later in the commune of Collipulli, the fiscal of Angol Carlos Bustos, were ambushed in the sector of Bajo Malleco, but no casualties were produced. [87] [88]

A man armed with a knife and singing the name of Allah Akbar enters a gas station in the city of Urk. The man tried to stab the police officers which caused them to fire on the attacker who controls the situation. The investigation is ongoing. [100]

Explosions and gunfire broke out in the Georgian capital Tbilisi as counter-terrorism forces lay siege to a block of flats where suspected militants were holed up. Three attackers were killed and one arrested. One police officer was killed and two injured. Two people were also injured during the attack. [101] [102]

2017 Peshawar police vehicle attack: A motorcycle suicide bomber targeted a police vehicle of AIG Asharf Noor while he was travelling to work, Asharf Noor and his guard are killed and eight other police in the AIG’s squad were injured [109] [110] [111]

A group of 10 armed Mapuche belonging to the resistance group Resistencia Ancetral Mapuche attacked a patrol of the Argentine Naval Prefecture raking the area of Mascardi Lake, in the Province of Rio Negro. The Prefecture reacted to the massive attacks of the Mapuches, killing one protester and wounding two. It occurs during a framework of manifestations of the group arbitrated as a terrorist, where Chilean and Argentine lands are illegally occupied to create an ancestral Mapuche state. [116]