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• Body Block: The watermelon is replaced with sports balls to fit into the Sports genre: there is a soccer ball in the first level, a basketball in the second level and a volleyball in the third level. The person in each stage now dresses accordingly to match that sport and the backdrop is yellow. Additionally, if the ball is under or below the player even before it touches the bottom of the screen, the player will still lose the microgame.

• Long Lost Love gas prices going up in nj (Maze Daze): The characters are now a princess and a prince (named Long-Lost Love and Distant Darling, respectively, in the Wario Kard mode), recurring characters in the game who also appear in Rocky Reunion, Tearful Reunion, Love Tester and Hookin’ Up. If the princess reaches the prince, they fly away in a rocket and a constellation representing both characters fills the screen.

• Page Panic: The gas in back trapped microgame has been completely retooled to use the Touch control scheme. The player must flip though the book with the stylus and the feather will automatically be added once the correct page number is flipped to. The microgame now features the same theme as the microgame Daily Grind from WarioWare: Touched!, as the gameplay is now similar.

• Sloppy Salon: Instead of cutting off all of the customer’s hair, the objective was changed to match the hairdo requested by the customer/ The customer’s hair becomes shorter with every four presses. The backdrop is now yellow, the player gasbuddy map is a mouse instead of a barber, and a woman and a gorilla are now the customers in levels 2 and 3, respectively.

• Flip Out!: The chef is replaced by Wario himself and the microgame has been completely retooled to use the Mash control scheme, in which the player must use the left and right controls on to move but still use to flip the pancake. Level 2 uses level 3’s method of a pancake flying high into the air, and level 3 uses level 2’s method of a pancake floating in the air bad gas 6 weeks pregnant for a few seconds.

• Focus Pocus: The man’s hand is replaced by Wario himself, the backdrop is now grey, four new scenarios are added to the second and third difficulty, an old man from Make a Wish with octopuses and squids from Strength in Numbers in the moon, or a boy looking at the binoculars in the window in the second difficulty, and two muscular men from Oh, Snap! side-by-side in front of sunset, or a chubby man wearing a purple T-shirt with a pop star can be seen in the telescope in the third difficulty.

• Rocky Reunion: Like Big Drip, this microgame now uses the Mash control scheme. It is set in space electricity outage austin and a different couple appears, Long-Lost Love and Distant Darling, recurring characters who also appear in Long Lost Love, Tearful Reunion, Love Tester, Hookin’ Up, and in the Wario Kard game. There is a rare chance that the couple will be at an old age gas in spanish and the backdrop will be red.

• Crossing Guard: More pedestrians were added, the cars are now horses with cowboys riding them, water was added at the bottom, the scenery changes depending on whether the player won or not, and the pulley now has a face. An additional level was added in levels 2 and 3 and there are walking bombs that the player must intentionally drop in level 3.

• Nose Dive: The perspective is vertical instead of horizontal, it’s possible to move freely using the , since it has been completely revamped to use the Mash control scheme. The player can destroy the noses by just poking them, The HP count was increased to 2, A power-up was added that removes all enemies on screen and phase 2 was removed. The bosses at the end also vary more significantly; while the first level boss is a large human nose, the second static electricity human body causes level boss is a pig nose and the third level boss is an elephant trunk.

• Grape Aim (Silent but Deadly gas in texas): The game is set to a land, the player no longer moves as he stays still and has to use the blowgun to shoot the grapes a man (A stamp from WarioWare: D.I.Y.) carries, all levels have one set of grapes, level 2 and 3 has walls that cover up the grapes, and there are two men in level 3, but the player must only aim for grapes instead of shooting a pot.

• Hookin’ Up: The characters are a princess and a prince (named Long-Lost Love and Distant Darling, respectively, in the Wario Kard mode electricity year invented), recurring characters in the game who also appear in Rocky Reunion, Long Lost Love, Tearful Reunion and Love Tester. The setting is also in space and the cat and the dog that block the way were replaced by an alien and a crocodile, and instead of two scissors, there are two fake princesses added in the third difficulty as the player must trace the line to the real princess.

• Sleepy Head: The gong and xylophone are introduced in Level 1, the castanets and guitar are introduced in Level 2, and the moving can and hopping frog are introduced in Level 3. Also, there’s also a chance that a ringing alarm clock and a cell phone alarm will appear. The player must not tap the alarm clock or cell phone for the person to wake up and win the game.

• Stroke of Genius electricity production by state: There are no opponents in this game, the swimmer’s starting position differs between difficulties, he starts at around 3/4 away from the goal in the first and third difficulty, but in the second difficulty he starts at the far end from the goal. There is a shark in level 3 that electricity symbols and meanings speeds up as it reaches closer to the goal and the swimmer must avoid it so it does not catch him up. Sometimes the player will have to make a hamster in a ball swim all the way to the end of the pool.

• Local News: The polar bear in the second difficulty level has been replaced with a gorilla wearing a basketball jersey. The dialogue spoken by the characters is the text-to-speech system from Tomodachi Life as opposed to being sped-up gibberish. The lines spoken by the characters are also different and the microgame’s length has been doubled.

• Tearful Reunion: The characters gas vs electric stove are a princess and a prince (named Long-Lost Love and Distant Darling, respectively, in the Wario Kard mode), recurring characters in the game who also appear in Rocky Reunion, Long Lost Love, Love Tester and Hookin’ Up. The setting is also in space and the whales that shoot water from their holes were replaced by aliens that shoot lasers from their eyes.

• One Hit Wonder: The microgame is now a boss microgame instead of a standard microgame. Instead gas weed of hitting the ball once with different types of throws in each difficulty, the player must now hit the ball three times to win. A baseball player with a blue baseball bat, a man with a large umbrella, and a woman with a frying pan appear in the three difficulty levels respectively. The microgame now takes place in a small living room of sorts and when a ball is hit, the walls will collapse to reveal a city area with a mountain and large red sun in the background.