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Every Christmas I always wait until Christmas Eve to wrap allll my presents. Not sure why, just really good at procrastinating but not this year!! I am loving this gold/black reversible wrapping paper I got from American Greetings on Amazon(linked at bottom). Whoever created reversible wrapping paper was really thinking! I love how many different patterns I can choose from for such a good price. Read below for details about my Christmas pjs!

Each year I wrap gifts, I like to pick a theme for them so they all coordinate/match well together. That might sound silly but it motivates me to wrap them in a cute, thoughtful way. I highly recommend wrapping your gifts as opposed to using gift bags. It is just more thoughtful and special to open! I got these fun gold metallic bows from TJMaxx and found similar below ready to shop!

One of my favorite parts about the holidays is time spent in comfy, festive pjs with family and friends drinking hot coco and watching cheesy Hallmark movies. It just really puts me in the Christmas spirit and makes me feel like a kid again. The fair isle pj pants are from Gap last year but I found some just like them below! I love the pattern, style and material. They are SOOO soft and thin which is good if you get hot at night like me. I always love wearing a comfy, simple sweater with pj pants to keep warm! This sweater is the perfect winter staple because it can be worn casual like so or easily dressed up with a scarf and coat for a night out! Last but not least, these slippers are EVERYTHING! My mom(I mean Santa) got me and my sister these 2 Christmases ago and I am still wearing them nonstop and they look just as new as when I first got them. electricity word search ks2 They are totally worth the price and they can be worn like I am here or folded down to show off the sherpa interior. Definitely a great stocking stuffer or treat yo self gift.

It is our first Christmas as a married couple and our first Christmas in our own home and I had SOO much fun decking our halls(though they may be small). I am here to show you that you can still make your home feel festive and fun even if it is small! I will be sharing how I styled our bar cart, decorated our “mantle” and our tree and will share all of the links to shop any item you see at the bottom!

So the top of our bar cart is for decor/candles/wall art/etc while the bottom is actually putting the cart to use! For this holiday bar cart, I wanted to mix both old and new with the classic Christmas truck sign I scored at TJMaxx along with this metal house that lights up at night, so cute and festive! I added some metallics to bring in some more current styles with this gold reindeer and gold sparkly faux candlestick(from the dollar section at Target)! I then added this plaid candle: Holiday Berry along with the little faux Christmas tree that I got for $5 at Target(everything is linked below). My favorite part is these starry lights that I added on to add something new to our bar cart. I absolutely love how it all turned out. These lights were also in the dollar spot and they are battery operated.

Just like the bar cart, for our kitchen, I knew I liked the Christmas decor that combined old, traditional Christmas with new, modern holidays style. I am a very indecisive person(ask anyone who knows me) so why not combine your Christmas styles?! I wanted some fun holiday glasses/plates for Christmas parties and for decor because we have glass cabinets! I found these mistletoe glasses and original Christmas tree mugs from TJMaxx and have linked similar ones at the bottom of this post. I added some fun Santa appetizer plates(Target dollar section) and kept my usual wine glasses, jadeite and pitchers to add some height and color.

Besides the bar cart, coffee tables are my second favorite thing to decorate for the different seasons. We already had this gold/white tray that we just change up for each holiday. I found this plaid wood tray at the Target dollar section and it fit perfectly inside of our white tray to add a pattern to our coffee table. I then added these wooden trees(just like the ones on our coffee stand). gas works park events I love how simple they are and for some reason, they remind me of Elf. I always have to have a candle on our coffee table and this one is from last year at Target!

Here is our faux mantle, all we need is the yule log on tv and we’d be golden. Because we live in an apartment, we have to make do with our entertainment center as our mantle for our stockings. Target has the metal anchors for stocking that blend in perfectly with out tv stand! I just added some greenery around it and our stockings are from Hearth and Hand(Target) as well. I love the patterns and colors of our stockings, not to mention that they are $13!!(get yours below).

Last, but not least, our Christmas tree! My husband says our tree is definitely a girl because she has a bow AND a skirt, haha. I opted for a bow instead of a star/other tree topper to change it up a little. I love this bow and the cute plaid pattern! This is our first Christmas tree and because our apartment is pretty small, we opted for a 6′ tree AND it was only $30?!?! Best deal on a tree I’ve seen. It is a skinny tree but if you work the branches and spread them out, it looks full! I linked it below if you need a good small sized tree on a budget.

Again, I like old and new styles for Christmas and this wood beaded garland in red reminds me of my Nanny’s tree. k gas cylinder It has a fun, vintage feel to it and I only needed 2 packages to wrap our tree in it. I then added our starry ornaments and love the contrast of white with the green tree. I found our tree skirt that says believe in the Target dollar section(I keep them in business). I couldn’t find the exact one but linked similar skirts below!

I am so excited to share that I am a Container Store Brand Ambassador and will be working with them once a month to share a project with y’all to update our home for the better. This first month, I am focusing on my bathroom/makeup organization. I consider myself a type A personality on my good days but on the long, tiring days after work, organization isn’t always my number one. We are a pretty clean married couple if I do say so myself but our drawers still get messy and my makeup bag can become a black hole. Well, that is until I found the type A organization dream: idlivesimply! These products are sturdy, clear/plastic, easy to see and use products that have transformed our bathroom space for the better. I never thought I could love my makeup more but displaying all of my lipstick is just something special. The drawers are easy to open and the compartments are made for makeup palettes to fit perfectly! The other containers fit all of our night time needs in one place, keeping our countertops clutter free and makes it super easy to find what we need, like hair ties and bobby pins(because where do all of those go anyways). We even have separate compartments for our deodorant and for some reason, that makes me way too happy.

“I wouldn’t be caught dead in camo”….I said those words. But here I am, styling camo pants 3 different ways because I learned to love this trend! I love that it can almost be worn as a neutral but adds a fun pattern to any look. I will say, camo pants can go south fast so I am here to give you 3 different ways to style camo in your closet so you can wear them confidently!

For my second look styling these same pants, I wanted to dress them down for a day of running errands or traveling. I styled my pants with this comfy grey v-neck and switched out the mules for slip ons. I switched my jewelry from my Fossil watch and statement earrings to my Apple watch and simple(new fav necklace). This look will be on REPEAT this fall, travel wear here I come!

Last but not least, my third way to style my camo pants was for a day in the city or day of shopping! I changed up my look and this outfit definitely made me feel cooler than I am. I put on a basic white tee(the best one I might add) and layered over it a denim jacket. arkansas gas prices I really love how camo goes well with so many things, especially denim! I styled my pants with these chestnut dupe sandals and switched out my purse for my favorite fall accessory, this faux leather backpack that is holding up sooo well and carrying all my junk.

I can’t believe school is starting in less than 2 weeks, where did summer go?! My summer flew by because we did this thing called marriage and it made this summer go soo fast in the best way! I teach first grade, if you didn’t know and teachers start back to work this coming Tuesday. Nothing excites me more than getting my classroom ready for my new firsties! I love creating an environment in my classroom that is bright, happy and welcoming and I wanted to share how I do that!

I am not kidding when I say that almost everything you will see in the coming pictures is from Target(mostly dollar section). As a teacher, I definitely look for low prices and affordable pieces to decorate my classroom while still making it look complete. I know some teachers have a “theme” for their classroom but as a first year teacher, I was told to keep it simple because you can easily get tired of a theme. I do kinda have a sunshine thing going on but it would easily be changed to another theme if I wanted to because the majority of my class is simply just bright colors. I basically live in these 4 walls from August to May so I definitely want it to be a place I love and feel happy in as well as the kids.

tip #7: Go to the Target dollar section, buy ALLL the banners. I don’t know about you but my classroom is exploding with fun, bright banners and the BEST selection is the Target dollar spot. They are usually 1-3 dollars and are super easy to put together. I bought this bright banner and the polka dot felt letter stickers all from the dollar spot and it made for the cutest window decor. Basically, the more banners, the better in my opinion!

tip #8: This is new this year but for guided reading, I wanted to be more organized with how I kept up with each group’s books for the week. I am going to be using these Target dollar spot yellow crates and I attached these clothespin/dry erase tags to write down each reading team’s names so that I can keep my guided reading books organized each week! I also use a big crate(pink) and hanging file folders to document each student’s progress and keep all of their assessments/data!

tip #10: Use hand signals!!! As a first grade teacher, the amount of questions and interruptions in one day are countless and to keep me sane and the class on task, I LOVE using class hand signals. I teach these on the first day of school and my kids catch on to them sooo fast! I just found these off of Pinterest, laminated them and stapled them to my wall!

It really is crazy how fast life goes, one minute I was saying yes to the rest of my life with my best friend and the next, I have been a wife for a month?! Our wedding day was everything I imagined it to be and more. I was told a lot about how the day would go, “It will fly Julia, it will go so fast and remember to take it all in, don’t let little things stress you out, enjoy every moment!” and it was all true. It was a blur of a day in the best way and having all of our family/friends/people in one place all day was truly a dream. ortega y gasset revolt of the masses Waking up in the morning felt like all the Christmas mornings led up to one big special day and my heart was bursting with excitement for the day to finally be there! From getting ready with my girls in the morning to the first look with my dad to our ceremony and then to our reception, we couldn’t stop smiling and feeling so grateful for this life we get to do together with all of these amazing people supporting us along the way. So if you are preparing for marriage or hoping to be married one day, listen to what everyone tells you, it truly does go SO fast, take a few moments where you can be just you two to take it all in together. Those 9 months of engagement allowed us to grow together in our faith and love for each other and I seriously had way too much fun planning our special day(wedding planning might be my second calling)

Through high school and college and into their careers, they’ve learned how to compliment each other in all the right ways. They use the same dance moves. They cry when they’re overwhelmed with gratitude. They scrunch-nose laugh together at least once an hour. She drinks white wine and he drinks beer, but they both enjoy the same kind of cake. Perfection.