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It is impossible to understand recent political events in Zimbabwe without insight into the role of Emmerson Mnangagwa. The fall of Robert Mugabe and the inauguration of Emmerson Mnangagwa as Zimbabwe’s new president in November 2017 were events that no one could have predicted. gas kansas city Just three weeks earlier, Mugabe had sacked Mnangagwa as vice-president, a move that seemed to end the long political career of the man known as ‘The Crocodile’.

In the Jaws of the Crocodile tells the gripping story of how Mnangagwa fled Zimbabwe in fear for his life, and of his brief exile in South Africa, where he declared to Mugabe that he would return ‘in a matter of weeks’ to take control of the levers of power. It describes the military intervention against Mugabe and his allies, analyses the sudden power shift within Zanu-PF, and gives an eyewitness account of the mass demonstrations as people took to the streets to demand an end to Mugabe’s rule. It describes Mnangagwa’s return to Zimbabwe to take over the presidency, and concludes with an account of the disputed 2018 election.

MY WORDS IN VOLUMES are not just melodies of poetry, they are not the songs of love that disappear with time. They are the screams, the haunts and the cries of a child in search for a man without a face, a face of identity. MY WORDS IN VOLUMES are the silence of torture and screams, where time is frozen and pain melts and drips through the thin vessels of the heart. It is a search for belonging, identity and acceptance. Endless questions are scribbled in the mental typewriter of oneself, asking what went wrong to deserve such torture. electricity games online free It’s a tragic journey of an adolescent child, swayed and swung through the winds of love, romance and intimacy. And also, an adolescent child, who yearns for a father he never saw or heard about, while his mother makes it difficult for him to connect the dots… MY WORDS IN VOLUMES also traces through the footsteps of apartheid and freedom, is this the freedom our heroes fought for when families are built on secrets and the walls have ears to eavesdrop? Is this the freedom fought for when one’s soul becomes trapped in a cage and identity becomes a mystery quiz to unscramble? The book has been prescribed as a library resource for 41 secondary schools by the Gauteng Department of Education’s Young Writers Program in 2017. It is available on all online retailers. gas zyklon b It is a collection of 50 poems co-authored with Pule Sanny Shaku, it is curricular aligned, and features an introduction by an Indian professor Prof. R.K Padhi from Padampur, Odisha.

This poetry collection offers a decade-long perspective on growth and serves up a journey that we can take should we choose to do things better. It is an interpretation of what an uprising of the people would read like, touching on issues ranging from gender, love and pain to the power of thoughts and happiness. An offering to the young to challenge poetry and society, to consider not their words

This play delves into the very complex world of the lines which blur for persons who have professional interests both in the spheres of Business and Politics. What does it mean to be a Black Business Man, and what does it mean to be a Black Politician, in the contemporary South African climate? Furthermore, which is a question more suited for this play, what does it mean to be both, simultaneously? “Khongolose Khommanding Khommissars” examines closely this tumultuous duplicity with an incisive flare for the poetics of doggerel and the trappings of revolutionary rhetoric.

Darwin’s Hunch is about the history of scientific racism in the search for human origins in South Africa. npower electricity meter reading Most of the action in the book takes place on our doorstep at Wits University and at the Cradle of Humankind, so if you are interested in archaeology, anthropology, genetics, and stories about how local communities and families were affected, take a look at this book. Come visit and let’s talk about it!

Gau-Trained: poems & stories is Flow Wellington’s 2nd collection, self-published through her company Poetree Publications. storing electricity in water This book is a selection of poetry and prose that speaks candidly of Flow’s personal experiences; from leaving her hometown and attempting to start a new life in the fabled City of Gold, to surviving an abusive relationship and starting anew.

The book not only dissects her own accounts over the past 7 years, but also takes a broader look at the migrant experience – especially the survival of women- and how Gauteng “trains” one to become someone they would not have if they lived elsewhere. Flow touches on tender topics like leaving familiarity and the sting of being a stranger once you return ‘home’; and more explicit topics such as rape, poverty, childbirth, gender based violence and xenophobia.

These are the stories and tales from ordinary black South Africans born during the late seventies to eighties; to parents who dreamed for them to have a better life than their own. They are the door openers to 1994 and herein share the stories of how they have broken down both internal and external barriers through travel, opportunity, determination and community, to create a life beyond the confines of their comfortability. With these stories we unpack identity, the influence of travel and the impact it has on our lives. electricity cost in california This is a book that will leave you inspired and ready to pack your bags to go and discover the world.

Koffee Blessed follows the life of Tali Esosa, a little girl trying to navigate life as a brown-skinned African-American. Each fable has themes of identity, self-love, self-awareness and racism. The narrative was written to validate the Black experience and to provide hope to our dark chocolate beauties. These fables are a continued tradition of storytelling and shared wisdom in the African/ African-American community.

Introspection is not an easy exercise for anyone. electricity in costa rica voltage It demands that you equally criticize and congratulate yourself without being soft or being easy to yourself. It is a healthy way of realigning one to one’s original self. It sounds easy when one says it, but it requires a great amount of honesty. Implementing self introspection effectively can be a bit sensitive especially when you have to critic your way of thinking.

A Prayer of a Black Man is another opportunity that allows me as a black man to do introspection about my life, my legacy and the future ahead of us. It is a book that any black man would not want it to land in the hands of white people because the truth in it (about us as black people) is so embarrassingly almost close to the truth. It is basically a conversation about our plight, opportunities and weaknesses as African people and African communities in general.

It allows us an opportunity to review how we handled the reconciliation matters with our former colonizers and enemies. It provokes emotions and it seeks to create a dialogue amongst us as African people. It gives us a compelling reason to truly acknowledge our shortfalls and also complement and appreciate out strengths. There is no doubt that the issue of Land theft by the white minorities was a day light robbery. electricity grid uk A Prayer Of A Black Man affords us an opportunity to ask ourselves what happened and also if we are satisfied with the situation on the current land occupation status quo.

The story is based on a life of a young girl (Mimi) and her brokenness due to the circumstances involving her family and losing loved ones, and her love life that ended up destroying the woman in her. The girl loses a brother due to guilty of murdering his girlfriend and encountering an accident that led him to being paralysed and he decided to take his own life and died.