Live update 5th edition of national youth conference kicks off in cairo – egypt today gas house


The presidency launched “Ask the President” initiative from May 13 -15 to allow citizens to send President Sisi questions and express their opinions. The National Youth Conference will collect such questions and the president himself will answer them during the coming youth conference.

Sisi: We do not make any final decisions without discussing them multiple times within the presidency and the cabinet. Our last decisions regarding education reforms should have been made earlier. The current education is not helping to prepare workforce suitable for the labor market.

President Sisi praises Minister of Electricity Mohamed Shaker’s efforts to develop the sector. “He is one of the most noble and greatest men, however, we argue a lot during our discussions, as he demanded once LE 45b to develop the electricity sector.”

The second session kicks off under the title: “Youth Vision for Egypt during the coming four years.” The session started with a short documentary about the challenges Egypt has faced over the past years. The session will include an open discussion with several prominent economic researchers and professors about the economic reforms and demands. President Sisi is attending the session and will comment by the end of it.

Sisi: I do not think that the current political and partisan situation for Egypt is deteriorating. I believe we are witnessing an acceleration in the political environment, even if the final results are not “fully satisfactory” for us at the moment.

Sisi: There is a very thin line between "good intentions and destructive consequences of mean goals.” We need to be careful with our country while moving forward and calling for change. However, I affirm that I respect and love everyone (even enemies) and therefore I cannot accept any abuse for anyone.

Sisi addressing former presidential candidate Moussa Mostafa Moussa: “Thank you. All of Egypt thanks you for your keenness on your country’s image before the world. I was honored with your competition during the election and hoped for more competitors.”

Sisi: "We do not interfere in the pardon committee’s work that was established since the first National Youth Conference for pardoning youth detainees. We ratify all the lists issued by the committee, and I call on the interior ministry to release all the pardoned youth as soon as possible.

Sisi listens to a quick coverage and analysis of Egypt’s political and partisan history by number of youth participating at the conference. The analysis included Egypt’s first elections, legal amendments, and establishing Egypt’s first parliament.

The conference includes three sessions: The first one will analyze the current political situation, the second will explain Sisi’s vision for the coming four years, and the final one named “Ask the President” will include Sisi’s answers to the questions he has been receiving during the past three days.

"We need to talk about a lot of things today; we need to listen to each other for the sake of Egypt. What was established during the past two years is just one step on the country’s real road for development and reform," Sisi said in his opening speech