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What we’ve noticed is that there are two situations that have led to inadequate power: The first is when it is very hot and overcast (for instance, late June in the Midwest). Because our chest freezer is the biggest load on our PV system, and because the freezer is located in an un-insulated shed on the north side of our house, it demands a lot of power on hot days. If it is cloudy for days at a time, the freezer continues to draw power, and the panels cannot charge the batteries fast enough to keep up.

The second situation is on overcast days in December. static electricity jokes Short day length and cloudy weather, again over the course of a few days to a week, are a bad combination for a PV system. Because the weather is generally quite cold, we are able to turn the chest freezer off at night, and back on during the day. Our food remains frozen, and we save battery power. On a couple of occasions, we have used our generator to charge our battery bank.

The remaining 95% of the time, our solar electric system is more than adequate for our needs. Most of the time our battery levels barely dip below 90% and we create ways to take advantage of all of the “extra” electricity! We use our waffle iron, toast bread, make smoothies, operate power tools, and run a fan to keep cool! Living with Solar Electricity

As for life in a solar-powered home, it is wonderful. gas and supply I love that we are meeting our family’s electricity needs with power from the sun, and have no monthly electricity bills. After living without any electricity for a year and a half, flipping a switch on power felt like an incredible luxury! We are able to store food in our chest freezer, work from home on our computer, and operate small appliances such as a blender, food processor, and sewing machine.

That said, there are some comforts that we do without. We do not have a washing machine or clothes dryer. We do not have a dishwasher. We do not have a refrigerator. Living with solar electricity requires a constant attentiveness to our electric consumption: We use lights sparingly, turn off our computer when it’s not needed, and always unplug appliances. We cook on a two burner propane stove, and do not have an oven.

It is heartening to me that friends and family members are investigating solar electricity for their home. Grid-tied solar electricity is a great alternative for those with higher electricity needs or who are already connected to the grid. types of electricity consumers Off-grid systems have the added investment of a battery bank for storage, but they offer the advantages of energy independence, and the opportunity to create electricity in remote locations.

Solar electricity is not perfect – there is still an industrial manufacturing chain of materials and process that has its own set of environmental and social impacts – but it is one of the more accessible green energy options that truly has the potential to shift power generation away from corporations, and into the hands of people and communities. It’s an opportunity to elevate your homestead’s capacity to produce.

We have used a solar-based electric system since 2001. It’s grown over time and this last summer we replaced our 6V batteries. electricity nightcore lyrics Most of them have served us for over ten years. We are in British Columbia so we get less sun in the winter. For two month its between four and five hours on sunny days, and those can be limited. We augment with wind during storms (we are in a protected spot) and use a generator to boost our batteries when needed. We have a split system, each having eight 6V batteries that we run as a 12 volt system. One bank takes us through the day and the other at night. When we got to bed, everything is shut down to save power. gas 0095 We use propane for cooking, our refrigerator and some lights. The electricity runs limited lights, recharges our handheld devices, and a small TV for videos in the evening. f gas regulations We also use DC lights, especially during the winter that we run off rechargeable automobile booster packs. We have several of those that we recharge during the day and use at night. We don’t run any electric appliances (large or small) but don’t miss them.- Margy

I absolutely love your homestead and the fact you are willing to have us all watch your every move as you go along your way. lol I am dreaming of our own little homestead here in Florida, but the thought of going without an air conditioner is not going to happen!! It gets way to hot and humid for me to breathe at night, so I know I will have to have one at least then. If we lived in the northern states it probably wouldn’t be that much of an issue for us, but here there is no way we could do without one in the hottest part of the summer. With that being said could you run a small one off of solar? I love the thought of going off the grid but that’s where I worry that it may not be something we could do full time. We can have a well and our laws say e have to install a septic tank to live anywhere in our area so we could be somewhat off the systems but the heat here is almost unbareable in the heat of the day threw the summer months. Thank you so much for sharing the good the bad and the ugly of homesteading and know you are giving us all hope that someday real soon (hopefully) we all can live our dreams off living with nature.

By increasing the DC voltage and inverters from 12 volt to 48 volts you can lower the amperage drain from the batteries for the same wattage being operated. If your inverter is 12 volt DC 3000 watts than that is a 250 amp load on the batteries. gas in back symptoms The same wattage load at 48 volt DC would be 62.5 amp load on the batteries. Much more efficient. When considering off grid electrical power quality off the shelf products that are upgradeable to wattage loads and that are designed to be mixed and matched with other vendors products is the key to adjusting the electrical power needed for daily consumption. 5 gases Battery banking string voltage sets is the key for storage and sizing for days or weeks before any battery charging is required. Mixing different forms of alternative energy together like solar and wind and make them operate and play nicely together can give unlimited AC electrical power and makes a microgrid. The bottom line is alternative electrical power works and is safe, reliable and efficient and is an investment that pays for itself with free electrical power.