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Yes, this watch is in fact quite rare. In the last 10 years, I have seen perhaps two or three LL Bean versions, including the funny tiny little ladies’ version. The Hamilton Khaki Mate is more common, although still unusual. I’d say I see that watch less than once a year on eBay, although I’m not the best at searching consistently. A Khaki Mate just sold on eBay last week and i think it went for $110. I let it go because the seconds hand, crown, and case were wrong. electricity cost in california It would have been easy enough to swap the movement, dial, and hour/min hands into a new case, but I wasn’t in the mood.

If you were to find a very nice Anchor dial in either LL Bean or Khaki Mate variety, I’d expect it would easily fetch $200-$250. In mint condition in the box (which I have seen), I’d expect more toward $400 probably, and maybe more depending on how many freakazoid Hamilton/LL Bean collectors wanted it. You know how capricious eBay can be sometimes. These watches fall into that weird category of being rare but not particularly valuable, and I imagine the market is smallish.

I have recently completed a collection of all the Bean watches that I think are the most interesting. Most of these are mechanical, and most were made by Hamilton, but a few are quartz watches and/or made by other companies. LL Bean continues to sell watches today, and no doubt these pieces are an excellent value, but they don’t hold the charm and attraction for me that the older pieces do. Perhaps one day these too will be collectible classics.

Having gathered all these watches over the years, I thought it might be nice to put together a searchable thread that can be used as a reference for fellow collectors. gas leak smell I welcome your factual corrections or entertaining observations (except for those regarding my sanity). One nice thing about collecting these is that they are relatively affordable and numerous. Many used relatively high quality movements such as the ETA 2750, 2801, 2824, and the Valjoux 7750. At least two of the nicer watches are rising in value slowly, at least according to the very unscientific observations I’ve made over the last 10 years.

I have listed the watches below in the approximate chronological order they appeared in the catalogs. electricity and magnetism pdf I have not comprehensively photographed them for this post. Just one or two pictures of each. I’ll be updating a similar but more detailed and editorial post on this subject on my blog at some point, so if you want to see more pictures and read more comments about these watches you can check roverhaven.com. Until then, please enjoy these pictures and feel free to leave your comments, corrections, additions, etc. Thanks for reading!

Remark: Not as common as the otherwise-identical mechanical variant. To my knowledge, LL Bean never sold the quartz model with date, which was sold by several of its competitors, including Hamilton itself. gas x strips instructions Note the larger counterweight on the seconds hand. This watch is easily told from its mechanical cousin by this feature and, obviously, the word "quartz" on the dial.

Remark: The Hamilton 9415 with caliber 2801 superseded the 9219 with caliber 2750 sometime in the early 1980’s, however, this is the only LL Bean 9415 I’ve ever seen. It may be that someone put an LL Bean dial in a 9415 watch. If you have an LL Bean 9415, please get in touch. Hamilton sold the 9415 and 9415A under their Khaki brand name right through the late 1990’s. The watch is almost identical to the 9219, but can be told at a glance by the thinner mid-case and drilled-through lugs. Also the 9415 utilizes the more conventional lug width of 18 mm, not 11/16" like the 9219 did.

Remark: This is the natural evolution of the 9219/9415 Field Watches. Marginally bigger case, higher quality dial printing, crown shoulders. Easily told at a glance by these features. hp gas Also the bigger counterweight on the seconds hand carries over from the quartz 9219. The 9445 is seen with and without drilled-thru lugs. This is the first brand new watch I ever bought for myself.

Remark: By far the nicest watch ever sold under the LL Bean name, this watch was sold in one catalog only, Spring 1991, as a limited edition RAF-inspired piece. Hamilton also sold the 9721 and 9721B for quite a while in the early 1990’s. The Hamilton is a little different, and slightly nicer in my opinion. These watches have a solid feel and nice heft to them, and the 36 mm size means they are easily worn by men and women alike. I wish I could say I bought this watch brand new from Bean, but alas I missed it and wouldn’t have had the money back then. 7 cases movie This specimen did come from the original owner, however.

Remark: After Hamilton and LL Bean ended their long-running partnership in 1992, LL Bean’s field watches were made by the Telux Company in Taiwan. This watch is a near-clone of the Hamilton 9445, but doesn’t have drilled-thru lugs and utilizes a different seconds hand. Crown screws down. I am the original owner of this one, which is still ticking happily away after 25 years. See the condition of the glass crystal? That’s what happens when you strap this watch to the wrist of your 10 year old and let him wear it for 3 years straight.

Remark: This watch is a virtual clone of the Hamilton 9721 that Bean sold in 1991 only. There must have been demand for an automatic watch, so after they broke up with Hamilton, they continued to have this watch produced by the International Chronometrics Group in Taiwan. Note the funky green lume compared to the mellow tritium paint of the 9721. I bought this watch from its original owner, complete with box and manual. It lived a tough life and gave great service, and is still ticking away today.

Remark: In the early 1990’s Hamilton sold the ref 9446 in several varieties at the same time as Bean sold theirs, and they’re all better looking than this ugly duckling. This was literally the last LL Bean watch that I needed to complete my collection, and I took 10 years to commit to one. gas x while pregnant Now I’m really glad I did, however. These are nice pieces and entirely worth your time if you can get past the color scheme.