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They recently bought my mortgage from Annie mac and I am only a week into this new mortgage company and it has been a nightmare. I paid my April mortgage with Annie mac on 03/30/2017 and according to Annie mac it was applied to April. So when I got my first statement from loan care llc it said I owed 380.0 due 05/01/17 my mortgage is 1495.51 every month and has been for 2 years when I called them they said My first month payment is due 06/01/2017 I said that can’t be correct I just got a statement stating (which has an incorrect amount due) its due May 1st I asked them who paid for May they said the last payment I made with Annie mac was transferred from Annie mac to loan care. I said that was impossible the last payment I made to Annie Mac was paid on 03/30/2017 to Annie mac for the month of April and the mortgage transfer did not happen till 04/03/2017 the woman I was speaking to on 04/15/2017 said to contact Annie mac. So I called Annie mac on 04/17/2017 and they said the payment I made to them was applied to April not may. So technically I owe Loan Care LLC May payment which is fine but according to the website and the loan care customer service rep I spoke with on 04/15/17 I only owe June I called Loan Care Back on 04/17/2017 I told them that May has not been paid Annie Mac did not transfer any mortgage payment for May to them and that my next payment I owe should be due May 1st so the gentleman I spoke with couldn’t give me an answer as to what is due and when he said he has to open a task and I won’t receive a call for a week to a week and a half. I was furious because of that timeline. I am terrified that when I make my mortgage payment next week like I always due online or over the phone that it will be applied to June and not May and midway through may I’m going to get a late notice or a foreclosure notice. I have never been late with a mortgage payment and I have the documentation to prove it. I hope this helps with any lawsuit against them. I will update my situation when I know more of what’s going on..

This is by far the worst company with the single worst customer service I have ever experienced. When I called because I was experiencing a financial hardship, they wanted two months payments plus a late fee. The two months payments should have been $2600 but they said I was facing foreclosure if I didn’t pay $4, 040 by May 21st. I have no idea where that figure came from. I kept saying that they bought my mortgage and they refuse to admit it. They tell me they are essentially a third party. Well, after I had paid off enough to remove my mortgage insurance about six months ago, I called to request to have it removed, as my mortgage was randomly going up with no explanation and I was trying to make ends meet on a single income. They said I couldn’t remove it because I had been late on a payment and I asked if they could tell me where it states that in my contract and still, to this day, they have not provided a response and I have looked over my contract time and time again and it does not state that anywhere. I am so frustrated with this company and they should be ashamed of what they do to their customers. I would like to be a part of this class action lawsuit. Please email me at with any information that would help. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

@JaylaFer This company should be charged with fines for mismanagement, false reporting, and fraudulent charges. I have been dealing with them for six months on a mortgage. They changed my escrow this summer which changed my payment. My payment was set up to send a specific amount each month. When I received a bill that showed the payment made didn’t match the amount due, I called them and realized the payment was higher due to the escrow amount being increased. I paid the difference which would have brought my account current. This payment was made on the first of the month. However, later in the month I started getting collection notices. Confused by this (as I made my account current weeks before), I called and it turns out my payment was sitting in some kind of suspension account, as the agent didn’t transfer it correctly and so it was never applied. Loancare admitted to not transferring the payment correctly, and said they would see it, that it was handled. Another week later, I find out that they sent this to the collection agency. I spent hours collecting all the documentation (date payment was made, date it cleared my account, ect) to prove they were in error. The problem is they have incompetent people working for them. Because I was able to prove my payment was made weeks before they sent my information to the credit bureau they were forced to retract the erroneous reporting. At this point I felt like reporting them to a higher agency for mismanagement, but I didn’t know who to report them to and already wasted too much time with them. I set up my bill to be auto paid (taken out by Loan Care) vs. paid automatically by my bank. This way if the escrow change the correct amount would always be taken out. The first month this went into effect, the payment was taken twice. Mistakes happen, but the horrible thing about it is they wouldn’t give me my $1, 200 duplicate payment back, even though I sent them copies from my banks web site showing the duplicate payment was made and cleared and had the bank call them as well. They said they would have to open up an investigation. This took weeks and multiple phone calls. Every time I called they said it was still being investigated. This duplicate payment happened near the beginning of the month and they wanted to wait three weeks, until the month closed and I got a closing bank statement (i.e. around the 5th day of the next month) before they would return the duplicate payment. Again, I sent them documentation which included all the transactions made that showed both payments cleared, and they still wouldn’t return the money owed. When they finally sent the payment back almost a month later, I started getting late notices again, because of another book keeping error on their part. I spent weeks getting that cleared up. Everything seemed to go okay for about a month. Then today, I get another statement showing a late fee. HOW CAN I KEEP HAVING LATE FEES WHEN I’M ON AUTO PAY, WITH THEM TAKING THE CORRECT PAYMENT OUT OF MY ACCOUNT? I tried to call them during business hours, multiple times, and I just get disconnected. I tried to get on their website, and it wouldn’t take my password (which I know I typed in correctly). I selected forgot my password, and received a temporary password which doesn’t work. This company is a complete mess!!! They need to be severely fined and taken to court for their mismanagement. They are causing me countless hours of time and frustration, charging me late fees incorrectly, and incorrectly submitting information to the credit bureau. This all has to be illegal.