Local hip-hop duo freshproduce gets collaborative on its new album scene and heard scene’s news blog gas quality


We’ve had collaborations, Benton adds. If you look at our first album, We Are FreshProduce, there’s collabs on Duce and we had collaborations on 4080 as well. It was never more than one or two songs but with this one gas in california, I feel like everybody we reached out to bit this time. I feel that was a testimony to the fact that we’ve been consistently doing music for the past few years and people know and trust us.

Sometimes, it’s harder to take the high road because you felt like your retribution hadn’t been served yet and you’re kind of left holding the bag, Benton says. But with a lot of the same people, karma’s has made short work of them. They gas mask art’ve been handled. It’s almost a thing like you can argue fight or you can reel everything in, defend what you have and live to fight another day. I think we chose to take care of things that we built instead of going back and forth to try and wage some kind of war. I’m just sitting back with my popcorn watching those people get handled.

We suggested with those individual people, Flowers says. So it’s not something that gas and bloating after miscarriage’s unknown. But things kept continuing and instead of being petty about it, we just kind of put it in the music. Which was something we already do. We talk about where we are in life. It’s there. Once people listen to the music, you can hear our general attitude towards certain individuals. We put it out there, left it there and moved on.

It’s an outlet that didn’t exist, Flowers says. She serves as the host who keeps things moving each month electricity projects for grade 6. Brittany’s definitely the brain child of the operation. When she came with the idea, it was more like what do I need to do to make sure this pops. We had the T-shirts. We made it a super community event. It had a good response, not only for the producers but the people who attend as well. It’s an opportunity for them to get to know other creatives in Cleveland.

I feel like Beat Freak was a way we could put the beat maker front electricity jokes and center to showcase them and encourage emcees, poets and singers to get on the mic and do live collaborations which kind of gives it an open mic feel, she says. We don’t discriminate. We don’t care if you make boom-bap, trap, electric, house, experimental or whatever gas finder. We love it all. We tried to bring generations together. He wants to bring Eastside and Westside together. It’s not a big space but it is a space. A lot of people come here religiously. I just want it to grow. I would love to see Beat Freak go international, but I also love that it’s right here in Cleveland.

That’s in its second year, Flowers says. We’ve been doing stuff all year round. One of our students has a show on 95.9 FM every Saturday. Two students just started an open mic. Three students started a juice business and we also made a documentary that will be premiering on April 20 about the work we’ve been doing and also what we’ve been doing at the Boys Girls Club. It’s called ‘Bridging the Gap.’

I was really gas key staking tool excited for all the collaborations, Benton says. Shoutout to everyone who was on this project. Even when Sam and I got together, we wanted to do things that brought the city together. The thing that really held Cleveland back was that division and competition, but electricity video ks1 not the healthy kind. It was more like competition that stunts everyone’s progress because people don’t want to unified. Maybe it’s because we’re Millennials and think and move differently, but we need each other.