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"If you look at the numbers – what we did this week and three weeks ago – we passed a historic bill," Meredith said. "Less than 72 hours after passing that, we removed $50 million. Later, we added $20 million, and that meant we were missing $30 million. When you analyze everything, according to the non-partisan Oklahoma Policy Institute – not from us or the Republicans – their numbers show we are $13 million short of the promise we made originally."

"We’ve been told they have the general appropriations bill ready to roll out Monday or Tuesday, and they intend to hear all the Senate bills by Friday," Meredith said. "The House Republicans wants to adjourn. But that’s just the rumor floating around."

• HB 1019xx: Affecting sales through sites like Amazon when the seller is another business besides Amazon, the measure calls for third-party internet retailers to collect and remit sales taxes to the state. Passed 92-7 with the support of Meredith, State Rep. Will Fourkiller, D-Stilwell; and State Rep. George Faught, R-Muskogee, and 42-2 with the support of Pemberton; Wayne Shaw, R-Grove; and Kim David, R-Porter.

• HB 2082: Sets board elections for school districts and tech centers for the first Tuesday of April each year; calls for all candidates to appear on the primary ballot, or if there are only two, for both to appear on the general election ballot. Passed 65-9 with Faught and Meredith in favor and Fourkiller excused, 36-5.

• HB 2523: Modifies parts of the Employment Security Act of 1980; including the wage requirement for an unemployed individual’s base period; requires wage figures to determine eligibility for benefits once alternative base period wages are determined; removes an exemption related to educational institutions; creates exemptions for educational service contractors; modifies exemptions and alters disqualification for benefits; requires claim notices to include a warning that failure to respond to the notice could affect an employer’s tax rate. Passed without dissent.

• HB 2592: Allows the State Election Board to keep confidential the names of law enforcement officers’ immediate family members, including spouse, child by birth or adoption, stepchildren, and parents living with the officer. Passed 85-2 with Faught and Meredith in favor and Fourkiller excused, and 39-2 with the support of all three Cherokee County senators.

• HB 2775: Beginning Nov. 1, changes the Production Revenue Standards Act to set the interest rate to prime as reported by The Wall Street Journal. Passed the House 62-25 with the support of Faught and with Fourkiller and Meredith opposed, and in the Senate, 46-0.

• HB 2921: Authorizes the Transportation Commission to annually submit a waiver request to the Highway Administration within the U.S. Department of Transportation of any federal regulation preventing the sale of commission land deemed surplus for at least 10 years for less than fair market value. Passed 86-3 and 42-0 with the support of Cherokee County lawmakers. Passed 72-10 with Faught and Meredith in favor and Fourkiller excused, and 33-6 in the Senate with the support of Pemberton and Shaw, with David excused.