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EDITOR’S NOTE: Betty McCoy of Glencoe recently spent time working in Germany, and has provided a first-person account. F gas regulations r22 She is the widow of Jimmy Smothers, longtime sports editor of The Times.

The teenager wore a snowy white T-shirt with large black letters emblazed upon it that read: “WHERE IN THE HECK IS AUSFAHRT, GERMANY?” I chuckled to myself, thinking that I had wondered the same thing after I arrived to work in Germany.

The Autobahn is not like the highways and interstates in the United States. Electricity and magnetism equations There are no billboards and advertisements clogging every inch of available space. K electric jobs test All one sees while driving in Germany is beautiful green countrysides in the warm months and snow in the cold months. Zyklon b gas canister for sale There is, however, one sign that usually is a very large one pointing off to the side of the Autobahnen and highways. Specjalizacja z gastroenterologii It reads “AUSFAHRT.” Within 6 kilometers, I counted 10 such signs. Bp gas prices chicago They are prolific. K electric bill statement I didn’t want to go to Ausfahrt, however, I wanted to go to several other places in Germany.

Using a GPS, I discovered such places as the Black Forest, with all its talented wood carvers and hundreds of their world famous cuckoo clocks; the Rhine River, lined with castles; Salzburg, where most of “The Sound of Music” was fo;,ed; and of course the Eagle’s Nest, Hitler’s home away from home, sitting alone on the brow of Mount Kehlstein with a 360-degree view of the snowcapped Bavarian Alps.

It took 3,000 men working 24 hours a day for 18 months to blast through the rock to build the road; install a bronze elevator that would carry 40 people, sitting on green leather seats and surrounded by etched glass and chandeliers, straight up through solid rock longer than a football field; and construct a house to be presented as a gift to Hitler on his birthday. Electricity laws in pakistan The opulence is unbelievable — breathtaking!

Germany is a lovely country. Gas in back and chest Everything is so green and clean with flower gardens everywhere — in small apartment dwellings, on window sills, mansion lawns, in nooks and corners and in the middle of roundabouts. Gas stoichiometry worksheet Instead of traffic signals, one enters a round circle with streets leading off of it called a roundabout. N gas price No one has to wait for a traffic light change.

To my chagrin, Germany has little or no air conditioning. Gas explosion in texas While there, only one or two buildings I entered did. Gas vs electric oven for baking cakes Sleeping at night was with windows opened and fans running. Gas station near me open Working days, you sweated.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes abound. Electricity youtube billy elliot They ride on buses and trains, in cars, trod down streets, yelp from most yards and eat in restaurants with their owners. Gas house edwards Buses and other modes of transportation also accommodate bicycles, baby buggies, grocery carts and anything one can push, pull or heave aboard. 7 gas laws One German gentleman told me that four words can describe a German: dogs, bikes, wines and festivals.

Cooking in Germany is another adventure. Electricity jokes I don’t “Sprechen Sie Deutsch,” and most people in smaller villages don’t “Sprechen Sie English.” Buying food in a grocery store was an arduous task. Gas dryer vs electric dryer safety Not reading German, recognizing very few brands and most foods being in cans, I rarely knew what I carried to the apartment to cook. Gas bubble in eye But eating wiener schnitzel in a restaurant was oh so good and tasty.

Now back to my tale of Ausfahrt. Wholesale electricity prices by state It means exit in English. Electricity bill average Exits to where, the signs never reveal. Gas x extra strength vs ultra strength Yes, a GPS is essential. Electricity transmission and distribution costs I needed one to find Breckenheim.

When I speak about my working/stay in Germany, the first question I usually am asked is “WHERE IN THE HECK IS BRECKENHEIM, GERMANY?” Breckenheim is a lovely, small German village, consisting of about 3,000 people. Electricity in the body causes It has narrow, narrow streets (strasse, in German), great wiener schnitzel and a wine-tasting festival every Wednesday. U gas station near me It is about 20 miles from downtown Wiesbaden, where I drove a straight shift car at 6 a.m. Gas in oil pan on the Autobahn each morning to work — shaking a little, as there is no speed limit. Electricity meaning Breckenheim is incorporated within the limits of Wiesbaden, but the villagers think of it as “our village.”

The first mention of Breckenheim was about 950 A.D., when King Otto I donated land there to the Count Gerung. Gas company Other properties were donated in the Middle Ages. Electricity a level physics Of the extant buildings in Breckenheim, the only thing remaining today from the Middle Ages is the beautiful church tower atop the central church, which I gazed at in awe each day from my living room windows.

I lived in the Villa Breckenheim — Casa Kettenback while I was in Germany. Gas or electricity more expensive This house is on a historical record as a monument. Gas vs diesel mpg Villa Breckenheim — Casa Kettenbach is the only house in Breckenheim that has this distinction.

The Villa Breckenheim was copied after a house that was built in Wiesbaden. Electricity outage compensation The Wiesbaden house was built by Prinz (Prince) Albrecht Zu Salms Braufels, a cousin of Kaiser Wilheim. Electricity usage by country He imitated the Castle of the King of Bavaria. Electricity symbols ks2 worksheet Walt Disney did the same when he built his castle at Disney World.

The Breckenheim home was built by Karl Neidhofer, the village teacher. Electricity and magnetism purcell He opted to use red brick on the first two stories, topped with yellow brick and a rustic structure made of fir timbers, a combination of country and rural styles.

In the entrance hallway, documents are posted on the wall concerning the construction of the Villa Breckenheim and Casa Kettenbach. Electricity bill cost The original title was signed by the district administrator of the Emperor of Germany, an interesting read.

The villa was sold to Theodor Meireis in 1928. Gas city indiana restaurants A daughter named Emmy married Heinz Kettenbach, who lent his family name to the villa. Electricity measurements units Brigitte Englert married their son, Heinz, and they became the parents of Jasmin Kettenbach, who inherited the villa from Grandmother Emmy. Gas monkey Theodor Meireis was the great-grandfather of the present owner, Jasmin.

Jasmin married Volker Sauer, who changed his last name from Sauer to Kettenbach. Electricity sources in us One can do that in Germany. 10 ethanol gas problems When asked why, he replied, “If we have children, the Casa Kettenbach will be inherited by a Kettenbach and the name will continue down through the ages.”

Jasmin and Volker Kettenbach were our proprietors when I worked in Germany. Electricity experiments for high school Words cannot express their concern for our welfare and our entertainment. Z gas tijuana telefono They were the most gracious of hosts. Grade 9 electricity unit review We were treated royally.

The house was remodeled in 2014-2015, and original materials had to be used. Electricity projects for 4th graders Original knobs still adorn the doors. U gas cedar hill mo The walls originally were stuffed with clay, straw and hemp, replaced by straw and clay. Npower gas price per unit Heat is furnished through the outer walls through tubes placed in them. Electricity usage calculator Clay covers the pipes, and hot water is needed to warm the it. Wb state electricity board recruitment A heat pump sucks in warm air from outside and converts it into hot water, then releases it through the pipes. Save electricity pictures This also supplies hot water for the kitchen and bath. Gas kush A nail cannot be driven into the walls in fear of hitting a pipe and water pouring out.

Electricity is now furnished by solar energy, but because of the historical rules, the panels must be on the building across the way, with electricity going through a cable underground to the villa. Gas leak in house Heating usually is switched on Oct. Gas vs electric oven 1 and turned off as late as May 1. Gas kansas city It still was quite chilly in June and July, and I could have used some then.

If you visit Germany, make a stop at Villa Breckenheim — Casa Kettenbach, say hello to Volker and Jasmin, rent an apartment for a few days and maybe Brigitte will make you some cookies to take with you on the plane ride home. Electricity electricity goodness I can tell you they are very yummy. Gas house gang I’d like to savor a few more.