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Home was build by the Dupont’s in the 1950’s, then they sold it to Lord Sassoon, we are the fifth owners of this incredible home. Home has 10 feet privacy wall, steps from patio take you directly to the beach. The entire back of the house faces the ocean and has a deck on it. Guests enjoy 160 linear feet of ocean frontage.

Come enjoy the turquoise waters of the caribbean, breath taking views, fishing from the deck, beach is a few steps from the deck, snorkeling tours not needed, we have a very healthy marine life by the house, heated swimming pool and hot tub facing the ocean!

All rooms are expansive. Master Bedroom is 22 by 22 feet, with one wall having 3 french doors facing the ocean. Master Bathroom has 2 water tiles in the shower, heated jacuzzi, and a bidet, did we mention a walk-in master closet. Living room/Dining room is 44 ft by 16 ft.

House is managed locally by a property manager. They will greet you on check in day and familiarize you to our home. They will also be present at time of checkout. During your stay if you have any questions, concerns or issue they will handle them promptly.

Fish right off the deck if you wish, go snorkeling straight from the house. Heated pool, if the ocean is too cold for you use our heated pool. Pool is less than 5 feet deep, this was done so that you can enjoy playing in the pool. If you wish to swim in deep waters the ocean is always waiting for you.

We provide spices and condiments to our guests because groceries in Nassau are very expensive. IF something is missing, PLEASE EMAIL us and we will try to replenish it. We will make a sincere effort to keep everything clean, if you would like your own supplies please feel free to do so.

Spices include salt, sugar, oil, olive oil, tarragon leaves, celery seeds, mustard seeds, turmeric, red pepper, ground ginger, ground nutmeg, ground mace, cumin seeds, italian seasoning, old bay seasoning, garlic powder, onion powder, chai masala, cumin powder, coriander powder, indian garam masala, poppy seeds, ground cardamom and thyme leaves, parsley flakes, chives, cinnamon powder, rosemary leaves, caraway seeds, baking powder and dill. We have sugar, salt, oil and olive oil.

In condiments we have hershey’s chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, smucker’s hot fudge, strawberry spread, grape spread, mayo, ketchup, sriracha sauce, parmesan cheese, tobasco sauce, worcestershire sauce, peanut butter, pancake syrup, horseradish mustard, grey poupon dijon mustard, Walden Farms Super Fruit Balsamic Vinegar, zesty italian dressing, creamy caeser dressing and pancake syrup. View more about Seaduction

Our arrival started poorly and overall did not improve! Spent 1st 20 minutes at gate ringing bell, calling house and calling house staff. No response. Finally came to door saying did not hear us! Went to use pool. It was being filled by a hose and too cold to be useable. Though heated pool was advertised were told could not be turned on so pool totally unusable which was the MAIN reason for renting. Went to take showers, no water pressure or hot water. Again tried calling for assistance. No response. Finally shut off hose and pressure came back. Housekeeper showed up about hour later without answering our calls and to put it mildly, was not very nice! Generally found 4 of 7 lounge chairs were broken. At least one umbrella broken and unusable (though house person said would be back with replacement that day, still broken when left). Cabinet with pans off hinges, could not get oven or broiler to work, ac in basement room broken so very musty, basement bedroom had dehumidifier that emptied into bucket in room? Bedroom by pool had only closet with few hangers, no bureau or even luggage racks. Not so much as a piece of paper describing area, restaurants, groceries, how to get around to be found in the house. Car is definitely needed. When inquiry made to house person about taxi, response was didn’t you get the number from airport taxi and that was the end of that. Ended up incurring cost of staying elsewhere to obtain use of pool amenities. Definitely would not recommend this house!

My extended family stayed at Seaduction 5 DEC 2017 for my Birthday. Many in our family have December Birthdays so we usually go to Nassau for someone’s B-day during the month. The house is huge with plenty of room for all of us. We had 35+ guests at the party with room to spare. Shenique is the owner’s Home Manager and was extremely helpful and gracious. The oceanside location made for an excellent backdrop for all of our local guests that shared in the festivities. We asked that the pool heater be turned up to 92 degrees as we are Floridians who can’t take cold swimming pools. The pool never made it to 92. 89/90 was all it made it to. Sonal told me she normally heats the pool to 82, which is about what the ocean temperature was while we were there (we used our wetsuits in the ocean). Overall Seaduction is a large well kept property that comfortably fit our needs. There is an empty lot across the street from the house that has plenty of parking for guests. The air-conditioning worked very well in all the rooms. The large shower in the master was very nice. The kitchen is a perfect size for many cooks to operate at once. The oversize deck provided plenty of room for guests to enjoy the full moon and pleasant evening air. I strongly encourage anyone with a large family or planning a large party on Nassau to think of Seaduction as the location.