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It is well-established fact that nervous system of the human body communicates with the help of electric impulses, thus producing electro-magnetic field around the part of the body. electricity edison Muscles also produce electrical potential. Activities of human body are primarily controlled by the electrical and chemical reactions inside the body. Any movement of charge, howsoever small, will produce electrical field around the direction of movement. Again any surrounding magnetic field will, thus have an effect on the electrical activities of parts of human body. Thus, the entire Human body is the net result of these tiny magnetic fields distributed within the human body, which is equivalent to a magnet matching the size of a human body. The heaviest and important part of the body (i.e. ‘Head’) behave as North Pole because ‘Head’ is the most powerful source of electric and magnetic fields in the organism and also that in the eye the magnetic field induction, is significantly higher than other parts of the body. Bedrooms should therefore, be designed keeping this in mind.

1. If we observe anything in the Universe, we always see some shapes. In Nature, fruits and leaves have different shapes. However, did we ever question ourselves that how they are attributed? It is a miracle of Nature. electricity off Even all the rocks and minerals also have shape and crystalline structures. Scientists call that as Crystallography. So is that all animate and inanimate objects do possess some type of structure or ‘Shape’. For any object, we could see the outer structure, but inherently they are also related to internal atomic structure. In Humans too, there is a hidden structure, we call it D.N.A. Our ancients also represented it as 3.5 times coiled snakes and the same is being used in the Medical Symbol. In inanimate object too, the atoms are geometrically connected within it representing their own shapes. Above all, there is a force between them and they are inseparable by normal means with their inter-atomic force or bondage. The secret is that ‘Outer Shape’ has a relation with the ‘Inner Shape’ .

Some studies were made on colors, related to planets, ‘nava-ratnas’,’ nava-dhanyas’, ‘nava-moolikas’ (Herbs) and the human character related with diseases for understanding the provisions gifted by Nature to us for better survival. So also, houses, offices, places of worshipping bear different structures and they shall have different energy fields. electricity examples Based on that structure, location, environment the fruits of prosperity also vary depending on individual frequency levels. Further, the energy relations are based on longitude and latitude linear with gravity at that place, and on environmental position like. Sea shore, lakes, mountains, rivers, drains, meat processing units, burial grounds etc. also play (natural energy) influences on the building, constructed close to them due to the ‘Aura field’. Our ancients have paid much attention on directions with respect to their structures and over all energy levels. These unseen energies have been identified during recent years, as science leaped with further advancement.

Vastu Shastra (‘Vastu’- physical environment and ‘Shastra’- knowledge) is one of the traditional Hindu canons of town planning and architecture. These canons are codified in texts such as ‘Manasara Silpa Shastra’ (by Manasara), ‘Mayamatam’ (by Maya), ‘Viswakarma Vastu Shastra’ (by Viswakarma), ‘Samarangana Sutradara’ (by Raja Bhoja), ‘Aparajita Praccha’ (by Viswakarma’s son Aparajita) and ‘Shilpa Ratna’. gas smoker ribs Other treatises such as ‘Agni Purana’ and works by Kautilya and Sukracharya are not popular even though they preceded the previously mentioned documents. Distinction of style exists due to each documents place of origin. ‘Mayamata’ and ‘Mansara Shilpa Shastra’ are considered Dravidian because they are from South India whereas ‘Viswaskarama Vastu Shastra’ is considered Aryan due to its North Indian origin. Vastu Shastra deals with various aspects of designing and building living environments that are in harmony with the physical and metaphysical forces/energies of the Cosmos such as the gravitational, electro-magnetic and supernatural. Building practices based on limited interpretations of these principles are still sustained in specific areas of India.

Since the Earth spins from West to East and the North Pole is inclined by 23.5°, the actual North point of the Earth is situated at North-East and South point at South-West. The Cosmic Energy coming from North-East provides positive energy to the structures whereas South-West gives rise to negative energy. Hence, efforts must be made to conserve the positive energy coming from North-East and also to arrest the flow of negative energy arising from the South-West. Thus, by keeping the potential high at North-East and low in the South-West, we can ensure uninterrupted strong flow of positive energy in each and every nook and corner of the structures. This can be accomplished by keeping maximum open spaces and doors in North and East of the plot and the least in the South and West. To keep the level of positive energy high, the height of the building will have to be kept low in the North-East, East and North side as compared to the South-West, South and West Side. This stems the inward flow of negative energy.

It is already scientifically proved that Earth is gridded with electromagnetic Earth currents from the Earth called telluric lines. These electromagnetic energy lines have a wave pattern and flow in a form of grids. There are different kinds of electromagnetic Earth currents. The first is Hartmann Grid, which is named after Dr. Ernst Hartmann, who discovered it. electricity laws in pakistan These grids or lines run north to south as well as east to west, forming a checkerboard pattern with a 12 foot square grid and lines about four inches wide. At full moon, they may be wider. The distance between the lines may vary in different areas. This far north of the equator, the lines of the Hartmann grid are only 12 feet apart, which means they are not very far apart, and some will be found underneath your home. Closer to the equator, they are about 17 feet apart, and they are wider and much less intense. These lines are actually rays projecting straight up from the ground, and it does not matter whether you are on the first floor or the fortieth floor because these lines can be 50 km upward to the sky. In addition, we cannot found how deep the lines go. Their depth would depend on how much crystal there is in the rock.

Protection is very important factors in Vastu/Fengshui of a location. Creating a row of plants/trees. Constructing a fence and 3′ feet height wall. Reflectors send the destructive effect back to the harmful object. (Small objects with small mirror, large mirror to reflect a large structure.) Absorbers are design to absorb destructive object and prevent it from spreading (Ex:-A sand pit can be positioned to counter the effect of an antenna that is pointing down form a hill top). Deflectors are designed to redirect the path of destructive energy away from the building such as mirrors (Be careful while placing deflectors it can send destructive energy to Neighboring house and harm the occupants). electricity was invented Bouncers are designed to bounce the effect of harmful structures away from the building. (A bouncer includes – coil springs, a baseball bat or boxing gloves pictures of these objects). Blockers are designed to stop an incoming destructive effect and prevent it from entering Windows with permanent shutters are the most common kind of blocker.