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A protester wearing a yellow vest, the symbol of a French drivers’ protest against higher diesel fuel prices, holds a flag near burning debris near the A2 Paris-Brussels Motorway, in Fontaine-Notre-Dame, France, on Dec. 4, 2018. (Pascal Rossignol/Reuters) In his attempts to satisfy liberal progressives and conservatives on the politics of petroleum and pipelines, our prime minister has swallowed both the red pill and the blue pill. Canada is not The Matrix .

Trudeau and his cabinet have been preoccupied with their global vision of how things ought to be at the expense of how things are in the country. a level physics electricity equations Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, along with her Saskatchewan counterpart Scott Moe, had to practically beg the prime minister to give the energy crisis pride of place on Friday’s first ministers conference agenda.

Half a century on, Paris is burning and barricaded again and the city’s cobble stones are being prised up to be hurled at police once more, but Cohn-Bendit sees little comparison with the clashes of 50 years ago. He views the gilets jaunes not as revolutionaries but as a movement veering dangerously into authoritarianism. gas house In an interview with the Observer , Cohn-Bendit, now a friend and adviser to President Emmanuel Macron, said: “This movement is very different to May 68. Back then, we wanted to get rid of a general (Charles de Gaulle); today these people want to put a general in power,” he said, referring to calls by certain gilets jaunes for the former chief of defence staff General Pierre de Villiers, who resigned after falling out with Macron in July 2017 , to be made prime minister.

“A Pandora’s box has opened out of which has come the deep bitterness of part of France. electricity calculator People say, ‘you’ve given gifts to the rich and gifts to businesses but what happens to those living on pensions of €1,200 a month? You’ve given things to those who already have money and nothing to us.’ The government has not succeeded in countering this. electricity and magnetism worksheets 8th grade Now it’s urgent, there’s a convergence of demands, the cover has come off the box and exploded.”

Although he admitted that torching cars and street violence were “very France”, he said there was something “dangerous… and frightening” about the current waves of violence. “There have been many great revolts by the working class in French history. And there’s the mythology of the French Revolution. It’s part of the genetic culture. But we are witnessing the kind of extreme violence never seen before,” he said.

“For [students] to be burning their high schools, for protesters to be trying to set fire to buildings with people inside them… this is terrible. We see that there are some in the gilets jaunes movement who can be very violent, some like football hooligans, and some who are disaffected youths from the banlieues [suburbs]. gas nozzle keeps stopping It’s an explosive mix.”

Cohn-Bendit said the French government needed a “complete reset” including a “tax revolution” to make contributions fairer. “Macron says he doesn’t want to unpick what he has done over the last 18 months, but what is he going to knit for the others? To the gilets jaunes I say, if the movement becomes more violent, all that will happen is more capitalism, not less. There comes a moment when violence becomes counter-productive. I realise it’s not all the gilets jaunes, but when we see Macron’s car being banged on and spat at, when we see written on the Arc de Triomphe ‘fuck your old woman, not us’ in this age of #MeToo, we need to stop and think: is this what we want? Just because it’s a social movement doesn’t mean anything is allowed.”