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Source :- Long objected to by Pakistan, the Rs 5,750-crore Kishanganga Hydro Electric Project is finally set to be inaugurated by PM Modi next month. The Indian Express traces the long road to this strategic project a few hundred metres from the Line of Control.

It is about as far from his Jharkhand home as Sanjay Kumar, 42, could have imagined. And it could not be more different from the 45-48 degrees C summers in Rajasthan where he worked earlier. When Kumar arrived in the freezing cold of Gurez in November 2009, snow covered his work site — a river below and the rock face of a mountain above. Within days, there was fresh snowfall, and temperatures plummeted to -23 degrees C.

There were about 100-120 of them at the site, and living arrangements, inside containers, were basic. A few hundred metres away, at the Army camp, the artillery guns with their barrels, all pointing in one direction, left no one in doubt about where they were: a few hundred metres from the Line of Control.

Nine years later, and after as many twists and bends as in the Kishanganga, a tributary of the Jhelum river on which it stands, that dam has now been built. It is the first in a chain of several components, spread from Gurez to Bandipora in Jammu & Kashmir, that together make the Rs 5,750 crore Kishanganga Hydro Electric Project (KHEP).

The three unit-330 MW power project, work on which began under UPA-I, was commissioned by the NHPC in March. But the power generation has been stopped for now as workers race to give the finishing touches, which includes plugging leaks in the tunnel detected during the commissioning, in time for a May inauguration by PM Narendra Modi.

The project will produce 1,713 units of electricity annually — in power generation terms, small change. But that is hardly the main point of KHEP, that has been a bone of contention between India and Pakistan since its announcement more than a decade ago — it was stalled once by an international court of arbitration, and ran into a shelling scare in 2016. Pakistan continues to object to it.

Besides being a showpiece feat of engineering in the Himalayan heights, and a successful “inter-basin” transfer of water from the Gurez Valley to the Kashmir Valley, KHEP is an assertion by India over the territory of J&K and over its resources. And from top to bottom, everyone understands that the “power” from the project means more than electricity, and expresses it in their own way.

“More than its commercial value, this is a project of great strategic value. It is an assertion of India’s rights under the Indus Waters Treaty,” says Amresh Kumar, the project General Manager, NHPC, referring to the 1960 river water sharing pact with Pakistan. He said the Army had “constantly been with us to boost the morale and security of workers”.

In November 2016, when there was heavy shelling from the Pakistani side, some 18 shells fell on either side of the dam site, Sanjay Kumar recalls. “All of us ran into the tunnel, villagers also took shelter there,” Kumar says. That was the only time, he adds, that he experienced this hazard of working at the LoC.

But even more challenging than the weather was transporting the state-of-the- art Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) up to Bandipora. Its parts were transported in 160 containers. “The biggest issue we faced was to bring the cutter from the Jammu side through the Jawahar Tunnel because of its height. We had to deflate the truck tyres to get a few more inches at the top,” says Benny.

Working like a giant earthworm, the Italian TBM burrowed 14.5 km of tunnel through rock towards Gurez from Bandipora, even as it fixed concrete segments on the walls. From the Gurez end, the traditional drill blast method was used to bore 9 km of the tunnel. Starting May 2011,

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