Long range magmount antenna for garmin alpha and astro. $49.95. gas out


Today we’re going to talk about car top antennas with the Garmin Astro and the Garmin Alpha. Range is a big deal with these particular products. A lot of guys, they are either working out of a vehicle, or if they get dogs that are lost they are going to their vehicle to find them.

A lot of guys that are dealing with hounds that run big, they’re traveling in vehicles. They’re tracking their dogs from vehicles. And the antenna that comes with the unit, it’s just not going to give you as much range. Bigger antenna typically is going to give you more range.

That’s where the MagMount antennas come in. I have gotten my best range using this particular one. This is an aftermarket one. Garmin makes one, but I like this one. It’s a slightly larger antenna. The best I’ve ever gotten out of this is about six miles. So a lot of it depends on where you are. It’s hard to say, "Well, this is what you get." So much of it depends on the situation.

But I will tell you this. You are going to get more range if you have a MagMount antenna. Personally, even when I don’t use one that often, I still keep it in the truck with me. It’s a really good backup, makes me feel if I get a dog that gets really far out and stretches away from me, this is what I need to find him.

Hooking it up is pretty simple. You remove your regular standard antenna and you attach it right here. Works out of your car. This is a magnet. Attaches to the top of your vehicle. Makes it real secure. And it will drastically increase your range on tracking your dogs.

So I highly recommend them to folks. This is an Alpha, but the connection on an Astro is identical. Same thing there. Just unscrew it and hook up to the antenna. When you get ready to get out of your car and you want to track him, you just unscrew it, hook up your handheld antenna back to it and you are ready to go.

I highly recommend them. It’s an added feature that will allow you to find dogs at extreme distances. I wouldn’t hunt without one. It’s a pretty inexpensive way to increase your ability to find that dog when he’s a long way from you. So I highly recommend them.

Best part of my research was reading the reviews on this Buzzard’s Roost Long Range MagMount antenna at gundogsupply.com. My favorite review was the guy who said he remembered one that was all black and one that was black and chrome and the all-black one worked better. He then wrote that he wished he could remember brand names. Me too pardner! The Buzzard’s Roost antenna (black+chrome) that I got from gundogsupply.com has definitely improved reception of signals transmitted from dog collars to Astro unit. My second favorite review was the guy who said ‘No improvement . . . but we use it in heavily wooded country’. I expected the same result in our hunt country, with its thick woods, steep hills, impassable bamboo and kudzu and deep creek beds. In spite of our adverse topography, this antenna has doubled effective range from 200-400 yards to 900 yards or more. Only gave it four stars because only used it four times, but each time it worked perfectly, not like the inferior antennae Garmin sells us.