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After the Emperor’s death at the hands of Luke Skywalker, one of his Dark Side minions (Executor Sedriss) carries out Palpatine’s final orders (Operation Shadow Hand) starting with attacking a war droid manufacturing world turning to the rebellion.

Right off the bat, looking at the giant "crawl" of backstory on the first page, I had a bad feeling about this. If you don’t know the events of "Dark Empire" it might be a bit daunting to come into part 2 with just that first page mini info dump to guide you in.

Once you start reading, the story is actually pretty simple and straightforward. It’s divided into 4 narrative threads: An Imperial officer following the last commands of his Emperor. Luke and his Jedi friend setting out to find some ancient Jedi swag. . .Han and Leia setting out to find an old woman for, reasons? And Lando going on a Trojan horse mission to infiltrate and attack the Imperial headquarters.

The art is a mixed bag for me. Kennedy is one of those unique "love it or hate it" artists. His depiction of vehicles and technology is masterful and deeply detailed. On the other hand, he has a real problem with faces, and really people in general. None of the characters bear even the slightest resemblance to their movie counterparts. Princess Leia suffers the worst. You can barely even tell she’s female. And for some reason, Han Solo has light hair. The Deus Ex Resurrecta Clone Emperor at the end looks like Count Dracula. . .

The panels are rendered in a strange, almost monochromatic way, with each of them being mostly in one unnatural color. . .red, green, blue, purple. There isn’t a single panel that is colored in a "normal" way. It’s like the whole thing is an odd exercise in experimental art.

They quickly discover that what seems like every bounty hunter in the galaxy, including the infamous Boba Fett, is on their trail for a huge reward put on their heads by the Empire and the heroes end up having to fight for their lives, barely escaping the planet with Vim-Da-Boda.

This Han Solo/ Princess Leia-centric issue is mostly action as the heroes fight, run, and fly for their lives from bounty hunters and the Empire during what seems to be an ill-advised trip to the most obvious (to everyone but the heroes) place for a smuggler to visit.

If the first issue was a bit shaky, this one is even more so. Boba Fett seems to be written out of character, with thuggish dialogue, everyone JUST happens to be in the right place to cause problems for Solo and company, and. . .for God’s sake, why are they even there? All that and Inna-Da-Vida-Boda has to be the worst-named macguffin since. . .I can’t even think of a since.

The art remains a strange mixture of great and awful. Ships, droids, and anything technological is rendered in stunning detail. Anything biological looks half-assed and strange. And once again, Princess Leia suffers the most. In this issue she’s wearing a trucker cap for some reason. Then there’s that strange monochrome coloring where each panel is shaded with a different, unnatural color. It’s just weird.

Overall, this issue is okay for what it is. . .all action and Boba Fett fan service. It could have very easily been a one-shot issue and been fine. It’s pretty much a self-contained story, and as such, it feels a bit out of place and unnecessary to the mini-series it’s a part of.

Lando Calrissian and Wedge Antilles set into motion their plan to attack Imperial Headquarters with giant, deadly war droids while above the planet, The Emperor inspects his newest super-weapon. . .a huge space gun that fires intelligent hyperspace projectiles.

Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Chewbacca run for their lives from their ill-advised trip to Nar Shaddaa. The Millenium Falcon is heavily damaged by Boba Fett and they take shelter in a huge gas cloud, where they discover a hidden planet with steam-powered spaceships ruled by a paraplegic Jedi Knight. . .

That’s not to say it’s ALL bad. There’s some pretty good scenes on Byss (which I guess is this continuity’s Imperial Headquarters instead of Coruscant) during Lando and Wedge’s "Trojan Horse" invasion. The art and writing manage to come together and make those scenes, as well as Han and Leia’s escape from Nar Shaddaa pretty exciting.

But steam powered spaceship? And then there’s the Emperor looking like Count Dracula just "making" a couple of Imperial Officers into Dark Jedi on the spot. If it’s so easy just throwing the Force on someone, then why is Luke searching for Jedi. Can’t he just make a few?

And THEN there’s a scene where some chubby dude in a trucker cap declares he can sense the force on the paraplegic guy who rules the steampunk space people. . .and then I realized that it’s SUPPOSED to be Princess Leia speaking. Seriously. . .this artist has severe problems drawing women.