Longview power proposes a new natural gas plant plus 50 mw of solar generation electricity vocabulary


“This will be smaller, but more efficient in a lot of ways because of the type of equipment that’s used,” Keffer said of the gas-powered turbines at the heart of the plant. “We’ll be using the latest types of these so that we’ll have high efficiency. Again, the same idea that went into Longview — the latest equipment, most advanced technology gas in back symptoms and a fuel that’s abundant and easily available.”

“The solar takes about 350 acres and produces 50 megawatts, and that’s if the sun is shining gas efficient cars 2016. The gas plant takes 26 acres and produces 1,200 megawatts. That gives you a sense, you know, when people say we’re going to all renewables, I’m not sure where that’s all going to take place,” Keffer said, noting the solar arrays have an estimated cost of $70 million.

“Using the infrastructure we already have here reduces our upfront cost. Where we can also economize is just in the number of jobs,” Keffer said. “Typically a plant like this would create maybe 50 jobs, permanently. We would be able to utilize our resources already here in terms of maintenance people, our accounting people and that sort of thing.”

We participated in the Public Hearing on the PILOT Agreement held in ca. 2003 here in the gas 78 Court House. We asked representatives of Longview if they would put into writing their promise to use WV coal, their promise to refrain from consuming water from the Mon River for cooling water, and their promise to be a “Zero Discharge” facility. We learned basic electricity quizlet early on that all three of these promises were broken.

Longview, from the beginning has not been a “Zero Discharge” facility. Their stacks emit large volumes of flue gases containing thousands of tons of carbon dioxide and many other chemicals in lesser quantities. The fly ash and bottom ash are waste discharges from the plant and go into the local environment. Their liquid waste pipeline flows north into Pennsylvania and down into abandoned mine operations, contaminating the water underground.

At the present time, the 300 (plus) heavy diesel trucks electricity kwh to unit converter per day transport Pennsylvania coal from a Mon River dock up and over a steep unstable county road, thru the Ft. Martin community, up to the Longview Power plant. This road is the subject of severe damages due to the high level of truck traffic and the dangerous condition for auto drivers. Alternatively, the shorter and relatively flat road from the Cumberland Mine would bring this coal directly south electricity merit badge worksheet from Pennsylvania to the power plant.

Longview is now proposing to construct a natural-gas-fired power plant in Ft. Martin, and add a solar panel farm nearby. The existing PILOT Agreement now in force represents a public agreement arrived at thru a process of limited public participation. Any modification to this agreement gas cap light or adoption of any new agreements needs to be developed with the maximum of openness and public participation. A potential tax statement exclusive of a PILOT is a prerequisite.

​The West Virginia Chapter of Sierra Club supports efforts by the City of Morgantown to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, and hopes that the Monongalia County Commission will do likewise. That is why the electricity load shedding proposal for a natural gas-fired power plant by Longview is so disturbing. This one plant would likely undo all the progress that has been made, and dwarf any future actions that Monongalia County could take, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

2) Economic value estimates of a fossil fuel power plant must consider EPA’s Social Cost of Carbon (currently estimated at $30-50 per ton). ​EPA’s Social Cost of Carbon represents the true cost of emitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. While its use is not mandatory at this time for private projects such as Longview, it nevertheless is the best estimate of the true electricity storage association environmental cost of greenhouse gas emissions. Failure to include a cost of carbon means that we assume the cost of greenhouse gas emission sis zero, which is the one number everyone acknowledges is wrong.

We believe that proposals that are not economic with the above conditions la gas prices now are unlikely to survive under the emerging carbon-constrained economy, and Mon County should not support them. We must recognize that investments in new fossil fuel facilities impose a real cost to future generations, and compete directly for investment dollars in more sustainable energy development.