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Hi, LordDraekai here! I’ve only recently came into the fanfiction universe actively, though I’ve popped in a few times in the past. I’ve written a couple of stories before but never really published anything. This will be my first time actually writing for an audience so feedback is welcome! 😀

Happy New Year everyone! 😀 You might be happy to know that I have chapter 29 almost ready, there’s only the editing left. Only thing that might slow it down is I actually have to do out the next chapter first before I trust myself to post it, so you guys could probably look forward to another update right after chapter 29. One thing I would like to check though, (I have bad memory) have I ever said anywhere that I will never put OCs at all?

A little bad news unfortunately. I had always decided to myself to keep private life and online life separate as best as I can and any problems I might have should be solved by myself. But I don’t seem to be able to pull this one off alone anymore. A few important individuals in my life have not been supportive of my writing for a rather long time and though it has been tolerated for now, it seems they have had it. Unless I can prove that my writing is "more than just a freebie and a waste of time", they might stop me from writing completely. I hate to ask this of any of you but any help is appreciated. You can help at my account https:// www. pat reon. com/ draekai

Alright, you guys convinced me enough (you know who you are). G8 arc will happen… Eventually 🙂 I’ll also be on the look out for nice filler arcs, so if you guys have any good ones to recommend, tell me the arcs and episodes and I’ll give them a look to see if I want to put them in. 😛

Hmmm… Looking at the recent reviews, I can only assure that I had the entire arc planned out already. While I cannot be completely sure that the reasons I give for each person’s actions might satisfy everyone, I am in no way forcing this arc to happen just because it’s in canon. Likewise with how I let the Straw Hats curbstomp the Foxy pirates and not take part in the Davy Back fight because they were Marines this time, I do have reasons why the Enies Lobby arc is happening here as well.

Before I even started writing this story, I had already planned it from beginning to end. I can reveal the entire story plan right now but I guess most of us do not want that. Even if you do, I have no desire to reveal it anyway so don’t ask (Unless you are one of the current two who have the right to this of course :D). I have even thought far enough ahead that in the event that I am to meet with any unfortunate circumstance that prevents me from writing anymore, a trusted friend of mine would post my entire story plan as a final update so that there is at least a closure of some sort, or if anyone wants to take it up from where I stopped is free to do so.

One thing some might have noticed is that I like to hide stuff here and there, like hints about future plans I have for the story. One such was Enies Lobby as you might have seen. Joining together the titles for chapters 14, 34, 18, 25, 32, 28, 29 and 33 will get you the ‘prophecy’ that was written at the top of chapter 34. And if you get some of the shocking puns around the story (pun intended)(haha double pun :D), I think you might have guessed it pointed towards Luffy obtaining the Lightning fruit.

I’ve never really been big with the mystery genre so I’m not sure how hidden or obvious my hints actually are 😛 So I’m curious about what else you guys might have spotted and your guesses for the future? Of course, I won’t give my entire story out but I’ll be open to any PMs to talk about your theories 🙂