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Lorelei is a villainess in the Pokémon Adventures manga. She is one of the Elite Four and, along with Bruno, Agatha, and Lance, tried to take over the world and kill all humans who weren’t nice to Pokémon. She keeps a small webcam in a cosmetics case to communicate with Agatha and has the ability to make voodoo dolls out of ice. Lorelei was recruited by Agatha when she was little and healed her Seel. Agatha found out that they both hated human’s cruelty towards Pokémon, so Lorelei joined the Elite Four.

Lorelei froze Red and Sabrina in ice, causing them severe injuries that continued to harm them for several years. She later found Yellow and Bill in Viridian Forest and attacked them with her Dewgong and Cloyster. She used their combined powers to make an " Ice Spike Cannon" to bury the two of them alive but Yellow used Pikachu to study the move from inside its Poké Ball. Yellow read Pikachu’s mind and knocked out Cloyster, making the attack useless. Lorelei then gave chase to her and Bill and, once they jumped into a river, Lorelei froze it over. Lorelei then started asking questions about Yellow’s power and if she could read Pika’s past thoughts. Before these questions were answered, Yellow had Ratty use Hyper Fang through the iceberg and free them. When Lorelei was about to send out her Pokémon once again, Green deflected her Poké Ball and Yellow and Bill got away. Lorelei then contacted Agatha with her cosmetics case about Yellow’s ability and proclaims that if Yellow’s power grows she will be able to read the past memories of Pika and learn the details of Red and Bruno’s battle. She then delegated Yellow as the new target of the Elite Four.

Green and Sabrina battle Lorelei on Cerise Island. Lorelei used her voodoo dolls to chain Green and Sabrina together and eventually freeze them, just as she had done to Red. The lack of teamwork between Green and Sabrina got Green knocked out (Green was being targeted since she was the one who had humiliated Lorelei in her battle with Yellow). After a while Green woke up and was able to save herself and Sabrina with Blasty before they fell off a cliff. She had her Clefable use Minimize to steal the dolls from Lorelei, having Blasty break the two dolls and inadvertently severing Green’s arm in the process. It was then revealed that the whole time her arm was actually Ditty and that getting her arm "cut off" was part of her plan and had Ditty tie her up. Sabrina suffered from lasting injuries caused by Lorelei’s ice cuffs. As a result, she and Red were forced to deal with painful wounds for a very long time (since Green’s arm that was in the cuffs was Ditty, she did not suffer the same injuries).

Lorelei vanished for several years, and only recently made another appearance when she saved Red and Blue from Team Rocket’s The Three Beasts. Lorelei decided to ally herself with Red and Blue because Team Rocket invaded her home Four Island of the Sevii Islands.

Lorelei debuts in To the Pokémon League!! as the first Elite Four member who is challenged by Red. She is first seen welcoming Red to the Pokémon League, disguising herself as a teacher. She takes Red to her school and introduces him to her Pokémon. In the school, she gives him and his Pokémon some math assignments and shows them to some plants. After Pikachu managed to get a perfect score on a math assignment, she shows them to the plants and tricks Clefairy by holding a giant magnifying glass by the sun and using the rays to burn Clefairy, with Slowbro shooting water to cool him off. Then, Lorelei decides to serve everyone food. She pulled another trick on Clefairy by hiding her Cloyster in Clefairy’s bowl, making him accidentally eat Cloyster. During the physical education class where the Pokémon had to jump over a beam, her Jynx managed to perform it very well and switched the bouncer to make it where Clefairy landed on it. This is where Lorelei revealed herself to be the first member of the Elite Four.

Lorelei had her Pokémon attack Clefairy and Pikachu. However, her Jynx ran off after she failed to immobilize Clefairy and her Lapras and Dewgong were zapped by Pikachu. After the battle, Lorelei and Red shook hands, congratulating Red for a job well done.

Slowbro was first seen along with Lorelei’s other Pokémon when she welcomed Red and her Pokémon to her school. When Clefairy was on fire from the sun rays coming from the giant magnifying glass, it shot water at Clefairy, cooling him off. After revealing herself, she wanted her Slowbro to attack Pikachu and Clefairy but stood there, much to her ire.