Loss of taste and smell after bronchitis ear, nose and throat disorder gas after eating dairy


I had a severe cold which started on December 18, 2009 which included nasal congestion and a sore throat. After 12 days of the sore throat I received antibiotics and it cleared within 24 hours. At the onset of the cold I could detect a strange smell every time I used my netti pot (used for saline nasal irrigation). What was odd was that I detected the smell while the saline solution was traveling through my sinuses – no air was being passed, just the saline solution. Before this electricity for beginners time I have never experienced any smell while using the nasal wash.

I too cannot smell anything other than this phantom odor. I am scheduled for a CT scan tomorrow but I suspect that nothing will be found. After looking at all the material I could find I believe there are two possibilities. First, I think that there may be a virus or bacteria which is causing the problem. My nasal discharge has been greater than normal and is still slight discoloration even though all grade 6 electricity other symptoms of the cold have resolved. Second, I think that the cold I experienced in December may have caused nerve damage to my sinuses. If it’s nerve damage I don’t suspect that my sense of smell will ever return.

Hi, I had a bad cold and bronchitis on may 6 2010, went to the doc and he gave me a z pac with a refill that I had to use also. Got rid of the infection but no smell or taste since then. It was like it happened over night, the 5th I could smell and taste till I got the crap on the electricity transformer near house 6th. It’s now the 20th of July and still about the same. Sometimes I can smell a little and taste some if it’s strong enough but that’s it. Can smell gas a little but not like I should be able to, have a strange smell like menthol hard to explain. Have used saline but that didn’t do anything I could tell. Guess I’ll wait longer and see if it returns, no fun that’s for sure! If anyone finds a cure would sure like to read it! Oh yeah, On June the 9th I even quit smoking and thought that might help but no change, just thought I’d try that even though I couldn’t smell gas number or taste from May 6th on, so it really didn’t have anything to do with smoking. It is nice to not smoke now and have noticed allot of things that have changed since I quit but not smell or taste, which smoking is supposed to make smelling and taste gas dryer vs electric dryer hookups worse, I did this with the e cig.

I’ve had this a couple of times before, but not quite as severe as this. It may sound strange but the only thing that’s different between now and the times before when I’ve had this loss of sensations, is that I was working out intensely before, during and after getting over these infections. The first time (which I recall in painful detail because I also had the flu) I was running track and field. I had the flu (full blown plus laryngitis, bronchitis and sinusitis) for a month, but I worked out for probably two weeks of that time (and it was the full-blown flu, 1st and only time I’ve had it, and I completely electricity outage understand why people die from thisW). It took about a month (after a month of flu) for me to recover my sense of smell and taste, and it was a scary time thinking that it might never come back.

This may sound really gross, but swimming is like a giant chlorine-filled neti pot, and when you do flip turns for hours on end you’re actually getting the same effect as if you rinsed out your nose with a neti pot (unless you use nose clips). This might make you think twice before getting in a public pool again, but I am probably going to hit the pool this week and see if it helps me get my taste and smell senses back. It also took less time for me to recover those electricity bill nye senses when I was swimming than when I wasn’t.