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RH: Some people feel like they have to go out to L.A. to “make it in the industry,” but you really don’t have to go out there. gas usa We were able to build up a decent name for ourselves just on the internet. Once things started picking up finally, we were like, "All right, there’s a lot of opportunities for us in L.A., we should go out there and pursue those opps." Then it made sense. Some people have this almost twisted perspective of "I need to go to L.A. to make it," but you can build an amazing following from anywhere in the world. When the time’s right and you’re ready to take that next step, there’s a lot of great things happening in L.A.

RH: The song that we did with Elohim called “LOVE,” we made that probably a month before the EP even came out. We added it on last second, ’cause we were like, “Whoa, this song we just did with El is amazing, we need to put this out.” The whole concept for Kids at Play really came together naturally. Before starting, we didn’t set out like, “It’s going to be called this, and it’s going to have this theme.” It kind of just fell into place where the song “Interstellar” is treading through this little playground, creating the kids playing on the playground sample. gas x dosage chewable Then we made “Space Jam” a week later, and decided to throw that sample on the end, too.

RH: Just that you can achieve these crazy goals. Every one of your idols, any person who’s reached these high points of “success,” started off as just a normal person with a dream wanting to accomplish something. We just started off as two kids who wanted to make music for fun. We kept working at it and kept trying to push it, and it’s led to us accomplishing some crazy things. Everyone out there is just a normal person with a dream or a goal. If you want to go out and do something, go do it. Make it happen.

FK: Social media has been the most important thing for our career, whether that was SoundCloud, Instagram or Facebook. Then finding ways to link them all together so that you’re plugged to each of them. gas news of manipur But definitely trying to get people to follow for free downloads. “Like our Facebook page to download remixes” — that was a method we used for a long time. From when we had zero followers to probably when we had 50,000 likes on Facebook. Our manager used that method to get people more interested in what we were doing.

RH: She had this Lollapalooza ’92 shirt that I wear a bunch, that I found at this thrift shop in Japan. She had the exact same USA jacket that I also found somewhere in Japan. current electricity definition physics The two rarest things I’ve ever found, she happened to have them in her mom’s closet and wore them to the show. She reached out to a bunch of fans and had them write about their experiences with us in this book. She printed out a bunch of photos and left a bunch of awesome notes for us. static electricity vocabulary words That’s definitely the coolest thing we’ve ever got from a fan, this book of memories. This book of people’s different connections with us, and her connection with us. That’s the coolest thing ever. And to see people react to the new music. That’s the coolest thing every night, knowing that we have this project out and that people know these songs. Because some songs we’ve been playing throughout the summer, people don’t react to it because they don’t know it. But now that they all know it, everyone’s dancing around and singing all the words. Just to see that even though it’s only been out for just over a month and people know all the words to it, it’s crazy.

FK: Last year, we partnered with them for just our Chicago show to donate $1 from every ticket sold to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. origin electricity account This year, we were like, “Let’s try to kick it up a notch and donate $1 from every ticket for the entire tour.” So rather than raising $4,500 this year, we’re looking to probably raise hopefully over $50,000. It’s something we feel is very important and can help a lot of people in Chicago. It gives people food and shelter. It’s just very important for us to give back. Especially with the influence that we have, we want to use it in a positive way.