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Yesterday I sat at my computer and looked through the hundreds of pictures saved from our trips to Puerto Rico over the years. I broke down and cried. I just can’t believe this island has been so badly hurt by the recent gas house hurricanes. I dare not say this island is destroyed because I know the people are resilient and together we will rebuild this beautiful country. The situation in Puerto Rico is far worse than you think. My father has yet to speak to his sisters and though we got word they are okay, this only means they are alive. Food, drinking water, and the resources that we take for granted are gone, and aid is only slowly arriving because the island is flooded, and without electricity. Communication is almost impossible.

Donate now to help the island restore the beauty it once was, and provide the people of Puerto Rico support in this truly horrifying natural disaster. I have donated directly to United for Puerto Rico, but there are many more organizations helping to bring relief to Puerto Rico. You can find a more comprehensive list here.

First let me say, there is still hope that Pablo may turn into an Instagram husband. I literally dream of this. Lol! He took these pictures and I don’t think they’re half bad, si or no? Second, I am so happy to use some of my downtime during this holiday weekend and look gas x strips walmart back at my blog. It’s been 6 months since my last post! I stopped a little after my nanny quit and I just could not do it anymore. In fact, I was feeling resentful about all the things that were pulling my attention. So I’ve done some major rearranging in the past six months. The lesson here is that when you aren’t happy with with how things are going, you aren’t forced to accept things the way they are. Change things! Don’t get me wrong…I have been stuck plenty of times in my life where I’ve blamed everything and everyone. And there were times where patience was in order and I’ve had to buckle down and wait for the right timing. However, I am often asking myself the hard questions, and I am continuously rearranging aspects of my life to make sure that I still feel passion, joy, connection and peace. Sometimes, it’s as simple as trying a new exercise regimen and other times it’s more gas efficient cars 2015 difficult, like letting go of things or people that hold you down or waste too much of your time.

If you follow me on any social media, I’ve mentioned a few times how my nanny left from one day to the next, without a warning. It was a sad moment. I was flung into a situation where I was managing MAB full time and the home full time. For 2 years I had an awesome nanny from Tuesday through Saturday. She washed the boys clothes, kept our home neat, and would do school drop offs/pick ups. And I could focus on work, blogging and building my business during the day! IT. WAS. FREAKING. FANTASTIC. I couldn’t have done it without her (or my mom, or my husband.) It really takes a village.

I thought I was cool the other day and took Levi and Mateo to the post office with me. You know…a quick trip. Well, there was a smallish line, but I really needed to pick up a check. The boys thought it was the perfect time to make a scene. They started chasing each other around me. Laughing. Yelling. Fighting. Running into other adults. MAKING A SCENE. I must have turned beet red. I asked them to stop gas in babies home remedies. Pleaded. Separated. Nothing. Finally, I got down on one knee, looked them straight in the face and used my mad “I’m not playing” voice: “STOP IT! Right NOW!” The kind of voice that makes other adults a little uncomfortable.

But other days, like today. Where I made them a home cooked meal of chicken and rice, and Levi still said “I don’t LOVE that food, mom!” and Mateo spills half of it on the floor while he runs around like a madman. On days like today, where I sat there anyways patiently and made sure they ate every arkansas gas prices last bite (this can take an hour!). And then cleaned up the kitchen, and baked cookies for them (Pillsbury, just FYI), and bathed them, and prayed with them before bed.

Hi friends! How are things? I’ve been doing pretty good over here. You know how I know? I’ve got this new set of five pounds. Okay, yea it doesn’t look like it from these pictures, but these were taken a few months back. I know why they’re called “love handles”. They come from the love of good food, the love of good company, the love of vacation time, and the love of warmth yoga gas relief pose and cuddling on cold rainy days. This all leads to a little extra padding on the sides.

Five pounds are not the biggest deal, right? Well, here’s my secret to staying “fit” in my mid-thirties after three kids and a deep love of donuts, sweets and pizza. I have a five pound zone I’m comfortable with. As long as I’m in that window, I know the jeans will fit, the energy is there, and I’m not over-indulging in the not-so-healthy foods. This is not a “weight-loss mode”, which requires a more intense approach, and I’ve written about this here when I lost the baby weight. This five pound zone is how I manage my weight. I’m definitely at the top of the five pounds after vacation and Thanksgiving. I’m not mad about it, the carrot cake (that I single-handedly ate) was totally worth it. But it’s definitely time to tackle these love handles before all the Christmas celebrations take me over the edge! Here’s a few ways I do that:

• Hit the Gym: Make a date, or two or three with your gym buddy, your playlist and the gym! I’m a sucker for classes because working out in a group gets my competitive juices flowing! I like to work out just as hard, if not harder than anyone else in the class. Recently, I’ve been doing HIIT classes, barre, and zumba. I’ve said this a million times, but an active lifestyle gets easier and more fulfilling with time. Eventually, you will crave your gym time!

Okay, so I know that summer is basically over and it’s starting to get a bit nippy in the evenings, but I have a trip to Mexico planned in October! Yay! Sans kids. Double Yay! This means I will be keeping some of my summer staples within reach to take on that electricity cost by state trip. I haven’t been out of the country since I was a little girl! This didn’t even hit me until I had to renew my passport, which I’ve never actually used. It’s a sad situation and I feel terribly uncultured (insert frown emoji here). I vowed to Pablo that I would be visiting a new country every year from now on. So yea, there goes the kid’s college fund. Joking! There’s no college fund.

A couple notes on this outfit. These boyfriend style jeans are from Target and I wear them a few times a week if possible. I love their relaxed baggy fit and distressed style. They are perfect for running errands with kiddos or you can dress them up with heels like I did here! The kimono is a clothing piece that I will be buying more of since it’s great for layering and makes a simple jeans and tee outfit so much more interesting. Lastly, I was informed by my dear friend and stylist Adriana Castanon that my espadrille types of electricity generation methods shoes are a new, more grown up version of the converse in that it’s casual, versatile and cute! I’m going to second that because I wear them every chance I get.