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My husband and I have always wanted to go to see what was there. We started at the market, which is quite large compared to other markets I have been gas unlimited at. Very crowded! Many Mennonite stalls offered fresh baking, jams (3 fruit marmalade and orange marmalade were excellent–paid $10 for both jars, also herbed bread and cinnamon twists were delicious). Lots of outdoor vendors offered great selection of local produce and mix and match combos. As well, lots of flea market vendors and some outdoor food options. We also bought unpasteurized cinnamon honey, which I have not tried before, from an outdoor vendor, and it was excellent. The buildings are also a must, lots more vendors, meat, cheese and flea market as well as lunch opportunities, but again, lineups for some of these. We brought enough money so did not have to look for ATM and their lineups. Lots of walking so wear good shoes. We were lucky to get parking right beside, but be prepared to walk. Then we drove to the outlet mall across the street, could also park there as a market option as the walk is short. It was the typical outlet mall. I did not think prices were gas tax in ct all that special here. I would not make this trip for the outlet mall. The market is the reason! Then we headed in to St. Jacob’s village, about 2 min. away. It was an interesting drive through to look at the shops and restaurants. In the end we did not choose to park and walk as my husband was fighting a really bad cold gas in babies treatment and he had enough. Friends have told us the tourist shops are interesting but pricey. There are also a few museums to check out. It was a beautiful country drive from Hamilton and we enjoyed our day. The drive from Binbrook (Hamilton) was about 1 hr. 15 min. There was no cost to get in to the market and no parking charge. The only cost incurred was the gas to get there and the items we purchased at the market. We were strategic shoppers and items had good value.

I will start with the astrid y gaston lima reservations outdoor market which has an amazing selection of Ontario produce and fruit available for reasonable prices. This area also has a flee market area with food vedors (the fish truck has good crouquettes) and there is one row where the Mennonites sell they maple syrup and other maple products. The main building has a good selection of meats, baked goods, jams, and other food items. There is also a food court at the one end and arts and crafts upstairs. The second building has a flee market with very unique booths (I have been to other flee gas jet size chart markets were you can get duplication of products throughout the booths) and a food court with different vendors from the ones in the main building. there is also a livestock auction area and a Mennonite furniture store in the second building. I usually go just before 3 pm because you can get some great deals at the end of the day; however, if you go late I do, you run the risk of not finding what you are looking for because they often sell out of things at the end of the day.

St. Jacobs is only one hour away from the GTA if you take the 401, Highway 8, and 85 North. Parking is free. In addition to good quality groceries (good Amish summer sausage, maple syrup, jams, excellent schnitzels made from minced pork or Bavarian style, fish, fresh vegetables and fruit) that you can bring home, you can enjoy good perogies and apple fritters (there’s always a huge line for those). What I love most there is the electricity flow chart pizza – in my opinion, the best in Canada. The crust itself tastes like fresh home made bread – you could devour it on its own – but add to that , the always thick layer of cheese and the rest of the delicious toppings – heaven! The Doner Kebab is a disappointment, though; they don’t have mutton or lamb, only chicken or beef and the beef in their kebabs is, in my opinion again, a bit dry. You can go watch a livestock auction (always fun!), visit electricity and magnetism worksheets middle school the furniture gallery and the antiques store. The village nearby has quaint cafes, confectionery stores, and clothing stores where you can find good deals on beautiful small series and designer items.