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My husband and I visited the Cairngorm Reindeer Center while staying in Boat of Garten. Based gas 2016 on reviews on Trip Advisor we chose to do the Hill Trip. We arrived in plenty of time for the morning trip.We purchased our tickets,browsed in the shop and then used the restroom in the adjacent Glenmore Visitor Center before returning to our car to wait to join the caravan to the parking area for the walk to the hill. There were 3 Reindeer Handlers who led the walk to the Reindeer enclosure. They provided information about the Reindeer as well as the National Park along the way. It is about a mile walk to the Reindeer enclosure. Warm and clothes and boots are suggested as it is windy and the ground is wet in places. Once gas 85 vs 87 we reached the enclosure, the Reindeer joined us on the board walk. This is a great opportunity for photos. After reviewing safety information, the Reindeer handlers provided food to any who wanted to feed the Reindeer. We were able to feed, pet and photograph for as long as we liked. The handlers answered all questions. It was a fun and educational experience. Based on what I had electricity electricity song read I thought I would enjoy the Hill Trip, My husband liked it much more than he thought he would. More Show less

Many thanks for your review, and I’m very sorry you didn’t enjoy your visit to the reindeer. We don’t hide the fact that the Hill Trip to meet and feed the reindeer herd up on the mountains is what we are all about, and that the pictures electricity pylons Paddock option is more for anyone who has electricity in costa rica for travelers missed the Hill Trip or who physically can’t manage the walk up the hill. While we do our best with the Paddock area in order not to exclude any visitors, there can be no substitute for seeing the reindeer in their natural environment in the mountains. The differences between Hill and Paddocks are clearly explained in our leaflet, on our website and on the info board outside the entrance to our shop. We find that on average visitors who only go to the Paddocks and Exhibition spend 30-40 mins there, but frequently up to an hour and half or more electricity test physics. We feel that £3.50 per adult is a suitable charge for this – barely more than the price of a cup of coffee – and if you were in there for a much shorter length of time then I presume that the vast wealth of information on the display boards, plus the two DVDs running which together total ag gaston birmingham 120 well over an hour, was of no interest to you. If so then this is clearly a matter of your own personal choice and it seems a shame to reflect that poorly upon us. While we are too small a business to have a staff member on hand in the Paddocks at all times, we often do have a staff member out there, and if not then there is always one of us in our shop available to answer any questions about the reindeer you might have. We also provide free quizzes for children which usually take at least 20 minutes to complete. The nature of reindeer is that they tend to conserve as much energy as possible, and as such don’t ‘do’ much most of the time other than potter electricity storage cost per kwh about, graze and rest – they’re not circus animals. They would be doing much the same whether they were up on the hills or in the Paddocks electricity jeopardy powerpoint, the only difference in their behaviour being that we offer hand-feeding on the Hill trip, something we can’t do in the Paddocks as ad-lib feed would make them fat. If you ever find yourself in the area again, I do hope you’ll be able to join us on the Hill Trip.