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Went to Tasmania with a 21’6 caravan boat on top of car. Arrived wharf 4.45 pm straight to inspection of setup. No problem handed in loose gas bottle. Thought this is easy – how wrong I was! Waited in queue until 7.10 pm before they got around to loading caravans last of all- I guess we only paid $1,800 for the trip and didn’t count much. lots of people looking busy working but no one telling us anything. Casual hand signals finally directed us in and stopped inside and left there not knowing wether we were finished or where we were or how gaslighting the hell we were to get out of the deck. One guy finally said you’re finished go up through the blue door. Felt like we were a nuisance. eventually on top and into what looked like Saturday nite booze grade 9 electricity unit test answers up at the local RSL. Everyone else had loaded hours earlier and it was a waste of time trying to get any food. Finally found tiny cabin didn’t sleep much. Unloading devonport with little problems – glad to get off. If you arrived wharf 6.30pm you would still load same time so don’t be early.

Was extremely disappointed by the lack of communication and assistance from on board staff regarding travelling with pets. First time I have travelled with Spirit of Tasmania and with two large dogs. I called the Spirit of Tasmania terminal (Melbourne end) twice to obtain information prior to departure. We were told that the on board staff would be there to assist. When we boarded at Melbourne, we were left to fend for ourselves with regards to finding the on board kennels. The only two kennels that were of a suitable size were taken by someone else with two large dogs. I had to ask for assistance to ‘find’ additional kennels. There was no staff member appointed to assist and coordinate those travelling with pets. There are insufficient kennels for large/giant breed dogs on Deck G5. On both ways (to and from Tasmania) there were other people with two large dogs. I had to put my dogs into the kennels that were too small, as there was only two tall kennels available which had gas x while pregnant been taken. My experience with travelling with pets, including internationally, is that by law the kennel must be large enough for the dog to stand up and turn around. This was not the case. You need more of the taller kennels and someone to coordinate!! why don’t you allocate a kennel size at the time of booking, as you allocate recliner chairs and cabins and have the booking name on the kennel prior to the owners getting on board. Really disorganised. Expected a lot better. Need to improve.

Bass Strait has a reputation for being rough, but the two return crossings I’ve done gas 10 ethanol this year were both very calm. With a cabin, it was a very relaxing way to travel. The standard cabins are quite small, I would say extremely small for four people, but we found everything was clean and tidy. It was fine for a one night crossing. Loading and unloading vehicles is efficient and moves fairly quickly once it starts. You can be off the boat within 10 minutes of docking, if you are lucky, and everyone is off in around 30 minutes. I thought the cafeteria style food at the Captain’s Table buffet was very poor. The only time I ate there I found it expensive for the quality, especially as there wasn’t much I wanted to eat and what was there looked as if it had been sitting around for a while. Perhaps it is better if you get there first. A lot of the mains were either gas 1981 fried or greasy. If you don’t want to spend much, it’s probably better to have a sandwich from the bars, eat before you board electricity experiments for 4th graders or bring your own food. The other main dining option is the Leatherwood Restaurant, where a two course meal currently costs $56 and three courses are available. Quite a bit more expensive, but the standard of food was much better than the cafeteria and it was also a lot quieter. Restaurant staff were pleasant and helpful. Dining added to our enjoyment of the voyage. Tip: Try to book at the restaurant as soon as you can when you board. If the restaurant has a sign that it is fully booked, ask if you can be put on a waiting list. We did this and, luckily, we were called back to the restaurant in about half an hour.