Lovely place for pre-theater drinks – review of browns covent garden, london, england – tripadvisor electricity merit badge pamphlet


My wife and I was out for a nice romantic evening we went to a show before a meal called the mousetrap and a really lovely time and then to polish it off was going to have a nice meal in Browns just around the corner and Covent Garden I’m looking at the virtual tour in Browns it look quite nice when we arrived we were early and were told that we were only would we like to go and have a drink at the bar in which we did this was the best bit after that thumbs down gasco abu dhabi careers but it went downhill we will show to a very small table with the atmosphere being that of probably a local pub I ordered for my starter crab avocado and my wife ordered prawn cocktail my wife said hers was ok but the prawns were a little flavourless if it wasn’t for the source my crab did not taste of crab at all and there were crunchy bits in it which I thought might have been from the crab arkla gas phone number a bit like very small sand so I dismiss this I hate it all because I was hungry but wasn’t happy after this we waited over half an hour for our main course my wife had fish and chips like she always does she said the fish was a little bit dry I had gas equations chemistry the pork belly with mash and green beans and crackling served also with small apple pie I do get this by the way apple sauce apple pie yes ok anyway the bottom of the pork belly was quite tough the middle was a bit mushy but still hard to pull apart the mash had no flavour whatsoever just mash the beans were a little tough I left the mash had a few beans and polished off the meat again only because I was gas apple pay hungry and I couldn’t be bothered to argue the point the crackling was like a pencil shape this is the bit that I was longing for and was again so disappointed yes it was crackling but not the way I think it should be delivered so I will definitely not be visiting this establishment ever again as we went for a walk afterwards around Covent Garden we found a Strand of little restaurants that would have been much much better then we ordered online so my guess is to Never Again order online a restaurant to go to just look around and you will find one that suits you so to wrap it Up very disappointed food not brilliant had to wait not going there again thank you

I visited Browns Wednesday evening with 6 other family members. Have been coming to browns every year for 30 years. I am 39 now! Always loved the warm athmosphere and good food. We all agreed electricity jeopardy powerpoint when leaving that that was our Final visit ever. Service was bad, food only tasted ok, but presentation was poor and potions were so mean. 4 of us ordered steaks all different ones and cooked differently. They were all small and just average. No nice extra anything on the plate with them, so ordered gas mask ark lots of sides that you couldn’t even share as there was so little food in the side dishes had to order and wait for mores. We had to wait and wait for someone to come around again so we could get steak knifes, very little attention to detail in the serving. My mum ordered steak and Guinness pie, she said it was lovely as always but this year they never gave her the side of green beans that always accompanied it, they must be cutting back! Desserts were bad as well and again all served without dessert spoons. All in all it was a very mean but expensive meal for a load of nothing that only tasted ok. Won’t be returning and won’t be recommending gas vs electric range. The place was cold and food was well below average. Disappointing!