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Hello, I’m 41 years old and exercise 4-5 times a week. I weigh 165 lbs, and realize I’m about 20 lbs over what I should be (i’m 5ft 6.5 inchs tall). I have been feeling horrible off/on for about a year, but it seems to be getting worse. I start to feel sick to my stomach, shaky, confused, and cold/sweaty usually in the morning. In the past, after eating I felt better. However, I have been feeling this way after eating, and it’s happening more frequently. I get really tired after it happens and have to take a nap. Now, naps aren’t even helping. I went to the doctor and had a glucose test. I fasted before I went and when I got home (2.5 hrs after drinking the sugar drink) my monitor showed my level at 122mg/dl. However, after eating and lying down for 1.5 hrs b/c I felt so badly my level was 53 mg/dl. I’ve been checking regulary and my numbers seem to stay around 69-75 about 30 minutes after eating. I feel like I’m going to pass out, but the doctor says I’m fine. Any suggestions as to what I can do to stop this? I’m afraid to drive my kids around b/c I feel like I’m going to faint/be sick.

First time I ever seen someone close to how i feel. This is pretty much exactly how I feel everyday. My levels are usually between 65 and 90mg/dl. After eating It rises to 130 to 140mg/dl then drops down to around 60mg/dl and slowly rises Within 20-30 mins. I usually feel poorly within 5 mins of eating and may last for 45mins to an hr. I am 27 years old, 170lbs., 5ft 8in tall. I exercise at least six days a weeks. I’ve been having trouble for a little over a year now and seems every month I feel worse and having a harder time controlling it. The doctor said to eat 1to1 or 1to2 ratio of carbs and protein. Meaning for every 20mg of carbs. eat 10 to 20grams of protein. I found milk helps, I pretty much drink it with every meal or snack. With the high protein content it helps a lot. Also high protein energy drinks from gnc. I also have to watch the amount of milk to drink since too much can bother my stomach. I had blood test done by my family doctor and a Nutrition Specialist, both doctors said the blood work was fine. I felt like the nutrition specialist almost didn’t believe me, she said I may just have a lot of stress in my life. Which did make any sense to me.

Right after eating I also feel weak, disoriented, my eyesight becomes blurry, and have headaches from time to time. My family doctor recently tested me for food alergies. Those results came back fine. It’s frustrating , especially I work in a power plant around high voltage. I feel being a little sick one day I might make a wrong move without thinking and get seriously injured.

i know how you feel. For the past ten years I have been feeling sick on and off for no reason. I have been to many doctors and haven’t been diagnosed. I started to wonder about myself if maybe I was crazy. I to feel sick before I eat and then eat a lot of food then feel horrible after. I just feel ill, sick to my stomach and like I’m coming down with a cold or something, just feel bad. I am 27 years old 5ft 3in. and weigh 110 ibs. My dad has diabetis and my mom tested me just to see. My blood sugar was 62 which I was told really low. So I ate lunch and after it spiked to 168. This was just a few days ago and haven’t been able to see an endocronologist yet to have my blood sugar tested. But I have noticed that I feel horrible before I eat and bad after I eat. Then an hour or so later I feel better. I eat pretty well usually I’m a vegetarian so I probably do consume more carbs then recommended. I also love my red wine and that probably doesn’t help with the high blood sugar. I also have had a past of panic attacks, they actually have got so bad that I ended up in the psychiatric hospital. I have been dealing with anxiety for years now everyday! I am even on medication daily for anxiety. I am wondering if my anxiety could possibly be connected to my blood sugar. I am away from home for the next 2 weeks but then I will be definatley going to a doctor to test my blood sugar. I hope I have found the answer to my feeling sick and anxiety problems. Not happy about the possibility of being diabetic but atleast I could have found the answer and can try to feel better after all this time. I will keep you posted on how everything turns out.

The same thing happened to my fiance when he was first diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic. His blood sugar was well above 200 and apparently had been regularly for weeks before he went to the doctor. They put him in the hospital for a few hours, gave him insulin, and when they brought his blood sugar below 100, he felt like he was going to pass out, even though that’s normal blood sugar. Now, he’s used to it and he feels fine at normal levels because he’s controlling his diabetes with diet and insulin. If his blood sugar goes below 70, he feels hypoglycemic, but that’s good because that’s getting into the danger zone.

I urge you to get your diabetes under control. Once you stop surging your blood sugar so high, you won’t feel bad at normal levels anymore. You’ll feel good being healthy. Having your blood sugar so high is doing serious damage to your body. You’re damaging you kidneys, heart, eyes, nerves, everything. If you don’t get this under control you could end up blind or on dialysis or having severe pain and/or numbness in your feet all the time, or even have to have one amputated. This is real stuff and it’s so scary. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You need to see a endocrinologist and a nutritionist. They can help you get on the right medication and figure out a reasonable balanced diet that you can live with, along with an exercise program that is reasonable for you. I promise you, if you give it a chance, getting your blood sugar under control is going to feel much better, especially long-term.