Low ferritin feeling sick, tired, dizzy, light headed. blood disorde hp gas online booking hyderabad


I had a follow up with the tropical disease specialist today. I have no parasites or chronic tropical infections. He suggested all my symptoms were psychological! I reminded him about my iron levels and he gave me iron supplements if it makes you feel better, as if he was doing it just to reduce my stress and not because I needed it. I’m not going to take them before consulting with another doctor though until I get a better answer as to why my iron was above normal one 1 unit electricity cost in kerala month, and borderline low the next. Here I will admit to being paranoid lol, but it is justified!

I have the abover results because I went to the medical archives to get a copy hp gas online booking phone number of all my records from every hospital/doctor I’ve ever seen in my life, I suggest you do the same. This is especially important if you don’t have a GP, you need to have a copy of everything for yourself. I found that my gyneocologist wrote in my file that I had endometriosis and ovarian cysts YEARS ago and he never told me! Never even suggested I take hormonal birth control which could have limited the spread of the disease. I had to find out when the cyst on my ovary twisted and I was in excruciating pain. I was then told at the hospital that I had a huge cyst and electricity electricity music notes advanced endo, and I should of had surgery years ago! But I digress, the point is don’t put too much trust into any doctor and get a copy of all your records ASAP.

Symptoms are chronic gastritis (confirmed by endoscopy), extreme bloating, stomach/liver and upper right quadrant pain, acid reflux, indigestion after year 6 electricity eating (though I feel the best WHILE I’m eating), nausea in the morning, odd rashes (non-itchy), fatigue, and malaise. Ulcers, h. Pylori, celiac all ruled out by gastroscopy. Colonoscopy was clean, gastric emptying test normal, no allergies, no food intolerances. The bloating is slowly decreasing, but the fatigue and nausea are getting worse everyday. I’ve never had so much as a tummy ache in my life, now its a daily thing. I had surgery 5 weeks ago, I should hae recovered within two weeks but I’m just as tired now as I was after the surgery! I’m in bed 20 hours a day, I feel electricity dance moms episode so weak. when I walk around too much I get dizzy (I feel a kind of tingle in my neck and shoulders, kind of like pins and needles) and get out of breath very easily. I have trouble just keeping my eyes open, much less concentrate on anything! It’s like my body is telling me I still need to rest. I have all the other symptoms of the gastritis on top of that.

The symptoms you are having sound like a mix of a few conditions to me. Neurocardiogenic syncope and candida overgrowth. The rash can be from candida or from gluten gas leak east los angeles sensitivity, which doesn’t always show with the celiac test. Taking digestive enzymes before gluten is helpful. That adult onset gluten sensitivity can be CAUSED by candida overgrowth. I went on the farside and am taking diflucan once a week for 5 weeks. My arms have cleared. My chin is still broke out, but have 3 more weeks to go. I’m adding herbal what is electricity microbe treatment such as dead sea mask, lemongrass tea, and the big one, probiotics in triple the regular dose. Im me, the odd, dizzy, irratable, fuzzy, panic feeling is caused by the gas in my stomach from not digesting food…especially gluten, but also greasy food. I have gastroparesis, which is usually a diabetic thing, but in me, it’s an autonomic failure and digestive enzyme deficiency. Food sits in my stomach ten times longer than most people. The gas swells my stomach and presses on my vagal nerve, sending electricity in salt water false signals to my brain, which causes the brain to fire off synapses to all of the organs, nerves and hlands, dumping your reserves..natural chemicsls, enzymes, hormones…including la t gastrobar opiniones but not just, your adrenals. I also have ms which was confirmed after the second neuro did another mri WITH contrast. Stay away from chemical sweeteners! If you have silver fillings and or silver bonding in crowns, replace them! 50% mercury. Those two things alone effect how your body functions. Margarine is damn near plastic and effects the brain, cells, kidneys, liver and pancreas. Take vitamin d3 and magnesium daily.