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This key can be used just before the bridge where the Hellkite Wyvern resides, right next to where you found Knight Solaire staring off into the sunset. Make your way up there, use your key and – hey presto – the entrance to the lower Undead Burg is revealed! EditGoing Down, Deeper and Down

Note: A lot of the enemies in the lower Undead Burg inflict Bleed damage, a status that will cause your health to degenerate significantly if the status bar builds up too far. You may want to consider investing in some armor with bleed resistance for this section.

First things first – take the stairs all the way up to find a shortcut back to the upper Undead Burg. By opening this gate you can easily access the Undead Burg bonfire, which makes backtracking a lot easier. With that done, head back down to the intersection and down the other stairwell.

As soon as you reach the bottom of the stairs you’ll be attacked by two Attack Dogs. These new enemies are fast, agile and deadly in packs. Try to funnel these two into the stairwell and put them down as they charge you. If you wait for a few seconds a third Dog will also attack you, so dispatch that as well.

Now that they’re gone, don’t go straight forwards, instead, head down to the right and head backwards. You’ll hear a voice crying out for help – find the second doorway, use the Residence Key and inside you’ll find the NPC character Griggs of Vinheim, a sorcerer. Since you’ve rescued him, he’ll now be found in the future at Firelink Shrine.

In this room there’s also several barrels, one of which holds a corpse. Break this open and the corpse will fall out, revealing he holds items. Search him for the Sorcerer Armor Set consisting of: Sorcerer Hat, Sorcerer Cloak, Sorcerer Gauntlets, and Sorcerer Boots. If you search the corpse again, you’ll also find the weapon Sorcerer’s Catalyst.

Head back the way you came and down the street. At about the halfway point, just past a door on each side of you, you’ll be attacked by three Assassins. Two will attack from in each of the buildings behind you, while the third is directly in front.

Keep your shield up to avoid their daggers and concentrate on taking down one at a time. Each one has relatively low defense, so they should fall in a few attacks. They are very swift and will dodge your attacks, so time your swings carefully.

Head down the street again and around a corner. As you progress down here you’ll be ambushed once again, this time by two Undead Dogs and three Hollow Thieves. Put them all down. Once they’re dead, search the first archway on the left to find a barreled corpse. Smash it and he’ll fall out, revealing he holds a Large Soul of a Lost Undead.

Your next stop is the now open door on the right. Inside you’ll find yet another corpse who holds a Thief Mask, Black Leather Armor, Black Leather Gloves and Black Leather Boots. You can search this corpse again as well for the Target Shield.

If you head up the nearby staircase you can find a route back to Firelink Shrine and will emerge back into the aqueduct from earlier. In here you’ll find the Undead Female Merchant behind some bars. She’ll sell you all kinds of items that don’t seem all that useful right now, but might come in handy later. She also has one Humanity for sale, should you need it. If you’ve got enough souls to spend, buy a Transient Curse, Purging Stone and some Rotten Pine Resin. She also sells arrows if you need them.

The first few seconds of this battle are some of the toughest in the entire game. As soon as you enter the chamber, the Capra Demon charges at you with TWO Attack Dogs at his side. It’s incredibly easy to get cornered within the first few seconds of the fight and get immediately slaughtered.

The key to surviving is to get to the other side of the pair as soon as possible. Get your shield up right away and try rolling to the right to avoid being cornered by the pair. If you can get free of their charge, focus first on the Dog. A few swings or spells should be able to take it down. Once the Capra Demon is alone, the fight becomes a bit easier. The key to winning is to keep circling the chamber by backing up the stairs and having the Demon follow you. Fire off ranged attacks and spells when you’re far enough from it to avoid its attacks. When it follows you up to the top, hop back off to the ground. When it jumps down, it’ll take him a second to regain his posture. Use this to deliver a fury of melee attacks or a Heavy Soul Arrow. Repeat this pattern, keep circling the room until the beast is dead.

Another strategy is to go to the edge of a small, barely visible platform, at the top of the stairs behind the tree, and raise your shield waiting for the Capra Demon to attack you. The Demon will attack you, but he’ll fall from the platform because of his own attacks. This will give you an opportunity to heal, or do a dropping attack on him causing massive damage.