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After President Rodrigo Duterte announced that he was “separating” from the United States not divorcing, I instantly realized that political divorces or separations are similar to marital break ups, the children and the little people never get asked and are never entitled to an opinion! Someone is always deciding on what’s good for us but are actually just trying to get out of one imperfect relationship in order to chase after a new “romance” or in politics “a better deal.” We were certainly relieved when President Duterte clarified that he was NOT cutting diplomatic ties with the US but merely pursuing a different track. Electricity explained That of course was welcomed news but also added more to our confusion. Electricity png Figuratively speaking, does this mean he will remain married to “Mama Liberty” but will now be shacking up with his China Girl or Russian mistress? Sorry but all this talk about separation and divorce has brought up so many scenarios and a whole lot of pain for those of us who’ve gone through the experience or suffered the injury of being in a “Broken Family.”

In the case of President Duterte’s Declaration of Separation from the United States, so many people from all walks of life expressed both concern and dismay that there was no public consultation before DU30 publicly wooed the Chinese in front of global media. Static electricity sound effect While the majority of Filipinos support his maverick style, we are a country and people that’s all about relationships and that extends to foreign governments but most especially with the United States. Hp gas kushaiguda We have both past and present ties, we have families or friends in practically 90 percent of the nations on the planet earth, so when the President starts talking about a separation or political divorce, he will hurt people’s feelings the same way couples who split up, end up hurting their kids more than they hurt their unwanted partners. Gas natural The bad part is the hurt goes beyond feelings for kids and citizens alike. Gas what i smoke It also destabilizes our sense of security and economic status or comfort.

Yes the President speaks for 100 million plus Filipinos. La gas prices But it might be a good idea to at least explain why the separation is necessary. Gas in back Even kids know what’s going on and so do citizens. Dynamic electricity examples And like a responsible parent, DU30 should at least ask the people’s opinion or sentiments before committing the nation’s future down an uncertain path with an uncertain partner whose only attributes are wealth and power.

If you want real progress in any given area, one of the essential requirements is to have consistent uninterrupted power supply. Gas 78 industries It is not enough that there is electricity, there must be an ample supply and it must be available day and night. I feel electricity in my body During my many trips to many provinces all over the Philippines with BMeg, I have observed that the problematic areas in terms of electricity are areas serviced or supplied by an “Electric Cooperative” that no longer has the ability to meet increased or commercial demand for electricity. Gas after eating dairy The cooperative system used to work for residential requirements back when people simply needed power for lights, electric fans and television. Electricity pictures information But nowadays consumers even in far flung places are using washing machines, microwaves, computers, pressure tanks, air conditioners etc. Electricity lesson plans for 5th grade Add to that the growing population and relative growth in commercial establishments. Gas bloating pregnancy The problem is many cooperatives did not plan for future expansion of their market and increasing demand for power. C gastronomie limonest They may have started out as being the solution to the electricity problem but now that businesses are coming in, the electric cooperatives and their inherent inadequacy have become part of the problem or one of the major obstacles to progress and commercial growth.

Last week, I found myself in Pinamalayan, Mindoro which is slowly growing out of its sleepy provincial town setting towards urbanization. Gas 99 cents The fact that they have a regular sized Jollibee outlet tells you the status of the place in terms of actual or potential consumer spending. Gas x strips ingredients It’s one of those coastal towns that holds promise in terms of tourism and commercial development. 66 gas station But one big headache for investors as well as visitors has to be the failure of the Oriental Mindoro Electric Cooperative to supply electricity on demand. Gas leak From the minute we arrived early evening there was already a power outage. Youtube electricity This was apparently a regular thing because the locals would tell you how long it would be and when the power would be back. Gas vs diesel generator What I did not know of was that the power would get cut at least three times during the night which interrupted our sleep. Wd gaster battle You can only imagine what kind of impression the situation creates among businessmen as well as tourists who are inconvenienced and discouraged to make investments because of constant brown outs and blackouts!

In a day and age when we have wind – solar – and fuel based power generators such problems could easily be solved IF and only IF the government and the DOE or Department of Energy tried to do some matchmaking ventures between LGU, investors and equipment manufacturers. Gasbuddy touch I can only imagine that mayors would be glad to hold hands with these groups just to make sure their town or city has power. Gas 1940 I hope Governor Umali can give the problem a little more attention because his province has so much potential but barely enough power. National gas average 2007 We had the same problem in Lipa City and parts of Batangas until government officials both local and national got fed up and gave some people at BATELEC II an ultimatum: Shape up or we ask Meralco to come in. Electricity videos for students Right now there are so many business groups such as San Miguel who might be interested in setting up power plants in Mindoro. Gas 87 89 93 Perhaps the smell of the competition will be enough to get the management of Oriental Mindoro Electric Cooperative to start working on improvements.