Lumina motorcycle trailer electricity questions and answers physics

With more than 4000 trailers on the road, LUMINA is our best-selling trailer for seven years running. Why? Maybe it’s Lumina’s bright shine. Perhaps it’s the trailer’s ample storage, or could it be its solid construction? Whatever it is, LUMINA’s got it!

Our base model LUMINA is a pull behind motorcycle cargo trailer designed with diamond tread plate and sleek black aluminum sides. This trailer boasts 14 spacious cubic feet of storage allowing two people to easily pack enough luggage for a full two-weeks of traveling. The trailer looks great behind your Harley, Goldwing, Can Am Spyder or any motorbike, trike or cycle.

We constructed Lumina’s chassis from aluminum and suspended it with a torsion axle to keep it light weight and smooth towing. Weighing in at only 170lb, this mini trailer is so feather light that you will almost forget that you’re towing anything at all. Perhaps you’ve heard this rumor: steel chassis are preferred to aluminum ones because aluminum is vulnerable to stress fractures. Really? The chassis on GM’s high performance Corvette Stingray is aluminum. How’s that for stress management?

Leaning into a turn is a necessary (and fun) part of riding a motorcycle. Sadly, when towing a trailer, traditional couplers do not allow the appreciable lean needed in a turn, which can cause flipping, binding, or jack-knifing. To help avoid these potentially deadly situations, industry insiders ( Read Article Here) strongly advise the use of a swivel coupler, and we agree. Unfortunately, swivel couplers can cost $149 or more. We understand that price may be a concern, but trailering without one risks your well-being, the well-being of your passenger, and that of others on the road. We believe this so strongly that we are giving you a FREE swivel coupler with your purchase of a Lumina. It is our gift of peace of mind. Do not expect to find an offer like this if you buy a trailer elsewhere, DO expect to purchase a swivel coupler separately and DO expect to pay more. Why pay more for peace of mind, when you can get it for free at The USA Trailer Store.

Fast delivery,cheapest price around with free delivery…. we were kept very well informed with the delivery. Even a phone call from the carrier to verify delivery. The USA trailer store told us to take pictures of the packaging and boxing of the trailer before we signed for it. The trailer came packaged very well on a pallet and was delivered undamaged. My husband had it assembled in a few hours and he said it was very easy to assemble directions were spot on.

Trailer came delivered right to my garage. I was skeptical of the reviews that said easy to put together. I liked the way everything was packaged separately like an assembly line. From the time I opened the box until the last nut was tightened was 75 minutes! Quite impressed how easy it went together. I did this alone but I recommend having someone help you lift it out of the box. Not heavy really, just awkward. Lights worked 1st time I plugged the trailer up. Seems perfect for what I want it for. I’ve already recommended it to a number of friends. Oh, And the price was great!

I have not had the opportunity to take this trailer out on a trip yet to really run it through its paces. However, the container was complete, all parts were included – nothing missing. Assembly was easy and only took a little over 2 hours. Instructions were clear to follow. I especially like the swivel connection for the ball. Nice Trailer so far

very good quality…..Extremely easy to put together….with a few ice cold beer’s…it only takes about 45 minutes to assemble….all the pre-drilled holes matched up perfectly…looks awesome hooked up to our bike……great value compared to other trailers………no one can go wrong with these trailers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Took me about 1 1/2 hours to unpack and fully assemble my Lumina XL Motorcycle Trailer. Having the hardware packed in bags according to the different steps you are preforming is a nice touch, saves a lot of sorting. The instructions and illustrations are easy to follow. Looking forward to many miles of use. Thank You USA Trailer.

The trailer worked great on our first trip out. Not a single problem. Well just me learning to back up with the trailer. other than that, I could almost forget the trailer was there. we put in about 1300 miles this first trip. On the second trip we put in 1641 miles on a 5 day trip. Trailer held plenty for us with room to spare. I highly recomend purchasing this trailer or the Lumina XL.