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It started a few months ago with a pressure feeling around my right flank area. After I ate it was especially uncomfortable an had this pressure bloated feeling in my gallbladder area, often I would have this pressure full feeling even without eating and it’s quite uncomfortable at times. Then I started to get a little bit of pain and even had these shooting electric pains that would last only few seconds, but it was quite freaky.

Over those few months I’m constantly poking and pushing on my stomach in the vicinity of te presssure to see if I could feel anything and in the beginjng most of the time I would push I would feel nothing, except sometimes I would feel like what felt like this little mass floating around on my right side, just under my lower rib cage, more on the side, then in the center of my abdomen, even though the pressure is more towards the center.

Starting just this last week, I can now clearly feel a mass in the location where only a few month ago I could only sometimes feel something and wasn’t even sure if i had felt anything at all. Now that mass or lump in clearly there and it is scaring me. I’m keeping my faith and prayers, but can’t help but feel concerned sometimes.

The mass doesn’t really hurt when I push on it, I can only feel it when I’m standing, not really when I’m laying down, I think the mass disappears under my ribcage when I lay down. The lump seems tovmove around, a when I twist my body in certain ways I can also feel the mass moving and floating around.

My main symptoms other than the lump itself, is this uncomfortable feeling gloating or pressure on my flank, usually in the area of my gallbladder, liver, pressure is being forced outwards facing me, although sometimes the pressure can radiate to my backside and more to my actual side. Pain not so much, light to moderate random pain in the area, and sometimes even on the left side I can feel pains. Although I do take pain killers for other chronic pain condition that i have and I’m thinking that I could be masking a lot of the pain that possibly should be there.

I just don’t know what to do anymore, I won’t have insurance till November and if I find out what it is now and it’s diagnosed as some sort of condition it will be a pre existing and my insurance won’t cover me on any treatment associated with it, if needed.

If anybody can relate to what I am feeling especially the pressure boosting feeling, I see a lot of people here who right about similar symptoms as mine with the mass, but one thing I notice is that most people are not mentioning the pressure gloating feeling that I’m feeling, which makes me concerned I might have something worse.

One another note, due to my many many years of taking narcotic medication for my pain conditions, I have been experiencing constant constipation for many years. It usually takes a lot of pushing for me to go and my bowels are often time very hard and large (sorry if I’m being gross), I’m wandering if anybody thinks this have a connection to what I’m experiencing. I keep thinking maybe it’s a bulging intestine or something like that, I’m not sure even if there are intestines in the area I’m experiencing the symptoms. Again who knows, but I just wanted to add this comment. I’ve had many many Ct scans over the last few years, not knowing how dangerous they could be, and I also keep thinking I caused cancer due to the 15 CT scans I’ve had over a period of a few years, approx. 6 years ago, I had the last of them.

I’m a 44 yr old male, and have tolerated a small, firm lump (1cm width) for 20+ yrs now. It is located just below my right rib cage, roughly halfway across and slightly higher than belly button level. I’m pretty sure it’s old benign dead tissue but it’s presence can cause discomfort periodically. I’m confident it is not a hernia or anything sinister. 7 yrs ago, my GP didn’t want elaborate on it probably because the process of surgically removing it could be more problematic potentially. I have quite a few tissue lumps around my body, all adjacent to muscle, so could be a byproduct of old muscle bruising/scar tissue. I’m pretty sure this is a result of an old surfing injury i.e. rib cage forced into the hard deck of the surfboard causing muscle damage.

Having had a boozy night out yesterday, I can feel some discomfort which would be my "expanded internals" pushing against the lump and the nervous system responding accordingly. For those people with this issue who eat and drink a lot, i can assure you that, having lost a significant amount of weight through regular exercise coupled with sensible eating/drinking, this problem has been less bothersome.

With it being a new year ive now booked an appointment to go and have the camera down ENDOSCOPY. I cant live like this anymore….everyday i get pain in one shape or another. Im really worried about it but just keep telling myself it has to be done.

The pain is still around the right rib, i just keep telling myself its IBS which makes me feel better. Im wondering if something else is wrong and its referred pain that is causing me this feeling that moves around the bottom of the ribs.( or could it be gas?) The hospital letter than for 2 weeks before the scan im to stop taking the medication that eases my heart burn. So now worrying im going to make it worse before having the camera.

Many years ago i had an operation to remove some hemorrhoids the nurse told me to help the bowel by slowing but firmly pushing and moving my hand along my stomach right to left. Well it worked but ive noticed that where i push my hand along is now where i have the swelling. I wonder if ive pushed too hard and now ive manipulated my bowel and its kinked or moved into a position where its making my stomach stick out. Anyway hope things are working out for you all take care.

I started out with a lump under my left rib near breadbasket. It burned and felt worse when I ate or gained weight. This has been appx 1.5 years. Now I have a lump, rubbery feel to it. Squishy like and I think it moves. Near my shoulder blad even with my breast but in the back. It started out me thinking it was fat from menopause. But then it grew and has caused me much pain. I can’t sleep for the pain. It’s cutting off the circulation in my arm. It hurts now under my arm , up my neck and in my breast. I went on all vegan diet and it seems to have shrunk but we ran out of money and we had to eat soup, it swelled right away and now it’s not shrinking but I was eating bad yesterday for lack of vegys. We will get some raw vegys and fruits tomorrow and try it again. We have prayed and anointed me but I haven’t been studying much of the word lately. I seen online a raw vegan diet doesn’t get rid of lumps but if it cures blood pressure, diabetes, back problems, joint problems then its worth trying. I went to the hospital last week. They did nothing, called it lipoma and told me to see a doctor. LOL, I thought that is what I was doing! He said lumps don’t show up on x rays. Gave me a fatal pain killer instead of an addicting one. Insanity at its best! Lodine is fatal, don’t take it! I am sick of this pain though. I was told it could be more than 1 lump or could be roots from 1 lump. Grrr! If anybody finds anything out please post it..