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Im very worried..i have this large lump on my jaw – bottom right corner – and recently noticed that this side of my jaw is alot bigger than the other, and my teeth are sort of misaligned like the top set are pushed to the left? i doesn’t hurt most of the time but sometimes aches this side.

my back has started hurting and feeling very weird when i straighten up, and feels like the vertebrae are swollen where it hurts (halfway up/down my spine). i got hit by a car a year and half ago which broke my pelvis but i only got pain at the very base of my spine after this, tho im not sure if this could be related but it doesnt feel like it is.

im really tired all the time but have been like this for ages. and was recently very underweight (due to my own fault) but put some back at about 7 1/2st…now i try to eat alot but dont put on weight and even lose some..but even tho im not gaining (weight) i seem fatter/puffier..very strange.

it sounds stupid i haven’t seen a doc yet but theres reasons i can’t. theres some more symptoms but don’t want to sound like even more of a hypochondriac than i already feel. i have quite a high pain threshold but this is getting silly now. im only 22 so feel it shouldn’t be cancer, but it could be right? please please help

i remember feeling a lump a few years ago now, maybe 3-4. my mum felt it too but we didnt think it was anything serious and i forgot about it. but it was tiny then, smaller than baby pea size width, and hardly stuck out. plus my jaw was normal back then. now it is visible especially if i open my mouth. i noticed it around christmas time along with the jaw asymmetry.

its hard to say how big because its not a round ball, its on the corner of my jaw and goes under..making the bone that side much thicker underneath..and the thickness goes right up my jaw. the lumpy bit that sticks out most is probly 2 by 1.5cm width but doesn’t stick out very much, more grows into the bone.

i only noticed my weird jaw at xmas but it must have been ‘growing’ for a long time. this is very much noticeable…both sides of my face look completely different now. esp with the eye thing, its very upsetting and embarrassing. im so ugly now. when i first noticed it i didnt want to go out or anything because if you look at my face properly you’ll see it but i try to ignore it.

frequent urination yes. but i had abdominal/pelvic surgery and had a metal plate and pins put in so im not sure if its because of seemed to start straight after that..when i was first starting to walk again. i definitely didn’t have it before.

no ‘excessive’ hunger, but ive been forcing myself to eat alot so i don’t really let myself get all that hungry. i just eat when i think i should, like set meal times and try to eat as much as i can but i seem to get full up quicker and stay full for my stomachs bloated after eating. i guess trying to eat as much as i can could be excessive hunger but its more a conscious thing rather than physiological hunger.

i didnt mention before but ive also found a lump in my throat above my adams apple/voicebox. on the left side,i can only feel half of it but i can move it around a bit by pushing on my neck and it makes a popping sound if i push it a certain way. if i push into the right side of my neck (where i can’t feel it normally) it pushes out the left side. if i push onit from the left some of it appears on the right side. its hard and doesnt hurt at all. but sometimes (rarely) i have feeling like ive swallowed something thats got stuck in my throat, faintly, on the right side where i imagine the bottom-right edge of this thing is. and im getting mild sore throats more than i think is normal now.

have your dentist or doctor get a scan of your face/jaw or the whole head. It could be a rare deformity of the jaw which also known as ameloblastoma. I am speaking from experience. One day i felt what i thought was a tooth ache. I left it alone for a couple days until the pain and swelling subsided. Luckily I had already set up an appointment with my dentist for regular cleaning. As she was checking my gums and jaw, she notice something hard in the back of my mouth. She immediately ask me to get a scan/xray of my face. She had asked me to go to a nuerologist as soon as I can so that they check it out. I went as soon as I can. They had taken a piece of tissue for biopsy and got the result after 1 week. I got the news- it’s ameloblastoma, not a cancerous tumor but very aggresive in terms of growth. If I had not found out about it- my left jaw would have been a size of a coconut in less than 6 months. I know have a titanium plate jaw (half) and tumor free. Only set back is that there’s a part of my left face/chin that is numb. Please go see your doctor or dentist about it.

I went to see a doctor who thought it could be a reactive lymph node but was a bit too hard, so he referred me to an ENT doctor. The ENT doc thought it was probably also not a lymph node and suspected a Sebaceous cyst. Without doing a biopsy he said there was really no way to know. His recommendation was just to cut it out and get rid of it, whatever it was. I got a CT scan (second appointment) to give them some mapping of if it was attached to anything else (it wasn’t) and then he cut it out in 20 minutes (third appointment). It was almost completely painless procedure, 4 stitches. They sent it off for biopsy and it came back a a sebaceous cyst – not cancerous or dangerous.

There is a method to collect some of the lump using FNA (fine needle aspiration) that would allow for a diagnosis without doing the removal, but for whatever reason the ENT doc thought in my situation it was better to just remove it regardless.

I hope that gives people some ideas about what they might expect going forward with this. The best thing you can do is go in and get someone to check it out ASAP. 4 weeks is really as long as you should leave it, if it hasn’t gone away by then get it checked! It’s scary but the odds are you’re fine… most lumps like this are not cancerous.

I just stumbled on this with a google search also. I have a bb sized lump on my bottom right jaw bone. It’s about 3" from my chin, again, along the jaw bone. It’s been there about 1 1/2 months now. It VERY visible along the jaw from the outside, causing a good sized lump on the skin under where it is. I can’t help but mess with it, even though my wife gets on me for doing so. I can get some clear fluid to come out if I sqeeze it hard enough (which is very painful) and the fluid is slightly sticky. Its definatly not an under skin pimple as it would have gone away by now. No matter what I do, it always reforms into the bb sized. If I mess with it, I can get it slightly deform to very, very slightly flatish. However, the center is still round.

I have yet to go to the doc though. I have a neurological problem that has been going on since early 2006 and causes severe stinging in my entire low body, from about just below the waist down. So, I’m trying to not overload him. Sounds like I need to make an appt : /