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I have k electric bill been sick for about 2 weeks, coughing and just feeling under the weather. A few days ago I woke up in the middle of the night trying to breath and I started weezing and unable well was very difficult to breath in trough my throat, but I could breath out, I has not able to talk either. My husband took me to our Emergency room…They took x-rays of my chest and neck, and said I was very swollen do to coughing, okay that made sense, they gave me a steroid shot and also breathing treatments, and told me a throat and nose doctor would be by to talk to me, okay…..When he came he told me he was going to do a test, by putting a tube down my nose…He did all that and told me to breath, sing and breath. I did, after that he said well you electricity clipart have nothing to worry about all looks well, BUT you have something called, Vocal Cord disfunction, okay what is that I said and what will have to be done, he told me to make an appointment with a Speech therapist, and a psychologist…What the hell????

I’m 24 and was on aciphex for about a year and it stopped working for me. I was then placed on Protonix, then protonix 2x a day and I would still have issues at times. consuming alcohol (though I was never a big drinker) made my reflex flare less than 1/2 an later. I felt like my stomach was full and backed up into my throat. I’m 5’7 130 lbs, I shouldn’t have this issue. After a few years of dealing with scripts and they slowly stopped working, I began taking coral calcium (which I started a few months ago). It takes a few electricity physics formulas weeks to kick in, but IT IS AMAZING! I ran out of my script for about 3 weeks; if I didn’t take protonix for 1 day, I was typically in pain and would get reflux from even water. The first day w/o protonix I took about 6 coral calcium pills…think the daily calls for one or two. the consumption decreased through the week and now I take about 2 a day and I am able to have a some drinks here and there. I couldn’t believe this actually worked better for me than a prescription. Please try it for at least 2 or 3 weeks. its like 8 bucks at walmart. coral calcium! plus im actually able to grow fingernails now w/i them breaking off.

I am a 27 year old female and am experiencing it now. Lump in the throat feeling… started last night around 10:30 and when I laid down it felt like my throat was closing up more and was afraid to fall asleep because electricity production in india I felt like I wouldn’t keep breathing. Went to the dr this morning, panicked, crying and he told me it was just acid reflux and gave me some acid reflux medicine to try out. I took a pill over 7 hours ago and still feel no relief. Last night I was able to burp every once in awhile with a split second relief and then immediately the lump feeling would come back. I couldn’t go to work today and am completely miserable. I somewhat feel like I’m not getting enough oxygen electricity in indian villages down my throat and to my brain. The only reason I feel that way is because I’m slightly disoriented and I feel some tension in my head. I am afraid to eat because I feel like something would get stuck. I’m really read for this to be over. Let me know if anyone has any suggestions on how to make it better. Thanks.

Ok so Im basically in the same boat as you all…. I am female, 26 years old from Sydney Australia. I woke up in the middle of the night last week with this terrible feeling of a lump in my throat. I started freaking out and pharmacist told me it was probably just acid reflux/heartburn. So I bought everything off him! zantac, somac, gaviscon and milanta. NOTHING WORKED!!!! The next morning it seemed to be gone, but later in the day it returned and was bad at night. It seems this is the same pattern everyday. When I eat electricity word search j farkas answers it feels better but comes back shortly after.

There are two valves in the esophagus or swallowing tube. They are normally contracted and they relax when you swallow so that food can pass through them going to the stomach. They then squeeze closed again to prevent regurgitation of the stomach contents. If the normal contraction becomes a spasm, like a charlie horse of the calf muscle, these symptoms start. Stress often makes these spasms much worse. Many people have experienced neck tightness when stressed and this is similar. Even if not caused by stress, stress will make the spasm much worse.

An exam of the neck and throat is extemely important to eliminate serious problems. In fact, it enters most peoples minds that a lump in the throat might be a cancer. In practice, real gas efficient cars under 5000 lumps in the throat, such as a cancer, are not felt. It is one of the reasons that a cancer can get so big before it is discovered. It probably is fortunate that we don”t have great sensation in the throat as we would then feel every particle of food, with every meal as it travels down the throat. So lacking great sensation in the throat, problems are a little mysterious there.

Unfortunately, many physicians are not familiar with how symptomatic a cricopharyngeal spasm can be and I often see patients who have been extensively tested with Barium swallows, esophageal endoscopies, pH testing, CT scans, xrays, MRI scans and they all come back normal or possibly with some finding that is completely unrelated to the lump in the throat sensation. Really, just a good exam of the throat, voice box and neck is all that is necessary and it is sufficient as well.

* I sometimes dispense several valium (perhaps 4) as a test to prove the symptoms are from muscle spasms. I recommend taking one of the Valium on a weekend, when being alert is not important. When the lump occurs, one takes the Valium. Within an hour, there should be significant electricity definition science improvement in the lump sensation. If the symptoms improve after taking the muscle relaxant, then the symptoms are reasonably from a muscle spasm. Again, the knowledge that a muscle relaxant makes a lump disappear can help confirm that the cause of the lump is from a muscle and not an actual lump. I have also tried injections with a local anesthetic, often with good, but temporary results. It does help to confirm in the patients mind, there is the possibility of relief.If a local anesthetic injections helps, I have with inconsistent results injected botulinum toxin into the cricopharyngeus muscle, sometimes with prolonged relief.

Yessssssssssssssssssss well done…good on you… I was going to post exactly the same thing…..Im from Melbourne Australia and ended up at a specialist after spending all night static electricity zap in hospital one night and no one getting around to seeing me, so I left once I knew my GP clinic would be open and they fitted me in nearly straight away and when the doctor could not see anything wrong she booked me into a specialist that day….I had all the above symptoms as everybody else…..the specialsit put the camera thru my nasal passage gas bubble in eye to my throat and checked everything out first….he said everything was fine….once he was happy there were nothing sinister he told me exactly what that article above says…..he said he often gets calls from patients panicking and he says to them, when you get busy or have a couple of beers do you still notice it….they always say no that once their mind is busy or they r relaxed that they dont notice it…..a warm drink can help the muscles that r spasming….it does go away….stress definitely can bring it on….I’m feeling it at the moment and I have not had it for a long time, and at the moment I am under stress due to a death in the family….I only came on here cos I couldnt remember if lots of burping was also part gas vs electric stove top of it….because I couldn’t remember doing that last time I had it….as long as you know there is nothing physically wrong with you… I promise it is all going to be fine…..relax…try warm drinks….it does go away…I was very lucky that I have the doctor I do and that I ended up with the specialist I did….good luck all.

I played football on a Sunday a few weeks ago and after that went out drinking all day and night (very silly and not a normal habit) I woke up Monday morning feeling the normal hungover type symptoms so set about drinking fluids. On the tuesday I still felt rubbish so took some nurofen liquid ibrurofen tablets. By accident I bit one and then swallowed the 2 pills, few moments after felt a burning sensation working up my chest to my throat.

Since then tropico 5 electricity I have had a lump like feeling in my throat, the lump feels like food is stuck and moved about. Scared, I panicked and found that made it worse. So I went to the doctors told them what had happened and I was worried about oy and she said it sounds like acid reflux. I don’t have the burning, but do have the feeling of a liquid travelling back up to my throat and a slight burning feeling in my throat. These symptoms are worse at night following a meal or when had a cup of tea.

My advise is go to doctor get checked out, that will ease your mind its nothing serious. Rest, have a week off work to relax. Diet, remove acidic foods like a gas has juice, oranges, alcohol, tea coffee, chocolate, burgers, any spicy food. Do eat veg, apples banana, chicken, bread (in moderation as it swells) pasta. Don’t eat too much, eat little and often to train your stomach to process food faster meaning less time in stomach and less chance to work back up. Drink a litre of water a day throughout the day and don’t have a pint at a time. Small regular drinks are the best.