Luxman m-600a pure a stereo amp on a higher note gas company


There is a bridging switch on the rear panel if you need more power & weight to your music. In monaural mode the M-800A delivers 120W into 8Ω or 240W into 2Ω. While there is no increase in current, the voltage is quadrupled. With so much power on tap, the dynamic swings are amazing. The improvement in micro-dynamics has to be heard to be believed—tonally fuller, more organic sounding. Pure Class A = Pure Music

Because the transistors in a Pure Class-A amplifier are never switched off, there is obviously no crossover distortion (there is no crossover – where one transistor turns off, and the other supplies the load current). The amplifier is always fully charged and ready to allow the music flow spontaneously, with a dynamic, fast response time, the music is rich & sweet. Only Distortion Negative Feedback (ODNF)

Luxman nowadays use a distortion reduction circuit called Only Distortion Negative Feedback (ODNF). This system works by isolating noise & distortion at the output from the music signal and sparingly applying negative feedback to suppress them. Conventional negative feedback systems can have an adverse effect on the music, introducing phase distortion. “The circuit features such an ultra-wide range, ultra-high slew rate and ultra low distortion that it does not use phase compensation for the music signal amplifying circuits.” This new technology also ensures that need for a DC servo circuit is alleviated, again improving sound quality. Output Meters

Luxman has a tradition of having VU meters in all of their solid-state amps & integrated amps. Interestingly enough they have updated the monoblocks & stereo amps with a vertical, yellow display bar graph that can be dimmed or turned off completely. The industrial design has also been modernized with smooth round corners & the heat sinks have been placed inside the chassis. Custom AC Inlet

In order for an amplifier to multiply the signal cleanly, it first needs to receive clean electrical power. Luxman views the AC input with great concern, just as serious listening tests are applied to the power cables, so too is the AC inlet built to rigorous standards. With the M-800A, the AC inlet starts with high purity brass which subsequently receives a non-magnetic nickel plating and finally gold-plating is administered in order to maintain a low resistance. Line Phase Sensor

Here is a clever device found on the back of every Luxman powered product. You press the button and it will check the phase of the electricity it is receiving. If the AC outlet in the wall is incorrectly wired, meaning the live and neutral are swapped, a red LED will turn on to warn you. You only need to press it once, when you are installing a product to check that everything is in order. It’s a simple mistake that occurs often, and one that can seriously undermine your listening enjoyment. Mechanical Grounding & Resonance Control

Mechanical grounding and resonance control are taken very seriously in order to allow the electrical circuits operate at their optimum. The cast iron feet are directly connected to the heavily dampened bottom board in order to minimize vibration being conducted throughout the chassis. Similarly Luxman tunes the chassis from a resonance perspective in order maintain pace and rhythm. The fasteners torque settings are carefully measured for the sonic optimum. JPA-1000 Power Cord

These over-sized binding posts can be cinched down by hand on some of the large speaker cables without resorting to any hand tools. You will also notice that the wiring configuration when the amplifier is used as a Bridge Tied Load (BTL) monoblock is indicated in parenthesis. Rear Panel

Is clearly & intelligently laid out. The over -sized speaker binding posts will take both spades or bananas and are easy to tighten down by hand for a secure connection. The Mono switch on the upper left hand side is marked BTL (Bridge-Tied Load). The RJ-11 socket is for remote turn on / off, either from a Luxman control amplifier or from a Home Theater processor.

“The Luxman amp…I don’t want to upset collectors or hardcore anachrophiles, but this amp made me think the clock had been turned back 25 years or so and I was listening to a small, genuine Class-A Krell. I remember back then being taught lessons about 50-watters which though they had an extra ‘0’ appended to their power rating … But the sheer mass the Luxman added to the airplane flying past in the Beatles’ ‘Back In The USSR” contained bass weight more in keeping with a Blu-ray of Battlestar Galactica: it was as if the M-600A came with a sub … For me, however, everything is about the voice, and for this I make no apologies. But its success with Ms. Keys led me to the Judds, whose harmonies on ‘Don’t Be Cruel’ are so clear, finely-meshed and seductive that even the near acapella-ness of the performance doesn’t lessen the challenge. The Luxman put them in the room. You could hear mother and daughter filling their lungs.” Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News, C-600f and M-600A review, June 2010 Editor’s Choice 2010 (Hi-Fi News highest award) M-600A Zounds!

“The easy part of this review is writing about the sound of the M-600A. It is fantastic! This is a wonderfully musical amplifier that brings music to life. Voices are full and rich and sound like they are emanating from a real person instead of a paper cone and a bunch of glue. The detail from small ensembles or rock bands is all that audiophiles hope for, and the majesty of the large orchestra is both felt and heard. Dynamics are great including the very low level dynamics experienced at quiet listening levels. The highs are wonderfully clear and transparent and allow instruments to stand on their own even when immersed in a sea of others. The midrange is neutral and full-bodied like a good tube amplifier. Bass is strong and dynamic and bass definition is outstanding down to the frequencies I was able to test (the Vivids only go down to about 40Hz and the Wilsons down to 50Hz). Images were wide and deep when the recording called for it. Compared to my stock system, the M-600A let me hear considerably more inner detail and allowed me to delve much more deeply into the music. On the other hand, when I just wanted to sit back and enjoy, this amplifier set my toes tapping and my head bobbing and other parts of the anatomy moving in all kinds of different directions. If you think I enjoyed my time with this Luxman you are right!” Mike Wechsberg, Positive Feedback Issue 36