Lynn’s little bit of trivia 5-23-18 after the sunset wb state electricity board bill pay

BAD POLITICS – the 27th worst thing–Conjured up a plan to repave 50% of the roadways and place the infrastructure at the Park of Commerce. Might cost the taxpayers $100 million or more for a 30 year obligation bond so that general contractors and developers can get rich

BAD POLITICS – the 26th worst thing they did–Voted to allow open container alcoholic drinking in our downtown, city parks and at our beach on city special events so that the city could make money from boozers and compete against our merchants

BAD POLITICS – the 25th worst thing they did–Fought the Heights Referendum and directed the city attorney to find a way and render an opinion to overturn the March 2013 vote. Caused a court opinion and tied up all development in our downtown

BAD POLITICS – the 24th wildest decision–Voting to have an Ordinance weaning off the city’s dependency on the Electric Utility funding to operate our city thus lowering electric rates and making it a super-majority vote from the dais to over-turn it. This is a lofty dictatorship

BAD POLITICS – the 20th worst decision–Voted not to accept the certified signatures for a Charter Amendment for Nov 2012 election. Delayed it to March 2013 special election to cost the taxpayers $21,000 dollars so that they could play politics to defeat it. The city lost. The people won by nearly 57% of the vote and this commission will not honor the vote.

BAD POLITICS – The 8th worst decision–Voted to burn $40,000 already spent by not proceeding with the renovation of the 110 N F Street building and moving various departments. We are left with gutted building and employees working out of trailers

BAD POLITICS – The 4th worst thing–Kicking the can down the road–Did not want to take Staff’s advice to fix the Utility customer service long term problem by outsourcing it as well as saving a bunch of money but instead capitulated to the Union

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