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Still on the fence. I’m a young mature-skin, dry-skinned person – no deep lines, just general dehydration lines, tiny bit of very very fine lines. NC20. Wanted something dewy, not cakey or matte. First time I tried this I really liked it. Maybe it was Winter. It is now Australian Queensland Summer. Early Summer, so late 20s to early 30 degree Celsius days. This DOES NOT SET. It stays wet no matter what primer I have used, or even with a moisturiser that I’ve allowed to sink in beforehand. When I use TIMECHECK lotion (Mac) as primer, I may as well just hose my face down with water and call it a day. Timecheck is NOT a primer. It will UNSET any make-up I’ve used it with. I would never recommend using it as a primer or under any make-up in a hot climate, even with the kind of dry mature-skin I have. (See my Timecheck review.) After trying Mineralise with various primers and moisturisers (including Mac Strobe cream, which works well with some other MAC foundations even in this heat), Mineralise just DID NOT SET. It remained wettish to the touch and transferred instantly. This means, DO NOT BLOW YOUR NOSE or use a serviette unless you’re ready to touch up on the spot. It has the stay-ability of a moisture-cream lipstick. But I am trying to remain open-minded, because I want to like this so much. If I could make it work, it would be excellent. My best result so far, is treating it like a BB cream, and putting NOTHING on underneath. No moisturiser, no primer. Just straight on. This makes it still remain dewy, slightly "moisturising" to the touch, not truly "setting" but not "dripping off" either. I could live with that. (Though it still transfers like crazy). So my personal summary is, if you want to use it like a BB cream, with nothing underneath, and reapply it every now and again, like you would a sunscreen or moisturiser, it may be worth getting, which is why I’m giving it 3 stars. I don’t regard it as a true foundation. Not on it’s own anyway. To be super-fair, I haven’t used the Mineralise Skinfinish Natural Powder over the top of it (which might help set it) because I don’t like powders, they sit in lines, and tend to void the purpose of buying a dewy foundation in the first place. I find that my Pro-Longwear doesn’t need a powder, nor any of my other MAC foundations (on me). (I use Pro-Longwear, Pro-Longwear Waterproof, Waterweight.) So to be nice, I am coming back later to re-edit this after I’ve tried it with the Powder on the top. I’m just not in a hurry because I’ve read that the powder isn’t that great for setting and tends to transfer, though some people love the finish.

I needed a new foundation so headed to the MAC counter and the sales assistant suggested this. I loved the sound of it because it was lightweight but buildable and had added SPF. Luckily instead of buying on the spot, she gave me a very generous sample and I’m so glad because I don’t like it at all. I was matched to two different shades – NW15 and NW13. I went with the NW13 because I’m super pale and foundations sometimes oxidise on me, however this one did the opposite, it almost turned lighter on my skin. I look spookily ghost like and had to apply a lot of bronzer to look somewhat healthy. It feels lovely on the skin but unfortunately doesn’t give me enough coverage. If you like a sheer to light coverage – this is for you but I prefer a medium coverage and although it is buildable I had to use quite a lot to achieve a coverage I felt comfortable with. I found it applied best with a damp beauty blender, which I was surprised by because I usually prefer a brush with super fluid foundations like this but this actually seemed to provide me with less coverage that way. Not a bad foundation but just not for me.

I finally ended up throwing this out. I used it sporadically for about a year but this is just not a great foundation. I have very dry skin which I keep in as good of a condition as I possibly can but which is very acne prone. I also found this to have a medium-full coverage on my skin – probably because it was sitting on top and not really blending in. The foundation on its own just sat on top of my skin and looked oily no matter how I applied it. I would have to then set it with quite a bit of powder so it wouldn’t transfer, which then made it look cakey and heavy. It definitely emphasized any dryness or texture on my skin. Mixing it with other foundations worked okay as it didn’t have such an exaggerated effect but those days still weren’t the greatest makeup days. Warning – I especially do not recommend this for dehydrated skin (different from dry skin). I used this once when my skin was very dehydrated after a long night studying and too much coffee.The result was absolutely comical. Every inch of my skin had exaggerated texture that I hadn’t even noticed before. It looked like thick paint on stucco and, in my exhausted state, I actually laughed out loud before completely removing it. I put on instead a hydrating BB cream (the body shop one) and it looked much much better. The shade they matched me with, an NW18, was literally yellow like a light yellow that never really looked quite right outside the store.