Mac prep + prime skin reviews, photos, ingredients – makeupalley wb state electricity board recruitment 2015


WOW!! This thing is really truly amazing!! I was looking for a primer but didn’t want to go for something too matte – I have oily skin but primers with silicons and pore-refining crap tends to make it even more oily, and I also don’t like how they feel when I touch my face – like the leave a silicon residue on my hand when I touch my face or something… I am also trying to use primers from the same companies of my foundations, as I’ve heard that they normally work better this way, and as my absolute favourite is Mac’s Pro Longwear, I went straight to Mac. So a Mac SA recommended this, and I bought it wondering whether it will actually work. And boy it works!! I used it over my Neostrata Ultra Daytime Smoothing Cream, and with my Mac Pro Longwear liquid foundation and keeps it on literally all day… It really is a miracle product. Nope, it doesn’t really smooth pores etc, but it doesn’t claim to do that anyway. It does exactly what it says, keeps your makeup on all day. My face doesn’t look oily, but then again I think this is more down to the combination of this primer and the Pro Longwer than the primer itself – I’ve used it with Mac’s Mineralise Moisture and didn’t really prevent oil from coming out towards the end of my day. I noticed at some point, weeks after I had first used it, that it leave some kind of sparkles on my hand after I apply it, but not sure where the sparkles go, because it’s not sparkly on my face! Another trick I am doing with it is mixing it with the Pro Longwear foundation when I want less coverage – it makes the foundation look like a tinted moisturiser or something, and gives a really nice glow, I absolutely love using it this way, especially during weekends and ‘no makeup days’. This is now my little hero, and will be definitely getting a new one when I run out of it. I have to say that I haven’t tried it with foundations from other companies, but then I would probably not really bother – I would get a primer from the company where the foundation is from if you ask me…

This is a very strange primer that just really doesn’t work for m skin type or makeup style. I bought this some months back when my local MAC was having a GWP sale when you bought a primer and foundation. I was buying foundation anyways, so I asked for a good primer for dry skin and this is what I got handed by the SA. Wrong choice, girl. This was so horrible for dry skin because it does nothing to hydrate or moisturize or anything. It’s a very thin gel-lotion texture and dries sort of like a shiny layer on the face. But it sucked the moisture out of my skin and replaced any natural radiance with this tight shine-veil. Did nothing to keep makeup on or anything extra. Then the sparkles. Honestly, I’m not opposed to a little shimmer in a primer. I have the milani strobe light primer which I love – it’s both moisturizing and has fine shimmers to give that "glow". This was ridiculous, because it didn’t contain that many shimmers, so the glitter just looked random and out-of-place when it was on the face. PLUS, I have the one in pink and the glitters are freaking RED. WHY. None of it was natural, it just looked like red glitter fallout. I ended up giving it to my sister who has oily skin and uses more high-coverage foundations and she doesn’t seem to mind it, but still no rave reviews. Definite pass.