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I was given this foundation by a girl at the MAC counter as she advised me that the Studio Fix I had been using was designed for oily skin (I have Normal/Sensitive skin) and that this would be a bit better as Pro Longwear is designed for Normal/Dry skin. Since then though I have heard the opposite. It reminds me a lot of EL Double Wear, but I feel this is better. It is not as heavy as the DW nor as drying. It also looks better on the skin. HOWEVER, I do find this foundation quite drying on my skin, and it is VERY matte. I was a bit confused after the first couple of uses because I couldn’t figure out why it was so drying when its supposed to be for dry skin. The Studio Fix still dries my skin a little, but not as much as this this. Personally, I am also not a fan of super matte foundations, as it tends to really flatten and dull my skin, and takes the natural glow out of it. I feel this foundation is definitely more suited to Oily skin rather than Normal/Dry skin. Coverage is quite good, a tad less maybe than Studio Fix. Also, just as with Studio Fix, you need to work fast with this foundation as it dries quickly. This also definitely lasts longer than the Studio Fix also, and is definitely less transferable. In Studio Fix I am NC42, however in Pro Longwear I am NC44. The NC42 in Pro Longwear is lighter, and more yellow than the NC42 in Studio Fix. Since they do not carry NC43.5 in Australia(which sucks) NC44 is the closest shade to my skin. I would advise possibly going up a shade. I am not sure yet whether this definitely causes breakouts, but I have noticed that every time I use it, the two days after all of a sudden I get angry pimples out of the blue. If I also use this foundation when I have breakouts, it does tend to make them worse. However I know this isn’t the case for everyone but just thought it was worth a mention. I really wish MAC would bring out a new liquid medium/full coverage foundation that has a satin finish instead of matte. The market is riddled with matte foundations everywhere, it would be nice to find something satin and less stark. For a make up company as renowned as they are, they sure do bring out some wishy washy products, particularly foundations. Apart from their shade selection, I don’t feel like their makeup is all that much better than drugstore foundations in terms of lasting power. It really sucks, because like a lot of other users of MAC, due to my skin tone MAC generally the best I can get to the correct shade, drugstore foundations are not an option for me at all since they’re all too red or pink. Just wish their formulas were a bit better.

I have been a die hard Double Wear girl for at least 15 years I’ve tried others but always go back to DW in ivory beige. That was until I tried Mac Pro longwear foundation in NW 22…..I was given this as freebie from a friend and when I looked at the bottle I thought it would be too dark I was pleasantly surprised. This foundation glides on beautifully gives great coverage and is buildable the colour settles perfectly on my skin and I don’t feel like I have a heavy foundation on. It lasts all day and doesn’t need touched up but when I have it’s gone on great and there is none of that dirty look that sometimes happens when you try to apply over the top of your DW. I apply with a brush and add a little of the Mac strobe cream under it to my cheeks to give me a bit of lift. The other day I thought I’d put on my DW as a change and it felt so thick and un natural on my face. The Mac doesn’t sit in lines or cake which I noticed the DW did do when I used it the other day. I came across this foundation by chance but I definitely think at 42 this very slightly lighter consistency foundation is better for my very slightly aging skin. It’s cheaper than DW too which is an added bonus.

This is honestly whatever. I bought this two years ago when MAC was still "ooh ahh" to me and I thought it was going to be the magic foundation to cover my horribly breaking out at the time skin. First off, the girls at the counter are rude af. I wanted to actually buy product and I was ignored and these little girls playing in testers were catered to. The girl that finally helped me was nice but she tried to give me a shade that was too light at first because she was testing on my hand, but I tan and my hands don’t. She gave me a shade I was more comfortable with NW25. This is really liquidy, it’s alright but nothing amazing imo. It can be built up. Covers alright. Doesn’t hold back any oils. Today I finally used up the last little bit and realaized the W must stand for warm and I wouldn’t say I’m a warm undertone, more neutral to cool. So I think nC25 would have been a better fit for me. Because today I realaized at the end of the day that I was looking kind of orangey. So that annoyed me. Honestly this is way overpriced at $35. Mac is overhyped as a brand I think. And I don’t like that they test on animals. I’ve tried drugstore foundations similar or even better than this one. I feel like there’s SO much out there now I’d be better off trying than using this. Also, I never really noticed it before because I didn’t pay attention, so that’s not saying it DIDNT happen, but I swear this shit broke me out today. There’s a pimple I swear wasn’t there today under my chin and my jawline feels bumpier than before. I’m pissed. I remember when I first bought it an acquaintance was like oh take it back it broke me out and I was like eh whatever not everyone has the same skin but I’m 99% this caused my skin to freak out today. Don’t recommend. Wouldn’t buy again. Or probably any Mac foundation tbh. I’m over Mac.