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Usually in most Western media, a man who is Camp Gay is of thin or average build. Not so here. Macho Camp is what you get when a Camp Gay character looks large and muscular, most often to bodybuilder level builds. Some are in the Transparent Closet, and vehemently deny their gayness, while others are quite open about it, but one thing’s for sure: it’s really not something you want to tease them about. They do have muscles on muscles, after all.

Though the trope usually involves campy behavior, such characters are also often portrayed as being so overly manly that it becomes impossible to take seriously. These types tend to be prone to flexing and talking about how macho they are, all the while being a rather obvious gay stereotype.

This stereotype is somewhat more common in Japan (where it has become the default gay stereotype, as fashion-conscious pretty boys are more associated with heterosexuals there) than in the US, but is still seen in Western media. Almost always Played for Laughs, such characters are often introduced to be Comic Relief, or to hit on the straight guy who can do little to stop it.

• Despite the large number of cute Petting Zoo People girls in the show and Keita’s clear interest in them, Inukami! has plenty of manservice in the form of Hard Gays; disturbingly so. Keita is on the receiving end of most of it, and is respected among the fetish and hard gay communities. The show has plenty of Censor Steam in the form of elephants on top of all this. It even goes so far as to give these men their own version of the ending once.

• It’s somewhat doubtful that Geki Hyuuma, the comm-crushing, tanktop-spacesuit-wearing, ever-flexing (even in space) Lancer of GaoGaiGar’s Gutsy Galaxy Guard is actually gay. But it is certain that he takes this trope as far as his Hot Bloodedness, which is to say that eleven is a good start.

• Hapshiel the Angel from Macademi Wasshoi. Finea, Eneus’ little sister, is repeatedly sent to him by Eitarou in episode nine and, despite the scarring she most likely got from seeing a muscular man in very little kiss her multiple times over, keeps going back.

General Blue of the Red Ribbon Army from Dragon Ball also comes across as both Camp and Hard Gay (but calling him gay is his Berserk Button). General Blue, the humorously homosexual, yet frighteningly powerful villain who gives Goku a run for his money until he is killed by billion- zeni mercenary Tao Pai Pai.

• An enemy type in Elona. Despite the name, the Hard Gay has the appearance of a punk or gang member (also enemy types), and explodes on contact as their primary and only method of attack, making them almost no different from the Kamikaze Samurai.

• Cho Aniki is largely based on this, especially the later games. Nearly nude muscle men fly around space shooting gooey energy out of their phallic heads to do battle with other naked space monsters that are usually conglomerations of big muscular men with fairy wings or something. Please see here for a comprehensive analysis of this series. It’s something that should not be missed. Really.

• Jean Armstrong from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations is a beefy fellow obsessed with aromatherapy, the color pink, and other feminine things. He even refers to himself as a woman (occasionally, he obviously does not believe he is a woman), and flirts with both Phoenix and Godot fairly blatantly.

• Kanji from Persona 4 is afraid of being seen as this, or even stereotypically gay, just because he’s, well… confused. Unfortunately for him, his Shadow plays it up for all that its worth, with a boss fight against it in the form of a muscle-bound body, a rose bouquet for a head (which is the ‘gay male’ flower), and Shadow-Kanji’s naked torso hanging out of it, escorted by two Cho Aniki-style bosses.

• The third game in the Streets of Rage series had a Hard Gay miniboss named Ash who ran around, bodyslammed you and then giggled like a little girl. When you beat him, he’d sit on the ground and cry. After beating him, you could use him as a player character. For obvious reasons, he was Dummied Out of the US version although it was still possible to play him using game genie codes.

• A very distinct version of this trope, the often crazy Mystical Ninja Goemon game series. The psychics that tell you where to go to advance the story are wearing very little, surrounded by dancing, buff male statues. Similarly, the game "punishes" you for getting a game over by showing the "Continue?" option surrounded scantily clad men hulu-hooping at you. I’m not kidding.