Madison county food inspections march 17 short takes electricity use


Feb. 5, non-critical violations: (1) several items found not identified to contents in the walk-in cooler (date mark); (2) steam table/hot holding unit (right) found not maintaining proper temperature; (3) ceiling vent in women’s restroom found soiled; (4) light shields found missing and caps to shields in kitchen; (5) dining room light shields found soiled; (6) gaps found below all exterior doors; (7) no self closure found on women’s restroom door.

Feb. 6, critical violations: (1) Blue cheese at 44.5 degrees; cheese cups at 52.7 degrees; custard at 48.7 degrees; Farmhouse dressing at 54.5 degrees; Southwest chipotle at 46 degrees; chili at 130 degrees; and rice soup at 118 degrees; non-critical violations: (1) hot holding unit by grill found not maintaining proper temperature; (2) area (valve) plumbing above sprayer found leaking in scrap sink by dishwasher; (3) no hot water found in public restrooms (except right side sink in women’s (adjust) restroom; (4) area around soda machine and cabinets at condiment station found soiled; (5) freezer in dining room found soiled inside; (6) light shields found soiled in public restrooms.

Feb. 9, critical violations: (1) hamburgers on the grill being kept warm were 123 degrees. Cole slaw in top of make table was stacked above the rim was 45 degrees; (2) none of the potentially hazardous food were date marked — anywhere; (3) oven cleaner was stored with food prep equipment and on the ice maker; non-critical violations: (1) vents above the large commercial store does not work; (2) the outside shed is in very poor repair; (3) the floor is very soiled in the shed; (4) single service items are stored directly on the floor in the shed; (5) thermometers were not located in any of the reach-in coolers and freezers.

Feb. 9, non-critical violations: (1) wiping cloths found out on the counters throughout the kitchen; (2) hood filters found soiled (one loose); (3) no trash can with a lid — covered found in the women’s restroom; (4) light shield found soiled in the men’s restroom ceiling tile stained.

Feb. 12, non-critical violations: (1) several items found in walk-in cooler and reach-in refrigerator not identified to contents; (2) several door gaskets on refrigerators found torn (pizza make refrigerator/upright unit near cash register; (3) wiping cloths found on counter not in sanitizer; (4) dish machine found not sanitizing; (5) leak under 3-comp sink in bar found; (6) walk-in cooler coils/fan covers/fans/ceiling found soiled; (7) men’s restroom ceiling vents found soiled; (8) gap found below outer door in dining room.

Feb. 13, critical violation: (1) several items found out of temperature range — chicken nuggets, 108-114 degrees (discarded); peanut butter cheesecake, 48 degrees; cheesecake, 51 degrees; (egg 42.3 degrees (OK) +1-3 degrees (cheese, 42.9 degrees); chocolate pudding at 44.8 degrees and blue cheese at 44 degrees; non-critical violations: (1) fan cover inside freezer by deep fryers found soiled; (2) door handle on walk-in freezer found broken; (3) dessert refrigerator and waitress refrigerator in back room found not working properly; (4) preparation sink found leaking; (5) dumpster found open-lid on back missing (be sure new dumpster has drain plug) (6) ceiling/light shield/vents/covers throughout kitchen found soiled); (7) hood found not exhausting properly.

Feb. 15, critical violations: (1) gravy found at 122 degrees, shell eggs at 46.0 degrees, milk-skim at 59.2 degrees, cheese at 79.2 degrees (discarded); (2) chemical sanitizing not being used on tables and counters; (3) two spray bottles of all purpose cleaner found on the shelf/rack by hand sink; non-critical violations: (1) single service items found on the floor; (2) 3 compartment sink found leaking.

Feb. 15, non-critical violations: (1) door gasket found broken on ice freezer; (2) single service cups found stored on the floor in the back storage room; (3) mop sink found without a back syphonage device on the faucet; (4) floor found soiled in the walk-in cooler.

Feb. 16, critical violations: (1) milk-skim found to be no good (not found to be out of date), all milk jugs must be dated marked; (2) not found using sanitizer on tables; non-violations: (1) coffee machine leaking under cabinet; (2) area under cabinets found soiled.

Feb. 16, non-critical violations: (1) freezer found not maintaining proper temperature by grill/egg cooking area; (2) replace/clean broken and soiled door gaskets on equipment throughout (drink station/frig/Delfield freezer); (3) mop closet and washer station found soiled and in disorder.

Feb. 16, non-critical violations: (1) several items found not identified to contents in walk-in cooler (cheese, tomatoes); (2) hood (inside top) equipment found soiled over fryers; (3) ice machine inside top found soiled (mold); (4) freezer below fryers/fry hot holding found with torn door gasket; (5) light shield in men’s restroom found soiled.

Feb. 21, critical violations: (1) several food items out of proper temperature range: cheese, 62.9 degrees, salsa, 64.6 degrees, milk, 60.6 degrees, skim milk, 61.6 degrees, yogurt at 63.9 degrees (refrigerator with yogurt not maintaining temperature; (2) all refrigeration items must be date marked including milk; non-critical violations: (1) three compartment sink and hand sink found leaking.

Feb. 21, critical violations: (1) chicken found at 51.3 degrees during preparation (ice bath or refrigerate); (2) hand sink found not accessible in the kitchen; (3) sanitizer found too weak in kitchen (not all areas), bar and wait stations; non-critical violations: (1) dish machine found not sanitizing; (2) floos found soiled in walk-in cooler and freezer; (3) ceiling/walls found soiled in kitchen (exhaust hood, and/or heating and cooking should be checked; (4) gaps between outer doors.

Feb. 28, non-critical violations: (1) door gaskets on preparation refrigerator found torn/soiled; (2) dumpster found stored open; (3) walk-in cooler coils/fan covers and ceiling found soiled; (3) gap found at bottom of front door; (4) self-closure not found on restroom door.