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It’s been 25 years since we pushed this little EP out into the world and we are extremely excited to announce, that for the first time ever, via our own label, Emergency Music, and in partnership with Remote Control Records, ‘Signs Of Satanic Youth’ will be reissued and available on DSP’s and 12″ vinyl. gas constant mmhg It’s been a long time in the making and is particularly significant as it was a project spearheaded by Dean and was a long held dream of his that we are now proud to be able to fulfil. ‘Signs Of Satanic Youth’ is available to stream and download HERE. Two 12″ vinyl editions (coloured and classic black) and a CD edition will be available from Friday 18th January, 2019. Many thanks to Remote Control Records, Mushroom Music and Lindsay Gravina.

Hey beautiful Dirtbags! We are really doing it!! Magic Dirt will be heading out on the road this summer with a string of shows! After our little taste of the Magic Dirt reunion show at the Barwon Club last February, we are amped and pumped to come out and play again with a bunch of great bands and friends as part of the ‘Hotter Than Hell’ Tour 2018/2019. We are also teaming up with our good mates and legends, You Am I to play Sydney’s Taronga Zoo and we will then be heading back down to our stomping ground to hit the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre at next years Golden Plains Festival. Check below for tix and dates.

Every year this time rolls around and every year it doesn’t seem any further away or any less sad, that day that you quietly passed away. I don’t mean to sound like I wish it would either, it is simply an observation. But this year more than ever I feel your presence still, Dean. It wasn’t easy to make the choice to do these shows. When we first heard, of course our reaction was no, not yet, it couldn’t be right. But the bitter truth is it will never be entirely right, not without you. But then your gentle smile catches me again, and I see you sitting on some motel coach eating cereal in your pyjamas, watching some trashy TV show, having the time of your life the day after a show, just getting ready to play another show and I know, what else could we do? How else can we go on but to get out there and play? Play the music that you so passionately and caringly made, created and nurtured with us. There were times when you literally pulled and teased it out of us, with your gazing blue eyes you made us be the best we could be, you believed in us, your band, Magic Dirt, and for that I will always and forever be grateful. It was your strength, determination and vision that kept us together, that kept us working, touring and writing. I know that you touched many many people with your soft yet strong ways, with your just and passionate beliefs, with your nurturing and balanced soul. It is through your family, friends and fans that you live on. Today and always we wish to remember and honour your legacy, your vision, your thundering bass, your hip cool poise, your quick wit, your big loving playful beautiful heart. You are in our hearts forever – our captain, our champion, our dear friend Dean Turner.

‘Dirty Jeans’ by Magic Dirt features not only in the title but also in the track listing on new Australian compilation, ‘DIRTY JEANS: The Rise Of Australian Alternative Rock’. Spanning 1988-2002 the compilation also features the iconic ‘My Pal’ by GOD as well as classic tracks from Beasts Of Bourbon, Tumbleweed, The Meanies, Powder Monkeys, You Am I and many more. gas hydrates ppt Adalita also contributes to the liner notes. Out now through Festival/Warner.

Dean. Innovator, trailblazer, mentor, funny guy, old soul, genius, true, dignified, music lover, sound perfector, diamond mind, zen creature, beautiful friend, fierce protector, sacred family, gatekeeper of sound, supporter of women in music, supporter of the outsider in music, missed, deep in our hearts, those who know, know well, that you are always here. The Dirtbags miss you mate. We all do. Love always. XXX

“We are super excited to be back in Footscray for the third year in a row to celebrate our world class event. This year we are especially honored to be naming a stage after one of our local music heroes, Dean Turner, who passed away in August 2009 after a long courageous battle with an extremely rare form of cancer. As bass player and co-founder of Magic Dirt, Dean was deeply devoted to and passionate about music which was always evident in his energetic and enthusiastic stage presence. He was a unique individual with a beautiful soul and is a huge inspiration to many musicians. He provided his vast knowledge and support with humility, grace and integrity throughout his role as a songwriter, musician and producer. Dean worked tirelessly because music was one of the greatest joys in his life; he selflessly championed Australian music, was focused on encouraging young bands and hosted music workshops for secondary schools nationally. He was particularly generous with his time and advice and had a profound effect on people, always leaving a warm and inspired feeling.

The Dean Turner stage is an ongoing collaboration we will undertake with Dean’s wife, Linda Bosidis, and their two girls, Charlie and Evie. We ask that everyone has Dean in their thoughts while enjoying the incredible acts that we have curated on this stage. electricity magnetism and light Further to that, in consultation with Linda, we are proud to be supporting the Yiriman Project.

The Yiriman Project is a cultural youth diversionary project designed and governed by Elders from within a cultural block in the south-west Kimberley region. tgask Since 2001, the project has assisted young indigenous people at risk from suicide, drug and alcohol abuse and criminal activity by joining them with Elders and re-connecting them with their land and culture.

It was Dean who suggested to us a few years back that it would be a nice touch to give people free public transport to and from the event and we took this on in 2010. In 2012 we are offering free public transport again to punters as part of their ticket. With this in mind, we ask that you please tick the charity box to add $2.60 to your ticket which will go towards the Yiriman Project.

For nine years, Dean battled an extremely rare form of soft tissue cancer called dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans (DFSP). This cancer became life threatening after it began to metastasize and cause various fatal tumours. Being a very private man, Dean chose to fight the cancer in a quiet and dignified manner. He displayed great courage and incredible stoicism. And above all else he had an unshakeable positive attitude throughout his long ordeal. His composure and grace during this time will never be forgotten and is an inspiration to us all.

As a founding member of Magic Dirt, Dean was the linchpin, the heart and soul of the band. He was the rock, the glue, the oracle, the cool filter. He was deeply dedicated and passionate about the music he made and the impact the band had on peoples lives. Dean always came up with fantastic ideas but he tempered these ideas with a rock solid work ethic and made them not only real but a success.

Dean’s bass playing and sound is unique and unmistakable. With a great flow and organic playing style, Dean dug deep into his role as bass player, supporting and creating a bedrock, the backbone of the Magic Dirt sound. And fans will never forget his melodic riffing, heavy thunder, sonic shimmers and noise fests at Magic Dirt’s live shows.

Dean championed a lot of Australian music, always interested in giving young bands a go, he was generous with his time and advice to those that sought his council. Dean was also a band manager, being instrumental in the rise of Brisbane band Violent Soho, he guided and tended the band and had an immensely positive impact on them. Dean was also an in demand producer. His vision and stabilizing effect in the recording studio allowed many bands the opportunity to realize their dreams of making great records. He produced such bands as Violent Soho, theredsunband, Gersey, Sons of the Sun and lastly worked on Adalita’s (Magic Dirt’s front woman) first solo album.

But the greatest joy and proudest achievement in Dean’s life is his family. He was an extremely dedicated and loving father and husband. His wife Linda and two children were the loves of his life and he cherished them with all his being. In the last nine years during his battle with the cancer he did everything he could to stay with them despite the pain and suffering he was enduring. gas vs electric water heater savings He had a profound effect on people, always leaving a warm and inspiring feeling.

The surviving Magic Dirt members, Adalita, Raul and Adam are absolutely devastated at their loss and cannot fathom a future without him. Above all else they will remember Dean as their beautiful and precious friend. Kind, gentle, very funny and witty, had impeccable taste, a joy to be around, a great storyteller, extremely trustworthy, honest, direct, a diamond mind.

Thank you to all the fans for your incredible outpouring of love, care and support. We’d also like to acknowledge and thank all the wonderful bands, friends, venues and visual artists who were involved in putting together their own benefit shows in honour of Dean and in helping to contribute to his daughters trust fund. In gratitude, Adalita, Raul and Adam

Adalita, Raul and Adam said when announcing the shows, “Dean loved playing live. He liked to play loud and hard and give it all he had. 110% all the way. We are so proud of Deans legacy and the gifts he has left with us all. His gifts of perseverance, passion and commitment to the music. And his endearing gifts of boyish fun, his invigorating and uplifting attitude on that long hard road and his pure punk rock spirit on stage, behind the scenes and around us at all times.”

Among one of the final recording projects that Dean assembled was the White Boy EP. This EP contains ‘White Boy’, lifted from the band’s latest album Girl as well as the track ‘Summer High’ featuring Rowland S Howard and produced by Dean. Other songs include ‘Love Is The Armour’ which features Gareth Liddiard from The Drones, two previously unreleased tracks ‘Deep In A Net Of Red’ and ‘Valley Of The Rose’ and ‘Future Fuck’ which is lifted off their 2008 tour ep.

In conjunction with the release of the White Boy EP comes the White Boy video. Directed by Geelong wunderkid, Adam Harding, White Boy was shot in the eerie surrounds of the Old Geelong Gaol in Dec 1997. 93 gas near me Adam came on the road with us in 2007 and shot the live footage that you see in the clip. We recommend the VIMEO link for high definition viewing.