Mahou shoujo site – 06 random curiosity 4 gases in the atmosphere besides oxygen and nitrogen


I’m honestly hard pressed to determine what’s more annoying right now: cutting down on the number of hilariously epic screenshots of crazy eyes and orgasmic faces (very hard), MSS’s newfound penchant for answering one question with another question, or the fact I got a serious number of predictions wrong. Sure, I’ve been known to screw up the last point on most some occasions, but Rina surviving? Tsuyuno winding up in perfect health? The Tempest proving that all teapots are created equal? Yeah, I think I’m starting to love this show.

With all the teasing at the end of last week, I doubt anyone seriously predicted that our new girl Kosame would not only be a new ally for the good girls squad, but have one of the most ironic magical powers to date. Magical panties (with stick)? That’s so yesterday, we’re going full emo now. Who needs a face full of bipolar apple butt when you can heal any injury with a bit of bloody box cutter stimulus? Somewhere out there emos and vampire-loving goths both are salivating over the possibilities. And we haven’t even touched on that crazy pill popping either. Seriously, it’s the teenage full meal deal complete with eye patch, quirky hair colour, and off-colour bow—perfection.

Alright Pancakes humour aside, Kosame’s appearance right at this moment is a little convenient plot-wise, but it’s arguably the best place to start resolving the mess Aya and Tsuyuno have found themselves in and begin pushing this story forward. Kosame’s healing prowess has revealed a great deal of Tempest information, and while the specifics are still obviously elusive, there’s plenty to chew on. We now know for example that the purpose of the sticks is to collect negative energy—i.e. misfortune and assorted negative emotions in the true Kyuubey fashion—and that only the girl who collects the most negative energy with their own stick (important point) will be allowed to survive the Tempest. What the Tempest actually is, who the mentioned King is? Deliberately left unanswered for obvious reasons. The real clue, however, is in the factors not touched on. As the girls quickly realized, how can negative energy be recovered if using their powers drains their life? Simple answer: because they’re not meant to acquire negative energy. With everything revealed thus far, I’m firmly betting the true purpose of the sticks is to actually acquire the life “energy” of misfortunate girls and that the Tempest is nothing more than a mirage ingeniously placed to encourage the girls to use their powers. The site administrators intend on using that energy for something else, of which creation or resurrection looks to be the name of the game. Who that girl is and what comes after she properly awakes? An answer for a later (read: season finale) date.

Getting to the knowledge of what lies beyond the Tempest though is going to require a little work. Considering the site administration looks like the latest gathering of evil magical beings capturing one will likely prove difficult, and that’s before dealing with their intent on liquidating the curious. With the next chapter in this cutie breaking shock fest ready to get going, you can bet the wild and crazy is just getting started. Just ask Kaname.