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The mainstream media ( MSM), at times referred to as the lamestream media for satirical purposes, are print and broadcast news organizations that report on news events. The mainstream media dates back to the start of the nation where politicians and printers would prepare "broadside" news sheets. The format of the media has evolved to include multi-page newspapers printed on high-speed offset presses, radio, television and online websites. Traditionally, media has been supported by a combination of subscriptions, newsstand sales and advertising. These revenues pay the cost of distribution as well as the journalist who write the content.

Because news gathering is expensive, over time the mainstream media has found ways to share content and to distribute the cost of journalism over a wider set of customers. Radio and television stations formed networks to share content. Print media formed organizations like United Press International and the Associated Press to share coverage and photos. Some newspapers share printing operations, and other media organizations such as Copley and Gannett have purchased a large number of newspapers resulting in shared administrative costs. Although media started with a large number of competing news outlets operated locally, over time, media ownership and control has become more centralized in large organizations. The increasingly liberal media organs censor the dissemination of honest news and repeatedly apply liberal double standards.

The common denominator of the "mainstream media" is their censoring or downplaying stories that would lead viewers to conservative conclusions, and their use of photo bias, placement bias and other forms of deception to mislead viewers into drawing incorrect liberal conclusions. The term mainstream media usually refers to how the majority of commercial-based or taxpayer-funded news reporting and commentary consist of liberal bias, while falsely pretending to be objective providers of information. In addition to promoting forms of censorship, the mainstream media has increasingly promoted or condoned (or in some cases, even ignored or denied) the violence of the Antifa and other left-wingers. [1]

• Without any evidence of church attendance or Bible-reading by the defendant accused of murdering 92 people in Norway, the headline of the leading Australian newspaper declared, "Norway suspect ‘fundamentalist Christian.’" [5] The headline appears to be based in part on a Facebook page that was likely not even authentic.

It is clear that the mainstream media is extremely biased towards the left-wing, and this was the case since at least the 1960s, with a strong leftist monopoly on the news which promotes false conclusions. [6] The 2016 election of Republican businessman Donald Trump prominently displayed the blatant leftist bias of the media. [6] [7] [8] [9] Trump found a way to get his message out to the public without needing to go through the lens of the leftist media, and some liberals suggested ways in how to force Trump to have to deal with the corrupt media. [10] When President Trump accused the Obama administration of surveilling him, the leftist media hideously mocked him as "paranoid", "delusional", and "demented" and as evidence he should be removed from office for mental health reasons.

[11] One year later when the New York Times admitted the facts based on leaks from Obama administration intelligence community leaders anxious to keep themselves out of jail, no apologies or retractions were forthcoming, effectively refusing to admit that Trump was right.

So we hear this week that President George W. Bush is taking delight in the spread of the "alternative press" (read conservatives on the Internet, in talk radio, in print, and at Fox) and the gentle detumescence of "mainstream media" (read liberal media, or more precisely, Democratic media). Well I join him in his satisfaction. ‘Alternative Media’

Differing opinions also exist over the definition of a similar term – Alternative Media. Although some consider, for example, Rush Limbaugh’s launch to be the birth of "alternative media", so too do the Left consider publications like The Nation to be "alternative media". [16] In fact, many would view the Village Voice group to be the most widely published "alternative media" outlet in the United States.

By whatever definition, most media watchers would classify as "alternative media" any media organ that is primarily hosted on the Internet rather than printed and delivered or mailed to subscribers. The alternative media is not exclusively conservative. It includes liberal organs as well. Some writers on these organs have suggested that the mainstream media has a conservative bias—by which they actually mean that mainstream-media organs are not as revolutionary, or as radical, in their thinking as are the writers themselves. [17] [18] [19]

It is worth noting that liberal blog activity on the internet declined after the election of Barack Hussein Obama, [21] and continued to decline after his reelection. This shows that the distaste for bias in the liberal MSM is spreading to the alternative media.