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As we used the pieces that we had made in part one of the construction 0087, we carried on with the procedures of making this special bike. In this video, we made a metallic framework by a metallic tube. On the framework, we placed a bearing, where the steering wheel and the pedals move. Then, on the steering wheel, we set two air pistons and in extent on them, we placed the front wheel. Thus, when the air pistons widen, the front part of the bike gets higher.

We, also placed another two air pistons at the back side of the bike. The difference is that at the back side the pistons were placed between the framework and the scissors, on which the back wheel is placed. que gases componen el aire y su porcentaje The scissors that we made at the back side is long enough so when it opens, the back side of the bike gets high enough in order to reach the same level of the front part.

One of the challenges while considering making this construction was to keep the same length of the chain while the big move of the scissors is made. This problem, though, was solved as the center of the scissors has the same center of spinning with the gear of the chain. In this way, the chain keeps the same length while the scissors are moving.

At the centre of the bike, we placed the bottles and the air compressor. While on the steering wheel, we placed the valves, which control the opening and the closing of the pistons. Therefore, our bike can get higher and lower. This bike is one of a kind and we created it as this project is considered as an amazing constructive challenge. We are not only happy about the outcome of our construction, but we are also amazed how well it functions generally. To sum up, this construction represents the name of our team ‘make it extreme’ in a great extent.

We started making the construction of our new project considering the fact that is not only a mechanically interesting object, but it is also interesting during its function as well as we took under consideration the comical aspect of this idea. Therefore, we came up with the idea of making a bike that would make level modifications while moving thus it would be capable from a lower level to grow into a higher level and vice versa.

To make our bike go up and down, we used the power of suppressed air as it opens a pneumatic cylinder that lifts the weight as well as the weight of the bike. To cause this air pressure, we used a portable air compressor 12v, which compresses the air and saves it into two bottles taken by old fire extinguishers. electricity formulas grade 9 We made that option as the fire extinguishers are already checked that can handle very high pressures (215bar). Although, the highest pressure that we used is up to 8,5 bar.

After the two storage bottles of air, we also placed two valves. Therefore, when we move the lever of the one valve forward, the frontal part will go up and when the lever is moved on the other side, the frontal part of the bike will go down. In the same way, the second valve controls the back side of the bike. electricity multiple choice questions grade 9 We created 3 pneumatic cylinders in order to place two in the front and one at the back. Normally, we should have the 2 pneumatic cylinders at the back and the 1 in the front but it would be more difficult aesthetically and constructively, so we decided to try it like this at first.

Initially, we changed the front wheels which are double in size than the previous ones and are ideal for irregular grounds. We placed disc brakes on them, which are activated on both wheels at the same time. Having these particular modifications on our vehicle, it became taller and now it is more capable of overcoming bigger obstacles on its way. Also, we regulated the central spring of the construction to be softer in order to absorb better the level of the volume of vibrations.

Changing the motor in such a construction was also an essential thing to do, as it was 50cc and now it became 250cc. The benefit we got from this change was that of having 5 gears. Therefore, now we can use the proper speed according to the ground our vehicle is used on and the power that is required to do so. electricity facts history Another advantage was that one of the gears goes backwards so the vehicle can be easily released in case it is trapped in narrow spaces where it cannot easily fit.

We also changed the chain of the move transmission to a thicker one in order to be more tolerant to the high powers of the machine. Additionally, at the crawler we applied some metallic pieces to avoid the contact between the crawler’s screws with the ground and to increase the adhesion on the mud. Then, we moved the spaces where we place our legs and feet in the vehicle to make it more comfortable and we empowered the steering wheel to be more tolerant.

The crawlers are vehicles that have always attracted us as they are more uncommon compared to the usual ones that they use wheels. They are usually used by vehicles on the ground as they have a large contact surface with it and they have the potential to be tolerable in hardships. However, there are some drawbacks as their heavy weight, their high cost and some other.

Initially, we cut the gears, on which the metallic crawler spins. On its side we put a gear, from which the machine moves it. We shaped our framework by taking a tube of 50mm. The crawler was connected on the framework in such a way to Have the ability to be moved up and down when it meets obstacles on its way like stones and other things. To avoid swishing and to control this move responsibly, we had two springs connecting the framework and the Crawler.

The framework that we made is constituted by two pieces that are connected in the middle and they can be moved up and down. This move is limited with the help of an adjustable spring which allows a small move so the vehicle will be able to absorb all the swishes caused by the obstacles arisen. The front wheels were placed in their between width 90cm and they also have their own springs so they can be moved independently the one from the other. This gives the opportunity to the vehicle to have a good hold on an irregular ground and keep a good hold in steep hinges.

We placed our steering wheel that turns the two front wheels to the direction we want. Also, we used a machine from a scooter 50cc even if we knew that the machine was weak to move the heavy weight of our vehicle easily. youtube gas monkey Finally, we are very pleased from the first trials we had. That was the primary phase of the vehicle and we are very happy from the outcome of our construction. To sum up, our vehicle will be completed on the next video, when we are going to choose bigger wheels and motor and in general our construction will be finished.