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I have a quick temper and can be angered by the slightest inconvenience. My moon sign is Aries, so I’ve been known to fly off the handle at the tiniest of provocations (I’m getting so woo-woo in my old age with the meditation and astrology), so I looked into this and it truly makes me feel so much better every morning. It’s not foolproof. I’m still pissed off a lot, but I start my day feeling better than if I’m rushing to get ready at the very least.

This is not an extensive habit. sgas belfast I typically only write a page or two and then do a meditation that is less than 15 minutes long and then go about my day. My habits are not what this post is about, but I will say that my new morning routine (including a cup of warm green tea and reading for 40 minutes after the journaling/meditation) makes the rest of my day so much more enjoyable.

What I don’t think is common sense (or at least common practice) is that I’m the only one who can enforce certain things to make my life what I want it to be. I know so many people, often finding myself among them, who can’t or won’t say no to certain things or people even if they are draining their precious energy so that they can’t use it on the people and activities who really matter to them.

People are becoming dangerously un-selfish. Personally, when I have strayed away from saying no, my mental and physical health has suffered. I’ve filled my calendar with things that don’t excite me and foregone going to the gym, which is the key to my sanity. I’ve been at events where I eat too much and drink too much and feel like garbage, when I didn’t want to be at the event in the first place. gaslighting examples I’ve spent time with people who drain me of my energy and peace of mind.

There is a whole other facet of this and that is doing what you want and what you love unapologetically. There is more to this than saying no. You also have to say yes to the things you love whether it’s going to make you the coolest person around or not. You can say no to so many things, but if you’re still suppressing your true self, you’ll still be at least half miserable.

My name is Taylor Crenshaw and I will eat hot wings in public (aggressively). I will watch Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. I will not fit the exact mold society has for me. I will curse and display masculine traits and choose a Bud Light over your craft beer. 1 unit electricity price india And I will wear black nearly exclusively. These are silly examples, trust me I know, but they’re just a start in expressing myself to my fullest capability.

We have to stop feeling selfish and bad about the choices that will, in the end, benefit us. Of course, it’s hard to drop the habit of saying “yes” all of the time. electricity production in chad Of course, it’s hard to realize that social and family dynamics have changed as we’ve gotten older and what used to work no longer does. That is difficult whether it is happening with your family or your friends or your job. It’s difficult to step out of the box you have inhabited for so long. Both saying no and saying yes mat at times suck.

I’ve never had a problem bowing out of social engagements. What I have had a problem with is lying about why I no longer can do something, making excuses instead of just saying, “I can’t do that. I really need that time to recharge and spend some time at home.” Or better yet, don’t give a reason. You don’t owe anyone an explanation about how you choose to spend your time. It is yours and yours alone and it should be spent how you want to spend it.

And like I said, it’s going to be difficult to break the mindset that society has created. Being busy is glorified, being “normal” is glorified, and it’s hard to say no to friends and family, but at the end of the day, this is your life. electricity 220v This is my life. It should be spent in a way that makes us absolutely overjoyed to be living this life.

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