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More and more, children are becoming a product of gross societal negligence, piss poor parenting practices, backwards educational requirements inferior gene pools and overzealous marketing endeavors. Largely stemming from "Generation Barney", children of the 90s were taught early on that failure was perfectly acceptable. Starting with the "No Child Left Behind" stupidity, kids were suddenly being brought down to the level of the "lowest common denominator" of the classroom, given A+’s for having an "A"ttitude that was "+" positive, it suddenly became more crucial to make kids as happy as possible and with as little disappointment than it was to actually educate them in any meaningful manner.

Kids were taught that it is "okay" to be a basement dwelling welfare leach so long as they were happy and had a good attitude about it. They were taught that it was "okay" to wet the bed past the age of 5, giving an increase of demand on baby diapers that were put on the market last thursday that would have been completely laughable in decades past. Fast food happy meals were likewise super sized, not because kids were actually eating more, but simply because they kept on ordering the baby meals well on into their tweens and teens.

Our society has since degenerated into a form of super acceptance, to the point where failure itself is something to be celebrated and standards of acceptable behavior have downgraded to a near infantile level. Creative new medical conditions and disorders have likewise arisen, allowing parents to raise "unique" little diseases rather than real children. Mommy’s little malady, daddy’s little disorder, it has become literally in vogue to have a "special" child with a "special" problem, upon which any failures or generally bad behavior can be labeled with a convenient, all encompassing excuse.

Generally there are two types of manchildren, the emotionally unstable drama whore type and the flippant, fun loving, lazy bastard type. The former make for excellent trolling due to the fact that they’ll blow up over the slightest little thing, often have great difficulty controlling their emotions and are generally prone to acting out with little inhibition; most often due to lack of recognizing the potential consequences and outcomes of social situations.

More often than not they tend to float over in the aspie end of the spectrum, while the later category tend to be apathetic, carefree neurotypicals who generally don’t take anything seriously…at all. Trolling or flaming that type is not recommended, they’ll simply laugh it off, poke fun at you for not acting like them and due to their complete inability to take anything seriously (least of all themselves), any attempted attack or troll will fail before it has even begun.

• Leslie Jones, speaking of Pro- Hilary pedophiles, the same person; but a fat black tryhard from that Fembusters film that Sony and Paul Feig pulled out of their tumblr asses. She screeched and ragequit by baleeting a shitload of racist and gorilla tweets which made 4chan in complete lulz.

• Darknessthecurse, an edgelord Sonicfag who will assrape his fans for not listening to his advice, and claims that he was in a hospital when his JewTube was deleted… and his video game reviews are the bratty nu metal version of UrinatingTree, minus the creativity and with additional literal tryhard unfunny humor, that to this day hasn’t changed since over 10 years and some change.

• Eric Abramov, a morbidly obese Soviet Russian greedy merchant converted to some typical Christian extremist reading on the bible, as well as talking about WWE; though he is known for eating a shitload of video game consoles; including the Shitcube. Also, he might actually be a more top kek version of Angry Video Game Nerd. …or he is?