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As is evident from the responses, there is no clear winner among the many possible solutions to the shaving problem. Men’s beards differ, and each alternative has at least one downside, it seems. I feel for those who have thick, stiff, fast-growing beards, and who don’t want to grow one. Usually these are dark-haired fellows; if I were one of them I believe I would certainly choose to keep a full beard and just trim it now and then. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a dark-haired man with a beard that didn’t look good.

In my case, I come from blond-haired, blue-eyed Nordic/North Germanic stock. Such men, myself included, often have thinner, softer, slower-growing beards, which makes things easier. I have to shave only twice a week, and the growth is hard to see if you’re not close enough to violate my personal space. Since I’m partially disabled and can’t stand in front of a mirror long enough to shave, I use an electric while I’m sitting here in my home office. It probably takes me longer to get a close shave than it did when I used a razor before I was disabled, but I can still get very close with it if I take my time and apply some pressure. I settled on the Norelco rotaries a number of years ago, and they have served me pretty well.

When I joined the Air force I was encouraged to buy the standard razor, it was a 3 piece unit that used blue blades. I still have it and still use it. I use soap and a badger hair brush.I soak the brush in the sink in hot water while I shower. Snap the water out of the brush work up a lather and have a nice clean shave.

Let me preface this by: We all go out into the World and our face is the 1st thing folks see. It IS true that we don’t get a 2nd chance for a 1st impression. You owe it to yourself to do ALL you can do to make sure you are the best that you can be. This is very important. This not a quick fix( well yes it is) but a MOSTLY, a lifestyle change.

One thing most shavers don’t know about is "mapping the face"- on most faces, the face hair grows in different directions. Mapping is actually drawing it out( on a piece of paper, draw a face and then using arrows, show the different directions that the hair is growing). Easy to do, when you rub your face in one direction and then rub the opposite direction, it will feel rough. When you do this all over your face, you will find that your hair does indeed, grow in different directions.

What is the point, you ask? Well, several reasons: 1.) it actually gets on you in touch with your own body (and hopefully gets you motivated to explore and get to know the other parts of your body{take that how you want}). 2.) IF you have trouble with shaving bumps, rashes, cuts, etc, that might be why. 3), many things in life are fast and hectic and alot of times, folks want to rush through the personal grooming- brushing of the teeth and shaving, etc., it helps to learn to slow down and enjoy and pamper yourself more- you deserve it. 4) Hopefully it will extend into other parts of your life.

Now, knowing all that, what to do with the knowledge? OK, the 1st rule is SLOW DOWN. take your time, don’t rush this. The more you can soften up those whiskers, the easier and better shave you will have( and nicest face you can have). Always shave AFTER your shower. IF you look at the old movies and the Cowboy is at the Barber shop and the Barber puts a hot towel on the Cowboy’s face, he’s softening up the whiskers. IF you can do that, by all means do so, but if not, a hot shower and then hot water on a washrag, on your face for a minute is very good. I use a badger hair brush and shaving soap, but shaving gel is good too. The important thing here, is to lather up and work it in. Now, alot of folks mistake bubbles for lather, THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. Bubbling, like a Kiddie’s bubble bath is just that, lather is not that. If you’ve ever been around horses and seen a horse after a hard run or workout, the white lather on it, THAT is lather. Whether you use soap or gel or shaving foam, lather is what you get after the bubbles. You keep messaging that into your skin, until it lathers( why a brush works better here).

Now you’ve soaked your face in hot water and lathered it up real nice, so the next most important thing. MAKE SURE YOU USE A GOOD, SHARP BLADE. Now, as most may know, when you 1st put in a new blade, it’s TOO sharp, so go EASY, the first few shaves (I find that after about 3 shaves from a new blade, it’s just right). My advise, ALWAYS shave in the DIRECTION OF YOUR HAIR, NEVER against it, THAT is where your shaving bumps and cuts come from( also from raking your face too fast). THAT is why it’s important to map your face. Also, do NOT "shave with your fingers" (rub your fingers on your face and run the shaver over and over). THAT will only irritate your skin. Go over is once and let it go. IF you’re not satisfied, SLOW DOWN and do better the next time, tomorrow. Follow up with cold water and then a good skin bracer/after shave (most have the same ingredients, with the main being alcohol), that smells good to you (and your mate).

I can’t emphasize enough to shave SLOWLY, let the blade do the work. Do NOT "muscle though it", for a faster shave. IF you’re TOO rushed to shave, you’re likely mismanaging your time everywhere else in your life ( if you feel like everyone is mad at you, or things aren’t working out right, that might be why). REAL men have control of their lives, in EVERY way and it shows by the way they shave and take care of themselves.