Map changes in season 4 – fortnite wiki guide – ign electricity trading


The biggest and most obvious change is the destruction of Dusty Depot and its reinvention into Dusty Divot. The meteor has hit and left a giant crater at the center of the map. Some time has passed between the two seasons as there is now some kind of testing site for the leftover meteor debris.

Risky Reels is a brand new location that was not created by the almighty meteor. There’s a big focus on movie magic this season and Rusty Reels seems to be the headquarters for all things filming. It’s a drive-in theater, complete with the big screen, eating areas, and even a small filming room.

A new mansion was added to the east side of the map, southeast of Lonely Lodge. It’s a nice addition that adds chests and loot to an area that was simply empty before, but there’s an awesome secret for those that stick around and search the basement.

Heading downstairs will lead you to a secret lair, complete with a meeting table, computers, and a control system. There’s even an easy escape out the side of the cliff! The location is far from the center of the map, but it’s absolutely worth the trip! Secret Villain’s Lair

You’ll have to land on the mountain or build up to check out the lair for yourself. Just like the other lair, this one has a control system, a garage, and even a living quarters. The big difference here is that this lair is equipped with a massive nuke. Is this our first hint at Season 5? Tilted Towers Still Stands

One of the more surprising changes is what’s new in Tilted Towers. For most of Season 3, fans speculated that the meteor would hit this popular zone, but Titled Towers ultimately went unscathed for the most part. Unless you liked the building in the center with the three floors. Then you’ll you’ll probably disappointed.

Head over to Salty Springs and enter the blue house on the east side of town. Head down the stairs to enter the basement but take note that the stairs keep going. Head down and enter the third basement to find a secret base with a control system and a gym. Goodbye, Prison

While the prison in the southeastern part of the map was never a named location, it was still a great source of loot and chests. Apparently that needed to change as a meteor hit the main building of the prison, destroying a majority of the jail cells and the cafeteria area. Pizza Pit

This change doesn’t offer any kind of advantage, but it’s worth pointing out. The pizza restaurant at Tomato Town received a nice big sign. It doesn’t add any loot or chests to the area but it does spice up the area a bit. More to Do in Moisty Mire

A movie production company has moved into Moisty Mire. Before the update, the area was known for its great resource of wood and the neat tree house in the middle. Now it has stages, production areas, a place to eat, and even a place to relax.

To the west of Shifty Shafts are two buildings. One of them is a house and the other is a medium sized shack. As of the start of Season 4, this is no longer the case. While the house is still there, the shack has been updated into two story log cabin. More loot and chests! The Motel Update

Not much has changed at the motel, but the small differences are worth noting. A small meteor crashed through the motel sign and hit the bus that used to sit in the parking lot. That bus has now slammed into motel and the impact left a small crater. Unbreakable Rocks

Thanks to the meteor that created the giant crater in the center of the map, new darker rocks have been thrown out of the earth and onto the surface. Most of these can be found around the crater and they help give you a place to cover when you’re in the big open fields.

Besides the giant crater that created Dusty Divot, several smaller craters have been left scattered across the map. Trucks and cars surrounding the craters sometimes have chests while the craters themselves have the hop rocks that will give you brief anti-gravity abilities. We’ve already covered the craters at Tilted Towers, the prison, Risky Reels, and the motel, so here are the remaining craters.

If you ever visited Junk Junction in the northwestern part of the map, it’s likely that you visited the two houses to the east of the scrapyard. Go there during Season 4 and you’ll notice that it has changed. Gone are the houses and instead you’ll find two small brick sheds and a large warehouse. Inside the warehouse is what looks like a filming setup. There area lights and cameras and the set looks like the inside of a house.